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Miitopia Cheats for Switch

Cheats and Tips for Miitopia

Last Updated: by Dennis

Miitopia is a role-playing game with life simulation elements. You must compose a team of Miis and sends them on a quest to recover the world's faces. Although you never fully control the party, you are able to build their relationships and abilities indirectly to influence the game. In the middle of a wide ocean, there exists the world of Miitopia. The people there lived in peace and harmony, until the day an unspeakable evil arose and stole people's faces. Even worse, he used the stolen faces to create Monsters of his own doing. As the world plunged into darkness, it needed a hero to save them. Miitopia is available on Nintendo 3Ds and Switch. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Maintain your Relationships to Retain Perks

In order for your party of Miis to perform to the best of their ability during fights it is essential that there is no 'resentment' between the members as the Resentment stat prevents them from using their relationship perks in battle and can even impair their battling skills if they are too focused on hating each other.
In order to help prevent this from happening and reduce the 'Resentment' stat you need to ensure that quarreling Mii's sleep in the same room at the inn to work out their differences. Miis can also increase their bond with another Mii during battle if they assist each other by giving each other snacks (either HP Bananas or MP Candies) or checking up on them after they get hurt.

Eat the Correct Food to get Boosts

Whenever you leave an area in Miitopia you will be given the opportunity to rest at an inn. At the inn you will be able to replenish lost Magic Points (MP), Hit Points (HP) as well as purchase weapons, clothing and food for your party. Making sure your Miis are adequately fed is essential as it keeps them happy and also allows them to gain stat boosts.
Miis in Miitopia have stats for MP, HP, Magic, Attack, Defence, and Speed and they each need a different type of food to buff their stat. You can easily tell what the food is as it will be indicated by a yellow highlight over that stat. Your Mii's will have opinions on different kinds of foods and the more favorable the food the higher the stat boosts they receive from it. This means you need to make sure you give your Miis foods that they like, but at the same time it is important that you take into consideration their job. A mage for example will benefit from foods that increase their MP and Magic.

How to Enter Access Key Codes

One of the changes for the Switch version of Miitopia is the major overhaul of the game's character creator, which now allows players to create their own Mii characters in more detail than what was previously available on the 3DS. If you have a Nintendo Online subscription, Miitopia allows you to use access key codes in order to change the appearance of your characters. These are basically just saved versions of other player's designs that can be shared online. Take a look at the video below, which showcases over 50 different access key codes, each featuring several options for Mii designs.
In order to make use of these codes, you need to go to the 'Mii Characters' page on the main menu and select 'Add Mii Characters'. Then select 'Add Mii Characters' and go to the 'Receive' option (there will be a Wi-Fi symbol next to it). Once you have entered the code in the dialogue box that appears on screen, you will be able to select which Miis from that access code you want to receive. Designs in the video below include Pokemon characters, Steve from Minecraft, crewmates from Among Us, Shantae, Shadow the Hedgehog, and characters from Animal Crossing.
Listed below are additional access key codes of your favorite characters from video games you can enter.
Mario Series
- Mario: 7W0XJ2H
- Luigi: 7W0XJ2H
- Bowser: 7W0XJ2H
- Pauline: M3WC0M
- Rosalina: 15PCK1L
- Toad: 1NBTC4W
- Waluigi: 7W0XJ2H
- Wario: 7W0XJ2H
Sonic Series
- Sonic: 3B5MWNK
- Dr. Robotnik: 3B5MWNK
- Shadow: 7W0XJ2H

Zelda Series
- Zelda: 4P5DMXC
- Link: 4P5DMXC
- Ganondorf: 232YVJV
- Link: 4P5DMXC
- Majora: 4GH3KT
- Midna: 3L02FXR
- Tingle: 251LHXC
- Tingle 2: 7W0XJ2H

Splatoon Series
- Callie: 4P5DMXC
- Inkling: 4K89CRH
- Marie: 4P5DMXC
- Marina: 4P5DMXC
- Pearl: 4P5DMXC

Persona Series
- Sadayo Kawakami: 15PCK1L
- Yosuke Hanamura: 33BHP31
- Makoto Nijima: 15PCK1L
- Rise Kujikawa: 15PCK1L
- Ryuji Sakamoto: 33BHP31
- Yukiko Amagi: 15PCK1L


- 2B: 1GKWF4F
- Among Us: 4KC574X
- Banjo and Kazooie: 6084P63
- Bayonetta: 5FLN46J
- Crash Bandicoot: 1GH1GV9
- Final Fantasy 7: 3B5MWNK
- Geno: 232YVJV
- Geralt: 33FDTPN
- Hatsune Miku: T12LD7
- Jak and Daxter: 349X62C
- King of the Cosmos: 8GFCJ2K
- Kirby: 7DB3FWC
- Mega Man X: 72G7733
- Mother 3: 7W0XJ2H
- Ness: 7W0XJ2H
- Palico: 232YVJV
- PaRappa the Rapper: 6RMXDFK
- Piranha Plant: 232YVJV
- Sans 7C7XVVJ
- Solid Snake: 232YVJV
- Steve: VYNR97
- Tron Bonne: BB8LNY
- Ulala: 4P5DMXC
- UmJammer Lammy: 6RMXDFK
How to Enter Access Key Codes

How to get More Food

It is important that you eat in Miitopia, so whenever you are low on food it is essential that you grind for some. Your primary sources of food comes from defeating enemies. There will however be occasions on your journey when you encounter NPCs that give you some food. Other ways that you can get more food is by playing the Roulettte minigame at the Arcade and inside the chests that are hidden throughout the world. If you have the Thief Job you will be able to steal some snacks from enemies during battle.

How to Spot Hidden Paths

In certain areas of Miitopia there are hidden paths that don't appear on the map that your character can traverse. In order to find these hidden roads you need to speak to the explorer Meriwether when he appears in a stage, when you do so he will give you clues to a hidden area nearby accessible by a 'hidden road'.
Once Meriwether has confirmed that there is a hidden path you can use in the area, you then need to find it. In order to do this you must move your character in directions that seem impossible until you find your character seemingly levitating on air towards a new area. When this happens you have found the hidden path. These hidden paths will lead to chests holding higher level equipment, which makes them worthwhile trying to find. There is one hidden path in Karkaton Peak and two in the Otherworld.

How to Restore Health and Mana Points Quickly

The health and mana points of Mii in Miitopia are restored by consuming HP Bananas and MP Candies respectively. What is important to remember is that the amount of health and mana that are restored increases the more you consume them. It is therefore recommended that you use HP Bananas and MP Candies frequently instead of using Sprinkles to replenish the stats of both your Mii and your allies. Doing this will enable you to replenish their stats as quicker.
How to Restore Health and Mana Points Quickly

Play the Roulette Minigame to Farm Gold

The Roulette minigame in Miitopia is accessible through the Inn and requires 1 Game Ticket to play. The prizes you get when you spin the wheel are determined on the color where the Roulette lands. Listed below are the colors and what you can expect to get as a prize if the Roulette lands on them.
- Grub
- Experience
- HP Banana
- MP Candy
- Outing Tickets
- Jolly Jaunt Tickets
- Equipment (Clothing or Weapons)
- HP Banana x10
The actual prizes and EXP you receive from the Roulette minigame are random, but it is important to remember that they are determined by how high your level is. Basically, the higher your level, the more valuable the prizes become. Therefore, it is recommended that you save your Game Tickets for when you reach the later parts of the game in order to win better prizes.
The Yellow Prizes contain the most valuable items in Miitopia, so the best Roulette arrangement is when Yellow takes up most of the Roulette. You can improve your chances of more expensive equipment appearing by having an ally equip their next-to-best equipment and play the Roulette. Equipment that you win from the Roulette can be sold for Gold which makes playing the Roulette minigame a good way to farm Gold.

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