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Surviving the Abyss Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Tasked with managing a deep-sea science facility working to perfect cloning read on for our best Surviving the Abyss cheats and tips to help you in this survival colony builder.

While the aim of the game is to perfect cloning, your initial priority is to set yourself up well in order to get started in cloning, so think about resources and looking after your team well.

The research lab is really important, and is a main consideration in your gameplay, keep upgrading it to expand the facility to make the lives of your crew and your overall objective easier.

Amongst other things. you'll need to think about housing, air quality, resources and power. There is certainly a lot more to the game that the cloning task, because if you don't create a strong foundation, then it's unlikely you'll survive or thrive in Surviving The Abyss.

Take your time in the Tutorial

The best way to get off to a good start in this game is to play through the tutorial and take your time. The game is quite complex so it can take some time to get to know how everything works and what your initial priorities should be.

This is a great getting started video to help you get off to a great start in Surviving the Abyss, loads of stuff is explained in a concise manner, so check it out to learn a bit getting started in Surviving the Abyss.

Grind Resources

You'll need plenty of resources in the game, and while it may seem like you have enough in the beginning of the game, you'll soon find yourself running low, so always utilise any spare time to grind some extra resources.

Discover close by places to mine and use your mining ships to get the resources. This should be enough to get you ample resources in the beginning of the game.

Here is a rundown of each of the resource types and what you'll need them for.

Concrete - Construction of buildings.

Steel - Construction of buildings and other items.

Quartz - Construction of buildings.

Aluminum - Construction of advanced buildings.

Copper - Construction of advanced buildings.

Iron - You can use this as one component of steel in the Alloy Furnace, and also for some Emergent Events

Lead - Unknown as yet.

Coal - For power generator fuel.

Oil - For power generator fuel later in the game.

Grind Research

The best progress is made with good research, so make sure that you always have enough resources to keep getting more research data as it's so important in the game, especially early on.

Set Yourself up for Cloning

You probably don't want to start cloning too early in the game, get your basic set up improved first and keep good crew relations. Bear in mind that clone deaths will result in a reduction of crew morale, so it's really important that that is monitored because if it gets to zero it's game over!

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