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Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

Last Updated: by Dennis

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is a strategic card battle game featuring characters from across the entire Dragon Ball series. The game involves creating your own avatar and following their journey to become the world champion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. However, when the antagonists from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start wreaking havoc, you have to jump into the game world and team up with famous Dragon Ball characters to restore peace in the real world. Check out our Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission cheats and tips to learn ways how you can win battles easier.

Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Below is a collection of hints and tips that include unlocking Super Saiyan and the capture module.

Tutorial Missions

You may want to consider doing the Tutorial missions as these contain valuable lessons about the gameplay mechanics and systems in the game.

Learn New Battle Techniques

As well as the Tutorial missions you can also do the Hero Lab missions to learn the basics and pick up new battle techniques.

Moving Cards

Instead of moving your cards one-by-one you can use the 'Select All' command to move them all at once.

Get New Cards

You will be able to earn Gaicha Tickets by participating in battles on different modes. These can then be used at the Gacha Shop for a chance at new cards.

Unlock Super Saiyan

To unlock Super Saiyan your Hero Avatar must be of the Saiyan race and you must have found 7 Super Dragon Balls. Once you have all 7 you will automatically summon Shenron - a powerful dragon that can grant you a single wish. You need to choose the 'Teach Me An Ability' option which will be at the bottom of the list.

Unlock Elite and Berserker

The Elite and Berserker Battle Types are initially locked. To switch from the Hero Avatar which you begin with to one of these you will need to reach level 8 to unlock the Elite Type and level 12 to unlock the Beserker Type.

Recall Stunned Cards

Make sure you recall stunned cards to your Support Area to avoid taking double damage from enemy attacks.


It is essential that you have Stamina on attack turns so make sure you recall characters with low Stamina back to the Support Area so that they can recover.

Card Ability Actions

Card Ability Actions become activated once certain conditions are met. Before you launch your attack though you need to make sure you check the card effect carefully to see if it can be used in that particular round as the rounds they can be used varies.

Increase Your Power Level

When you finish the Prep Phase faster than your opponent you will be rewarded with a Quick Bonus that increases your Power Level by 499.

Capture Module

When you use this feature you target an enemy and it gives you a small (usually around 30-40%) chance of them being captured by the module after the battle. The module then becomes a summon module, allowing you to summon the character to help your team for a turn. The capture module success rate is directly linked to the opponent's power. The less powerful they are the better the chance of capturing it.

Get All Super Dragon Balls

1) Go to Creation Mode in the menu
2) Go to Custom Mission
3) Then Search Missions
4) Hit Search by Mission Code
5) Enter code: LZM83mK (or tfLF8tB / py3odSk)
6) Click on the mission with Mr. Satan
7) Beat him in the first round (this is easy).
8) Get a Super Dragonball
9) Repeat until you collect all 7

Rare Items and Dragonballs

Use Mission Codes: tfLF8tB or py3odSk

Easy God Tier Items and Dragonballs

Use Mission Code: Y7wqXsF

God Stat Boosts

Use Mission Code: zAQG4jw

We hope these tips help you out in the game, we also have a Questions & Answers page for Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission where you can submit your own questions for other players to answer.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Questions & Answers
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