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Steep Achievements for Xbox

Achievements for Steep


There are 41 Achievements for Steep worth 1200 points
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100 No more secrets
Reach 100% exploration on ALL REGIONS in Alps
15 Baby steps
Reach the ROOKIE rank in any field of expertise
15 Crash Test
Fall and endure between 90 and 99.9 Gs (Complete the ONBOARDING sequence)
15 Gold-plated challenger
Get 10% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges
15 Once upon a time
Complete a MOUNTAIN STORY in Alps
15 Seek...
Find and unlock 10 Drop Zones in Alps
15 Shaked by the bell
Fly into and ring the village church bell while wingsuiting
15 The end of the World
Reach the end of Alps game world (Complete the ONBOARDING sequence)
15 The memory remains
Get 1 MEMORABLE MOMENT of each category
15 Tourist
Find 10 Points of Interest in Alps
15 Upside down
Perform your first double backflip (Complete the ONBOARDING sequence)
15 You spin around
Perform your first 1080° (Complete the ONBOARDING sequence)
15 You're ready now
Complete the ONBOARDING sequence
30 ... and you shall find
Find and unlock ALL Drop Zones in Alps
30 14 carats Gold challenger
Get 50% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges
30 Challenge accepted!
Get all the Bronze Medals in Alps Public Challenges
30 Halfway there
Reach REPUTATION level 10
30 Legend
Reach the LEGEND rank in any field of expertise
30 Like the back of your hand
Reach 100% exploration on one REGION in Alps
30 Red-letter day
30 Road to mountain knowledge
Complete 50% of the MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps
30 Scoring master
Score more than 2000 points in one jump (Complete the ONBOARDING sequence)
30 Shinier than Gold
Get all GOLD MEDALS in the Alps Invitational Challenges
30 The legend was not enough
Reach the LEGEND rank in 3 different fields of expertise
30 Tour guide
Find ALL Points of Interest in Alps
90 24 carats Gold challenger
Get 100% of the Gold Medals on Alps Public Challenges
90 Legendary legend!
Reach the LEGEND rank in 6 different fields of expertise
90 Mountain legend
Complete ALL the MOUNTAIN STORIES in Alps
90 The legend starts here
Reach REPUTATION level 25

Winterfest DLC

10 Mush!
Stay on the Sled for 30 seconds
15 Lincoln Black
Defeat 'Lincoln Black' during Winterfest
15 Super Savoyard
Defeat 'The Super Savoyard' during Winterfest
15 The Dragon
Defeat 'The Dragon' during Winterfest
15 The Fratelli Twins
Defeat 'The Fratelli Twins' during Winterfest
30 King of the Winterfest
Defeat 'The Beast' during Winterfest

Xtreme Pack DLC

10 I can see my house from up there
Safely land after jumping from all the 7 Base Jump Spots in Alaska
15 Are you ready for this?
Finish the Trial ROGUE 4 of Extreme Pack
15 I am an eagle!
Fly for 5 minutes with the Rocket Wingsuit
15 Riding Rabbit
Take off and land 5 times in the same Speed Riding run
15 The Extreme Five
Obtain the Gold medal in 5 Challenges of Extreme Pack
30 The Extreme Ten
Obtain the Gold medal in 10 Challenges of Extreme Pack
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