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Game Reviews for Spider-Man The Movie


Quick Reviews

Review for: Spiderman Added 10 Sep 2004, ID #10773
I've already put a review in but I'll be a bit serious now because I put 100/100 when its got quite a few probs.

The main prob is that you can't go on the roads or you lose!

Total 86/100

Thats a serious score!
Po-Boy gives this game an 8out of10! Added 24 Sep 2003, ID #4278
This game is pretty cool!The cut scenes are funny, and the fact that you can play as the Green Goblin is tight! heres a little something I noticed while playing the game.

On all of the outside levels, if you look around you will notice that in the sky a word is vagely spelled CHAOES or something, but its pretty cool. Well seeeeeee-Ya-----Po-Boy...OUT!
This game kicks ass Added 8 Sep 2003, ID #4087
First of all this game rules.

It is a definate improvment to the PS1s gamplay but the game isnt as good but thats just me judgin cause I am a hardcore spidey fan.

Anyway this game is brill the fighting combos you can unlock are great and look much more spider-man like.

The controlls are great the ability to stick to walls is like one of the best powers you could have in any game. There realy helpful in the 2 stealth missions of the game.

But i am sad to say that there are draw backs. I may have said that the wall crawling was a great power but it can be a real pain.

I mean he sticks to everything. Your tryin to doge attacks he accidently sticks to a wall so you easily get hit.

Then theres the camara you can look around with it but its to frequent it wont stop moving but luckly you can center it again.

Overall the gameplays great the storylines great (if you liked the movie you will love this) and the levels are really fun.

The graphics arent as good as the X-box or gamecube but hey it dont affect the game play so it dont matter.

The training levels are realy fun to battling against endless hordes of enemies is cool overall I give this game an 8.5.

By the way Toby Mguire's from voice acting sucks hes like a rock but william dafoe makes up for that well untill next time people.
ID #2986

If you have already seen the movie and liked it then you will also like the game because it is almost the same as the movie and it has non-stop action sequences. You can win clips that are almost the same as the movie and some clips you just haven't seen at all, so if you're thinking of buying a game for the PS2 then this is the game to get it's kind of difficult but once you get the hang of it it will be fun no matter what you do. Don't forget to look at the cheats and tips to make it easier and get Spideys amazing spider moves.

ID #2985

This game is really cool. You actually fell like you are Spierman because you can crawl anywhere and use your web. It is pretty similar to the movie, but has some differeny like bosses to make the game a little bit more interesting. I give four and a half out of five.

ID #2984

The game is really cool but i was a bit disapointed with it a little bit. I was expecting to be able to go down in the city and go into the skys but it is not like that. When you are outside you are only in the air and on roof top buildings. I think they could have added alot more to the game to make it alot more intresting as in Grand Theft Auto III. It IS a great game though I loved it alot. I would recommend buying it.

ID #2983

This game kicks ass, if you like the movie then this game is for you it is fun and action packed, the game also features clips which follow along the movie theme.

I think this game is best ever for the ps2 hope you have fun in playin it. it rocks !!!

ID #2982

This game I got to say is the best Ive ever played its packed with scenes that doesnt let you stop after you start you dont stop this game rocks and if you havent seen the movie shame on you you better go see it its just like the game exept you control it its like controling the movie so however mad you got with green goblin on the movie you can teach him a lesson on the game he's challenging but thats the fun of it and if your looking for a ps2 game this is the one

this game rocks!!!

ID #2981

Hello all sidey fans. This is The Green Goblin. I've played this game and evn though your spider man you feel like you really beating the crap out of me but of course i am the handsomest character in the game. It is unbelievable. Well dont just stand there, go beat the crap out of me yourself! Until next time web heads Excelsior! Muahahaha

ID #2980

Not to bad but it does get boring if u are not into the marvel comics kind of game.

As unlike the movie there are alot of extra characters thrown in which makes it a little cheesy.

The controls are mediumly complicated and there are alot of fighting tricks to perform on ut enemys. also u can use ur web for different things too.

But it isn't really a game for people in their late teens. I would suggest under 13's.

STARS(out of ten): ***1/2


RATING: Pretty lame

God out.

ID #2979
This game rocks if you have the codes for unlimited webbing,all combos,thug #2 and if you have green goblin.I'd give this game 97 out of 100 because you cant steal guns and you cant kill people[not including bad guys].

ID #443

Get Bayman

In story mode, finish the game with all the characters.

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