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Game Reviews for Soul Calibur 2


Quick Reviews

What I Think Added 12 Aug 2005, ID #16659
I think Soul Calibur 2 is an amazing game the graphpics are wicked the weapons, amazing its the best beat em\' up game i\'ve ever played i rate it 10/10 for graphics...

10/10 gor weapons 10/10 for the souls i love this gameim totally addiced to it....

People say that Tekken is better an im like go get some taste if tou say tekken is better your ill!

I have been stuck on a few levels but I finally got the soul edge completed for nightmare which really helped and if you need any help with the game then I'm allways submiting stuff to help everyone !
BEST EVER Added 23 Dec 2004, ID #12174
Of all the beat em' ups ever made this is truly one of the best. the gameplay is just so fluid it far exeeds the likes of vitrua fighter or dead or alive or guilty gear. only tekken comes close. But with weapons it is the best. Until Tekken 5......
Welcome to the greatest fighting game - on any console Added 15 Aug 2004, ID #10451
Sit down, apprentices. Sit in front of your PS2. Bring some food, some drink, and about 8 hours of your time, and prepare to reborn in the ashes of the Greatest Dreamcast game of all time.

The immortal does not like the dreamcast, but he did like the game "Soul Calibur" - the predecessor of S.C.2. It was a game that gave you hundreds of combos, whether you were a professional who knew them all or a beginner (Who knows them all but doesn't know how they're doing it).

This game has taken every aspect of the first game and made it 100 times better.

Exhibit A: The characters. There are twenty, from the aesthetically pleasing Taki to (the not aesthetically pleasing) Astaroth. There are weapons galore, from a samurai sword to a giant axe. The PS2 version also has Heihachi (Tekken).

He has no weapon, which makes him entirely unique. The characters are brilliant.
Exhibit B: The gaphics: In a word: Stunning. In 24 words: The Enviorments, the speed, the special effects look nicer than a kitten. In a silk basket.

In a meadow. At sunset. On midsummer's eve.
Exhibit C: Weapon Master Mode
All fighting games, S.C.2 included, have an arcade mode that can be finished in oooh...3 minutes? Soul Calibur 2 also has VS, Team Battle, Practice, Survival, Time attack... But its main mode is called "Weapon master" mode. This mode puts you in fights with certain conditions.

You may be poisoned and lose health. You might have to battle a pair of legs. You will have to go through enemy infested dungeons. One difficult battle sees you against seven opponents, with 15 seconds.

Tricky, but not impossible. Weapon Master mode is enough to occupied until your hands fall off.
Exhibit D: Bonus Material
20 Fighters. 4 have 1 weapon. 16 Have 11 each. 12 fighters have a third costume. 17 fighters have an extra exhibition mode.

That makes... a hell of a lot of stuff.
Exhibit E: Multiplayer
This is Soul Calibur 2 at its best. You, a mate, infinite hours of the comment "One more fight".

The fighting is intense, the moves are absolutely brilliant, the controls are intricate, and there's no "I'm playing against a small plastic box" feeling.

Soul Calibur 2 can probably be bought for €25, or €20 if you get a second-hand version. You won't regret buying this.

Graphics: 94% Some of the best the PS2 can offer
Sound: 85% An atmospheric score, with clanging and slightly repetitve voices Gameplay: 96% Absolutely amazing.

Thousnads of moves are on offer.
Lifespan: 94% Months of single player, decades of Multiplayer.

Overall: 96% Beats all other fighting games by miles
My real name is... Added 1 Jan 2004, ID #5849
Take it easy, love. That's a heavy weight for a young girl to carry.

That sword isn't light, either...Soul Calibur 2...can it live up to its expactations and become the best fighting game ever? Yes.

Ooops, wasn't supposed to ruin the suspense. This game exceeds expactations, with graphics good enough to eat, lightning fast, responsive controls, a movelist so large, you'll be learning new moves in 2005, sharp, effective sound that really adds to the enviorment, and, for the first time ever in a fighting game, a decent one-player game. The story just about gives you an explanation why you're chopping your mate's legs off, which tells of the powerful yet evil sword called Soul Edge is back, which attracts fighters from all over the world. The fighters themselves are wildly varied, and are as individual as the people who use them. The one player mode game allows you to unlock new outfits, characters and weapons. Its downside is that several missions are ludicrously hard for the beginner. However, you can always go on Practice mode Practice. All in all, this is the best fighting game on any console. Buy it. For me. And crippled Jimmy. Who I crippled...
Graphics: Smooth, fast, colourful, and incredably lifelike. 96%
Sound: Incredably effective music. 84%
Gameplay: The best controls a fighting game could have. 94%
Lifespan: Huge single player, limitless multiplayer. 94%
Overall: The best fighting game on any console. It doesn't move the genre forward, but so what! 92%
Good fighting game Added 1 Jul 2004, ID #1960
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