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The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Cheats

Cheats and Tips for The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past

Zelda: Twilight Princess Guide
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Guide
Complete Mega Guide of Zelda Twilight Princess. Everything is covered from the walkthrough, to heart piece locations, poe guide, enemy and boss guid..

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A More Powerful Bee

Have you been using these beeutiful bees beecause they can beecome great allies in battle?
Well then maybe you want a more powerful bee! This bee is called the good bee (or golden bee in the GBA version), and you can recognize it by it's blue color and the sparkling. You can only find it in one place though, the ice cave next to Lake Hylia. Simply role into the the fairy statue with your pegasus boots on to make it appear.
So why would you want one? Well first of all it attacks more enemies for you than a normal one before it flies away, and you can easily catch it again before it does that. Don't fear for the life of your bee if it does though, you can always catch it again in the ice cave!
Oh right, you can also sell it to the bottle merchant in Kakariko Village for 100 Rupees, but I don't see why you would want to sell your beeloved friend.
...Darn those bee puns sting.

Bee Trick

This is something a lot of people haven't tried, but you can capture bees with your bug catching net and keep them in a bottle like a fairy. But they won't restore your health. Instead you can release them and when you do they will attack enemies for you. So next time you find a bee, don't bee a jerk to it and attack it, but capture it in a bottle instead. It likes it, I swear!

Mario in Link to the Past

A lot of people have probably already noticed this, but yes, Mario is in this game! Well... At least a picture of him is. Don't believe me? Well here it is.
So you're probably wondering where you can find it now. Well, it's really easy to find. Just go to Kakariko Village and enter the houses. Several of them have a picture of Mario on their wall!

Double Magic

You can get double magic by jumping into a hole just outside of the east exit of Kakariko Village. Make sure you have the Magic Powder, and you should be set. Sprinkle some onto the bowl of blood in this cave, and a sleeping, purple bat will awaken. He says hes angry, but calls you sir... -.- he acts like hes hurting you, but hes helping you. ALOT. Now you will use up half the amount of magic you would normally use.

The Usefulness of a Net

The Bug Catching Net can catch bugs and also be used to reflect the magic that Agahnim throws at you.

I want Fairies!

By throwing Magic Powder on bees and fireballs, they will become a fairy. This can become very useful in tight spots.

Silver Arrows

Remember where you obtained the Golden Sword? Go to the pool where you recieved the sword and throw your bow into the pool. Out should come Silver Arrows!

Free Fairies

All you have to do is simply sprinkle some Magic Powder on the skull-shaped pots in the Dark World and out comes a fairy!

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