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Earthbound Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Earthbound


We have 13 cheats and tips on SNES.If you have any cheats or tips for Earthbound please send them in here. For more Codes for Earthbound go to:
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You can also ask your question on our Earthbound Questions & Answers page.

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How to beat Giygas

Many people get confused on how to beat the final boss, Giygas.
He's simple really.

Beat Pokey at the begining, then attack Giygas until Pokey comes back to mock you some more.

After that, use Paula's Prayer option 9 times.

Don't stop if you think you should. After that, he should be defeated.
Just remember to keep Paula alive to defeat him.

Free Money ($50)

Near the beginning of the game, when you make it to Twoson, go to the hotel.
There should be a man inside. Talk to him and he'll say something random, as if he's paranoid. Continue to talk to him and he'll eventually give you $50.

Rare Enemy Items

So these are the rarest items that enemies drop. Some are useful, some are pointless. But I'll list all the items anyway.
These have 1/128% chance of being found.

Skate Punk = Pizza (Onnet)

Attack Slug = Bomb (Giant Step, Rainy Circle Cave)

Territorial Oak = PSI Caramel (Peaceful Rest Valley)

Insane Cultist = PSI Caramel (Happy Happy Village)

Plain Crocodile = Meteornium (Grapefruit Falls)

Violent Roach = Secret Herb (Grapefruit Falls/ Tunnel to Saturn Valley)

Smilin' Sphere = Meteornium (Dusty Dunes Desert)

Mad Taxi = Xterminator Spray (Fourside, Summers)

Musica = Sudden Guts Pill (Fourside Department Store)

Dali's Clock = PSI Caramel (Moonside, Dungeon Man)


Get a lot of Experience Points Easy

In the Dusty Dunes Desert, after you finish your trip from Threed, there is a big opportunity to gain a good amount of experience points. There's an enemy around known as the Criminal Caterpillar, and though he's hard to find, he'll be worth finding. For just killing him, you gain 30384 exp., while the Bad Buffalo, who gives the 2nd highest amount of exp. Only gives a measly 4108 exp.! And the Caterpillar isn't hard to beat at all. Good luck leveling up!

An Awesome Rock Candy Glitch

Okay, this is really easy, and totally, or more. Worth it.
All you have to do is simply clear a character's inventory so all that you have is a single Rock Candy. Then fill the inventory with packets of sugar.
Use the Rock Candy in battle and watch your character's stats raise extremely.
You can do it until you run out of Rock Candies.

Exit Cave of the Past

Usually, you can't exit this place, which is right before the final boss.
This means you can't go back to stock up on items or anything.
But in the Japenese copy, Mother 2, you can exit.
All you have to do is have an Exit Mouse, then while you're there, use it to exit. You can always go back.
This only works in Mother, not Earthbound.

An Insignificant Tip

By checking the drawers in Threed's hotel, you can find an Insignificant Item. It may seem...well...insignificant...but if you give it to the man in Twoson's hospital, you will be traded for a Magic Truffle!
It's a sweet deal!

Fast Pizza

A faster way to get your pizza when purchased is to simply save your game, and restart.
It'll save a little time, if you're eager fpr some thin crust.

Infinite Healing Items

This is pretty much just like the Rock Candy glitch.
Just make sure whatever healing item you use is at the end of the list in your inventory.
Fill your inventory with condiments and use the item. One of the condiments will be used, but your healing item will not be.

Salt Packets and Brain Food Lunches work really well.
They will give you Maximum HP!

Beat the game and die?

So after you beat the game, you're free to walk around and see people one last time. But what's different?
No enemies are around anymore.
If you want to have one last battle, there is a way.

Back when you were in the museum at Summers, remember when the Shatter Men attacked?
Well, it's possible to only fight one of them, and leave the other one there untouched.

If you beat the game and go back to the museum, it's still there!
But the cool part is, if you die by it, the game freezes! But that's not the best part! Turn back on your game, and the file is erased before you could even fully finish the game! Isn't that fun?

Easy Travels to Mondo Mole

Once you save Paula from Carpainter and talk to the Runaway Five, they will request you go on the tour bus. Avoid it, and go back to Happy Happy Village and go to Lilliput Steps and fight Mondo Mole.

What's odd? There's no enemies around to stop you! They vanished once you were supposed yo get on the bus. Once you get on the bus, the enemies will come back though.
It's an interesting trick to try.

Fun Reaction

If you show your Backstage Pass at Topolla Theater,
you'll get quite a funny little reaction.
It doesn't effect the game, but it's a nice little Easter egg.

I Spy an Item...Under Your Arm...?

It's actually a nifty little thing that goes missed.
Using Jeff's "Spy" command, you can view an enemy's stats...and steal an item?
It's true.
Spy also steals the item from an enemy, if they're holding one. But it does not raise the chances of the enemy holding an item.
It can be quite useful in certain cases.

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