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Game Reviews for Skies of Arcadia


Quick Reviews

ID #410

You play the parts of Vyse and Aika as Blue Rogue Air Pirates in this 'Final Fantasy' style epic adventure.

The basic storyline consists of Vyse, the main character, and his quest for an adventure.

This adventure leads him against the Valuan Armarda (big nasty people) who plan to steal the six moon crystals (moon chrystals being crystals representing fire, electricity, spirit, ice, water, and health in the forms of the colours red, yellow, white, purple, blue and green).

In order to raise the guardians of the crystals called gigas - who are extremely powerfull - in order to control them thus do the whole 'rule the world' thing.

Vyse and his companions, some of which are Aika who is with you throughout, Fina who is also after the chrystals to save the planet (and yes, this is the love interest for Vyse), Drachma who is a fisherman looking for a huge whale and i mean HUGE who killed his son years ago blah blah revenge blah blah.

Gilder who is a captain of a different ship and Enrique who is the valuan queens son who turned good to fight for all humanity etc.

Anyway, this quest for the crystals turns pear shaped and vyse ends up having to immobilise all gigas.

Then, when things couldnt get any worse, an admiral of the queen turns REALLY bad and fights against her (Lord Galcian) and with the help of Ramirez (connection to Fina, but i wont give it away) overthrows the queen and tries to use the six crystals to bring down the rains of destruction which is basically where a load of fireballs fall from the sky and kill everyone - yay!

Basically it ends up Vyse, Aika, Fina and your fourth choice of character beatin all of em and saving the day, but be warned, this is a huge game.

It took me approximately 70 hours to complete without a guide, and beleive me a guide is not needed.

This game, unlike final fantasy, also has ship battles where you test your cannons fire power against black pirates fire power or the valuan armada or whatever.

Before I end this review i think i'll give this game 98% and call it a night.


ID #409

This game is very hard when u get to the green moon and u have to find the gold man and gold bird.

It is so hard I have played on it for 5 hours and I am on disk 1 level 21, this game is good if u know cheats I cant find any thank u...!

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