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Simpsons Wrestling Pack Shot

Simpsons Wrestling

Game Reviews for Simpsons Wrestling


Quick Reviews

ID #6671

You might think: 'Wow, this will be a great game! It's got the characters from my favourite cartoon, and it's wrestling! What could be better?' Well, a lot actually.

I suppose it is funny, with Bumblebee Man sending out his chichuahua to bite your leg, and Barney doing a toxic burp on you. That is the only decent bit. The graphics are very blocky and completely horrible. Each wrestler has got four, yes, count them, four moves, which makes the game very repetitive. Also, you start with only six characters to choose from, and you can unlock two, which means you can only have 8 characters, of which you can only have two in the ring at one time.

This game is best avoided. If you want decent wrestling, go and buy Smackdown 2.

ID #6670

Welcome to a world of funky characters, wicked power up's and cool moves that will knock you out.

Although at times you might want the graphics to be better but when it comes down to it all that matters is that if you want a laugh and a really cool game to play this game is for you.

And those of you that are into 'Smackdown 2'

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME or you will probably regret it.

ID #6669

allthough simsons is worldwide famous they have yet come up with the best wrestling game ever to be avented.

Simpsons Wrestling has brilliant graphics as well as the 15 charicters you can get.

its got absoloutly briliant sond affects,as well as all the weapons you can get(eg,pistal,rocketloughcher,chainsaw,lay-zer,and so on.)

Another thing,(to keep you going)is you can unlock brill, people like(eg,kang and kodos, wiked mr burns and his slave Smithers,Moe,and Bumble Bee man, and so on,)and my personal opinion ,with out a shadow of doubt,out of a 100%i would have to give 99.99.9% and to anyone who dosnt like the game is an ASS WHOLE and will have to dill with me.

ID #6668

..a Virtual Man Sports Update..

It's Simpsons! It's wrestling! America's favorite animated family makes it's Play Station debut in this old fashioned no-holds-barred wrestler.

However, this game shows off the power of cell-shading (it makes the characters look hand-drawn). But, instead of getting on turnbuckles to perform aerial attacks, you jump up in the air (yes, jump) and bonk their heads.

Plus, here's some features on the game: Wailing Ammunition, throwing projectiles, grappling, and pinning.

Get this, I'm playing the New Challenger Circuit, then I come to the level where I go 1-on-1 with Mr. Smithers. Anyway, Mr. Burns is at ringside rooting for Smithers and begins throwing nuclear explosives.

The problem is that the explosives can hurt you, break 3-counts, and posibly hit Smithers by mistake (I like the Smithers by mistake part).

The one thing I don't like is Smithers, one of the boss wrestlers.

He can can take you to Loser-Town w/ those explosives. I haven't gotten to the second bosses, Kang w/Kodos, because I got the game as a rental!

Overall rating: 90/100: GOOD

ID #6667

Well out of all the gamers in this country only one who has written a review has got it right.

James keen is the only gamer that can recognise the most dump game ever to be produced.

I am so glad i only hired it. This game features a minimal amount of moves and is extremely repetitive.

This poor excuse for a game and makes the ECW games look good.

In conclusion i think that this game shold be thrown of a very high cliff to protect the poor innocent gamer from such penile cheese as simpsons wrestling.

Buy smackdown 1 its the same price. Orsplash out on a PS2 for the new smackdown just bring it.

ID #6666

This is a good game except for some the graphics. THe game can take a couple of seconds to load in the match but it is excellent game otherwise.

With the simpsons family characters, you can be amused at their remarks to each other and to other people. Ned v Homer is good.

So is Lisa v Bart. With some charachters to unlock and a chance to prove you are the champ at wrestling, this is the amauteur version of Smackdown 2 and WWF No Mercy.

Though its more like a hit and run thing. Hope you will buy this and have enjoyment for ages.

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