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ScourgeBringer Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for ScourgeBringer

Last Updated: by Dennis

ScourgeBringer is a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer. You play as Kyhra, master of the katana, and this world's last hope as you explore the unknown and slash your way through ancient machines guarding the seal of her past, and maybe the redemption of humanity. ScourgeBringer is available on Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Cheat, Tips and Strategy

Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

Break Up the Combat Area

Always look to see how you can take advantage of the combat area. Neither you or the enemy can shoot through the platforms that you can jump through so there will be instances where it will be more beneficial to break up the combat area into smaller sections in order to reduce the damage taken.

Flinch Enemies to Move Them

Flinch the smaller enemies by smashing them when they don't have an exclamation mark over their head. When you do this you will keep enemies away from you by moving them out and into other enemies. You can also flinch the bigger enemies but they will not move away nearly as much.

How to Unlock the Alternate Endings

In ScourgeBringer there are three different endings and they become unlocked when certain requirements are met. The first ending becomes unlocked when you beat the Old World for the first time. Upon doing so you will be able to access the last branch of the Chiming Tree. You then need to purchase the Truth Seeker from the Chiming Tree to access the Ordeal which once you have in your possession will grant you access to the Beyond.

To get the second and third endings you will need to defeat the final Judge in The Beyond. You will be given two choices upon doing so and each choice will give you a different ending.

How to get the Capped Achievement

When you max out your HP to 20 you will earn the Capped achievement. This can be achieved by upgrading every item that you pick up. It is recommended that you get the Hard Skin blood blessing which increases the maximum HP by 33% to help you get this achievement. You will need to rely on some luck to have everything align but you will eventually get it if you keep trying.

Use your Smash Attack to Stun Enemies

If you encounter an enemy that has a yellow exclamation mark ( ! ) over their head you will be able to stun them by using your smash attack. This works on every enemy in the game and is particularly useful when fighting bosses and mini bosses.

How to get the Explorer Achievment

To get the Explorer achievement you must fully explore a realm. Each of the realms in ScourgeBringer has 20 rooms and you are required to explore every single one to unlock this achievement. You can go back to explore rooms after defeating the Judge of the realm. Judges have distinct attack patterns and moves that canā??t be interrupted. You will eventually access a Judge when you have defeated the guardian, or guardians, that will randomly spawn in each room.

How to get the Cucumber-Free Achievement

When you make the world cucumber-free you will get the Cucumber-Free achievement. In order to do so you need to visit a shop, each realm will contain a Greed shop and the blood you collect from enemies will act as currency that you can use to purchase items from there. If you buy the Cucumber item from Greed the shopkeeper that costs 25 blood you will never see a cucumber again and you will get the achievement.

How to get the Floor is Lava Achievement

When you clear a room with at least 34 enemies in it without touching the ground you will get the Floor is Lava achievement. The easiest realm to attempt getting this achievement is the first one. If you make use of double jumps, dashes, and wall climbing you should not have too many problems getting it.

Kill Bosses and Hordes of Enemies Faster

The second skill you can unlock in ScourgeBringr is called Ground Pound and it creates a wave attack upon landing on the ground from a dash. If you spam Ground Pound you will be able to kill bosses and hordes of enemies faster. If you combine Ground Pound with other attacks such as melee and using your blaster you can deal up to 4 attacks at once on a single target.

How to get the Bullseye Achievement

To get Bullseye achievement you need to beat an enemy by throwing a bullet at it with the smash attack. To be able to perform this achievement you will first need to unlock the Lethal Club skill. Once you have obtained that skill you just need to reflect a projectile back at an enemy so that you kill them with it. The Lethal Club is in the middle left branch and is unlocked by completing The Entangled Ingress.

How to get the A Wierd Place Achievement

To get the A Wierd Place achievement you need to find all the logs of Expedition #1. Throughout the world of ScourgeBringer you will randomly come across computers which if you interact with them will unlock cartridges. Once you have managed to collect enough cartridges you will get the A Wierd Place achievement. It should not take too long to obtain this achievement as you don't have to collect too many cartridges.


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