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Roblox Tapping Gods Codes and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard

Tapping Gods, Russo's new game on Roblox is sure to become one of the most played new games on 2021 the platform. Tapping Gods, as the name implies is a Tapping themed game where the aim is to accumulate taps to eventually rebirth and start over with a better clicking multiple. To help you get started in this great looking game, we've got on SuperCheats, a complete list of all Tapping Gods codes which will get you some free diamonds and gems for as long as the codes are still valid.

We've also played the game a bit and come up with our best Tapping Gods Tips and some links to helpful videos from YouTubers that are actively playing the game. Hopefully these Tapping Gods Tips will give you some ideas on how to get some taps and gems faster and explain a bit about eggs and how to get golden pets.

Roblox Redeem Codes

Find codes for more Roblox games with our Ultimate Guide to Roblox Codes

Tapping Gods Codes

These codes for Tapping Gods will get you some free taps and diamonds as long as they are still valid. To try to redeem them, just start the game and look for the Twitter bird icon, click that to bring up the code entry screen, then copy and paste the follow codes to redeem them.

Redeem these Tapping Gods for some free taps
RussoTap to copy

- Get 500 taps

BLUETap to copy

- Get 500 taps

RELEASETap to copy

- Get 500 taps

CoolTapperTap to copy

- Get 750 taps

HIDDENTap to copy

- Get 245 diamonds

FilteredTap to copy

- Get 250 taps and 250 diamonds

Codes can expire over time, so hopefully they still work by the time you are reading this. We'll also be keping an eye out for new Tapping Gods codes and will update this page with all the latest ones as soon as they are released.

Tapping Gods Tips

Tapping Gods is a really well polished game, and it looks set to be updated with lots of interesting things in the future, such as Jetpacks! Let's take a look at what you can do to get started in the game and starting making your taps more efficient.

1. Redeem the Latest Codes

The current codes list is above, make sure you redeem all of the codes that are still valid to get started with some taps and diamonds.

2. Get Some Eggs

Start Collecting Pets with some Egg Hatches

If you've managed to successfully use the redeem codes, then you'll have some diamonds and taps ready to spend. Probably you won't have enough diamonds to purchase anything right away, but you can hatch some basic eggs. Look for the eggs and purchase whatever you can afford with your free taps, then hit the pets button and press the button to equip your best pets.

3. Pets

Equip Your Best Pets to Improve Your Tapping Scores

Your pets will increase you tapping and diamond collection efficiency, so for every actual tap you make, the pet multiplier will increase the effect of each tap. Check the pets tab for exact details of each pet.

4. Get Golden and Shiny Pets

If you can collect 10 of a single pet you will be able to evolve this into a golden version for even great tapping efficiencies. Even better is if you can get shiny pets, to do that you'll need 5 golden versions of the same pet

5. Find the Russo Boss

You should be able to easily find the Russo Boss, he's the massive Russo character, get close to him and with your pets equipped, start tapping until he's gone. He'll respawn after a minute or so, but you should now have collected some more taps and diamonds, maybe you've got enough to buy more eggs to hatch?

6. Autoclicker?

We've seen some players on YouTube use autoclickers installed on their PC which will click on the finger icon automatically for you. This is cheating, and we don't know if this is against the terms of service of this Roblox game, so use at your own risk and discretion as we don't know if it will get you banned or not. Also, be careful when downloading and installing anything on your PC and check for viruses!

7. Rebirth

Rebirth When You Can to Improve Your Taps

Check out the diamond shop to see if you have enough to rebirth, this is the aim of the game, to get as many rebirths as you can as this will increase what you get for each tap.

For more tips and see how you can get off to a great start in Tapping Gods as a free to player, check out this YouTube video:

Remember to check back here for the latest Tapping Gods codes, and follow @russotalks on Twitter for code announcements direct from the developer and to stay informed about new game updates.


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