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Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes to get Free Knives, Pets, and Gold

iPhone/iPad, Mac, PC, ROBLOX, Android
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Enter Murder Mystery 2 codes to get free Knives, Pets, and Gold to customize your game and make it more fun.

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 codes to claim free rewards

Murder Mystery 2 is a horror-themed Roblox game where you take up the role of either an Innocent, Sheriff, or Murderer. A server holds up to twelve players which is made up of ten Innocents, one Sheriff, and one Murderer. The Innocents who are unarmed and cannot harm the other players must evade the Murderer and use their sleuthing skills to discover who it is.

The Sheriff has a gun that can take down the Murderer once you have figured out who it is. The Murderer must try and keep their identity concealed and not get shot by the Sheriff as they stealthily find and eliminate the Innocents. Enter codes to get free Knives, Pets, and Gold to make the game more enjoyable.

Roblox Redeem Codes

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Murder Mystery 2 Codes

There are currently no active codes for Murder Mystery 2. Instructions on how to redeem codes when they do become available are further down the page.

We last checked for New Murder Mystery 2 codes on 3rd April, 2024

  • There are no active codes for Roblox Murder Mystery 2.

    Expired Codes

  • COMB4T2
  • PR1SM
  • AL3X
  • C0RL
  • D3NIS
  • SK3TCH
  • SUB0
  • INF3CT3D
  • G003Y
  • R3PT1L3
  • SK00L
  • 2015-2015
  • G1FT3D-Gifted
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • N30N
  • HW2017
  • NatureUpdate

Murder Mystery 2 FAQs

Here are a few helpful FAQs that will tell you how to redeem the codes, what they are all about, how to troubleshoot if they are not working, and provide a few useful links related to the game.

How to redeem Murder Mystery 2 codes?

  1. Open up Roblox Murder Mystery 2 on your device.
  2. Tap on the 'Settings' button on the right of the screen.
  3. Select 'Codes'.
  4. Input your code into the text area and press the blue 'Redeem' button to claim your reward.

Screenshot by Code Entry Screen

What are Murder Mystery 2 codes?

Roblox Murder Mystery 2 game codes are codes that you can redeem within the game in order to get something for free. Redeem codes are in a lot of Roblox games and all offer something different, usually they can only be redeemed once per account and sometimes have an expiry date when they will no longer function.

Why aren't my Murder Mystery 2 codes working?

There could be a number of reasons why the codes you have tried are not working.

  1. Check that you've entered them correctly and there are no extra spaces
  2. Roblox codes can be case sensitive, so check that you have the letters correct, or even better, copy and paste.
  3. They could have already expired and no longer work
  4. You may have redeemed them already from your game account
  5. You are playing a different version of the game, or one with a similar name

Helpful Murder Mystery 2 Links

There are various social accounts to keep up to date with the latest developments and codes related to the game, here are the links.

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Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to Farm Coins

The currency in Murder Mystery 2 is coins, and they are used for buying items in the shop, such as effects, weapons (crates), radios, pets, and emotes. There are a possible 40 coins you can collect on a map, (50 if you have purchased the Elite Gamepass). Take a look at the video below to get some tips on how to farm coins to fill your coin bag. These include buying Elite, playing on bigger maps, running loops, and the hide and collect strategy.

How to Farm Coins

Stay Near the Sheriff

As the Sheriff is the only player in Murder Mystery 2 that has a gun, it is in your best interests to make sure they are always nearby. Doing this will give you some protection and also the opportunity to grab the gun if the Murderer kills the Sheriff. You must be careful about how you stay close to the Sheriff because if the Sheriff thinks you are following them they may suspect you being the Murderer. If the Sheriff dies, you need to be wary about grabbing the gun, as some Murderers will hide in the area and use the gun to lure Innocents to them for an easy kill. If you suspect this, don't attempt getting the gun, just survive the round.

Avoid the Scanners on the Bank Map

If you are playing either the Sheriff or the Murderer, it is important that you pay attention to where the scanners are on the bank map, as they turn red when you conceal a gun or a knife and touch them. This will result in everybody knowing you are not one of the 10 Innocents which will mean you will now struggle to win the game if you are the killer as you will find it difficult to get close to Innocents and you will be hunted by the Sheriff who will now shoot whenever he sees you.

Keep Close to Others

If you are playing as an Innocent, a good strategy is to stay near to people, but at the same time don't be too close to them. You want to place yourself in a position where if you see the Murderer take out their weapon, there is enough space between you and the Murderer's intended victim to escape and find the Sheriff to tell them who the Murderer is and the location where the attempted murder is happening.

Playing the Sheriff

If you are playing the role of the Sheriff it is essential that you are alert at all times and trust nobody as the Murderer will be trying to kill you before their identity is revealed. Make sure you pay attention to the people and your surroundings for any clues as to who the killer is. Keep your gun hidden so the other players and the killer don't know you are the Sheriff. Stay near to groups, but don't allow them to get too close. Only take out your gun to shoot if the person coming towards you has a knife, if they are not wielding a knife then run away from them. If you witness a murder taking place now is the time to draw your gun. While shooting at the killer, try and remember as many details about their appearance as you can just in case you miss, and they get away.

Know how to Throw the Knife

If you are playing the role of the killer in Murder Mystery 2 you will be a much more deadly slayer if you know how to throw the knife. This will enable you to get kills from a further range and also help you combat the Sheriff who will be hunting you down with a gun if your identity has been revealed.

- Computer
If you are playing Murder Mystery 2 on computer, you first need to take the knife out by pressing the '1' key. Then press the 'Shift' key to lock your camera and bring up a crosshair on your screen to aim your throw. Once your target is in the crosshairs, press the 'E' key to throw the knife for the kill.

- Mobile Phone
If you are the killer and using a mobile device, you just need to press the big 'Throw' button on your screen to throw the knife at your victim when they are in the crosshairs.

- Console
If you are playing Murder Mystery 2 on a console, you just need to draw out the knife and press the Left trigger on your controller. When you do this, you will throw the knife at wherever you aimed your crosshairs on.

How to Kill the Sheriff

If you are playing the Murderer, it is crucial that you keep the knife concealed, so the other players do not know you are the killer. The Sheriff now knowing you are the killer will put you in a safer position, as you will not have to worry about being shot as you look to lure him to his death. Trying to get close to the Sheriff to perform a melee attack is risky, a good strategy to eliminate him without revealing your identity is to hug the walls and peek out briefly to throw the knife, doing this will also help you not to get shot if the Sheriff sees you. Remember though that getting a throwing knife kill will get you far fewer points than getting a melee one. The choice is yours, getting rid of the Sheriff though will make taking down the Innocents a lot easier.

How to Kill the Sheriff

Kill Secretly

If you are playing the killer, it is essential that you discreetly explore the map, so you know exactly where the various exits and hideaways are located. The key to being successful in this game as the killer is to kill secretly without being seen, so knowing beforehand where the nooks and crannies are where you can lure your victims to kill them unobserved will help you immensely. Always kill someone quickly, and it is important that you immediately put the knife away when the deed is done.


Roblox Murder Mystery 2 FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How can I throw on mm2 while walking on android?
If you enter the game, turn off your device with the button on the side while moving and turn it back on immediately and your character will walk automatically and if so, it is correct. Just press the throw button on the side and step on the green circle on your victim's body. (When your character is walking automatically, just control the camera and do not press the walk button, otherwise you will ruin everything.) Enjoy!
How to shoot and throw while walking in MM2
When you are on android stop for a little bit then shoot and move fast that's the same for throwing
How to fix on mm2 on android I can't shoot while walking
Honestly, there isn't a fix to this, because android has a bug which you can't shoot while walking. It only works on IOS.
How do I get knives fast
Earn coins or use your daily robux to buy the knifes!
Hi, in roblox murder mystery (mm2) what does knifeception do?
When you equip a knife, mini knives apear around you're knife (Also on thrown knives). It changes depending on what knife you equiped, meaning that when you equip a batwing, small batwings will apear around the knife.

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