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Roblox Magnet Legends Codes & Tips


Codes, Tips and Questions for Roblox Magnet Legends

Last Updated: by Richard

Magnet Legends on Roblox is a coin collecting game where you travel the various maps with your magnet collecting coins. To make progress you need to upgrade your magnet and backpack to collect more coins faster, unlock and equip pets to help you collect and rebirth to increase your collecting multiplier. To help get you off to a great start, check out these Magnet Legends codes for some free gems and your first pet.

Magnet Legends Codes

Codes for Magnet Legends are easily redeemed, just find the Twitter bird icon on the game page (it's over on the left), click it to bring up the code entry box then copy and paste the codes below one at a time and click redeem.

We'll keep this page updated with the latest Magnet Legends codes whenever new ones are released from the developer. You can also follow @TheDucksRBLX to stay updated with new code and game related announcements from the developer.

ShinyStuffTap to copy
- Get 10 Gems
LuckyFindTap to copy
- Get 10 Gems
SecretMuffinTap to copy
- Get 10 Gems
MagnetsRCoolTap to copy
- Get 10 Gems
FoundMeTap to copy
- Get 10 Gems
EpicDuckTap to copy
- Get a Duck Pet

Magnet Legends Tips

Here are some beginner tips for Magnet Legends.

1. Get Pets

Pets come from the Eggs

Pets will greatly help when it comes to what you get for selling your coins. In the pets menu, if you tap on any of the pets you own, you will see their effect on how much cash you will receive for your coins. Not only that, pets help in coin collection and your speed of movement in the game. You can equip up to 5 pets at a time, so make sure you select your best!

Equip your pets for some great collecting boosts

2. Upgrade Your Magnets and Backpacks

It's a little frustrating when you only have a small backpack that fills up very quickly, it's best you always upgrade your backpacks so you don't have to return back to the coin shop so quickly. When playing, my priority was to get my backpack to a decent level first off all, and do to this, I need to get the pets, as explained above. These really do help to get you the money that you need to get better backpacks and magnets.

As well as upgrading your backpack, upgrading your magnets will increase their pull radius and extra coins that you get, some will increase your speed and give you some extra cash too. Only trouble is, with an upgraded magnet you'll need a bigger and better backpack!!!

3. Complete Quests for Rewards

Quests Menu

Check the quests menu to see what you need to complete for some extra rewards, and to claim any that you have already completed, it's a great way to pick up cash and gems.


Rebirth to start over but with everything better!

Rebirthing in Magnet Legends is what you need to do regularly to improve the rewards you get from collecting coins. First of all it is a step backwards because you'll lose all your coins and cash, as well as your backpack and magnets, but you will keep your pets and diamonds.

5. Check The Map for Rewards

There are a few extra rewards that are to be had such as the daily rewards chest, and the group chest (which you need to join the group before you can redeem), and possibly some extra codes hidden around too.

The thing is, your collecting speed will be vastly improved, so literally in minutes you can be back to where you were in the game before you rebirthed. Rebirthing will also sometimes get you various amounts of diamonds which can be used to purchase some of the more OP things in the games such as eggs to hatch better pets.

So, a quick rundown... Upgrade your backpacks, magnets, get some pets, rebirth and start over!

It's a really well made fun game on the Roblox platform, it's free to play and there are some premium purchase options too which help speed things up for anyone that wants to spend Robux.


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