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Roblox Arsenal Codes to get Free Rewards

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Enter Arsenal codes to get free rewards to help make the game more fun.

Roblox Arsenal codes to claim free rewards

Arsenal is a first-person shooter game based on the Arms Race game mode in the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Two teams (or four) go against each other on various maps taking down enemies and completing objectives with the objective of racking up as many kills as possible. Enter Arsenal codes to get free rewards to help make the game more enjoyable.

Roblox Redeem Codes

Find codes for more Roblox games with our Ultimate Guide to Roblox Codes

All Arsenal Codes

Some New codes have been released, check them out below to claim your free rewards while they are still active. Instructions on how to redeem codes are further down the page.

We last checked for New Arsenal codes on 11th July, 2024

  • xonae - Redeem for a Xonae Announcer Voice
  • ANNA - Redeem for Anna Skin
  • PET - Redeem for PetrifyTV Announcer Voice
  • POKE - Redeem for Poke Skin
  • CBROX - Redeem for Phoenix Skin
  • TRGTBOARD - Redeem for Hoverboard taunt
  • GARCELLO - Redeem for Garcello skin, Garcello kill effect, and an Emote
  • ROLVE - Redeem for Fanboy Skin
  • EPRIKA - Redeem for Eprika announcer voice
  • Bandites - Redeem for Bandites announcer voice
  • fate - Redeem to Teleport to Fate
  • FLAMINGO - Redeem for rewards
  • goodnight - Redeem to Teleport to Snowy Bridge

Expired Codes

  • F00LISH
  • JOHN
  • E
  • Bandites
  • POG
  • 10keni

How to redeem Arsenal codes?

  1. Open up Roblox Arsenal on your device.
  2. Tap the 'Gift' icon at the bottom-left of the screen
  3. Input your code into the text area.
  4. Press the 'Redeem' button to claim your reward.

Screenshot by Code Entry Screen

Arsenal Weapon Tier List

Arsenal Weapon Tier List

Take a look at our Arsenal Weapons Tier List to find out what the best and worst weapons are in the game. Keep in mind weapons are being continually added and deleted.

  • S-Tier
  • These weapons are the best in Roblox Arsenal.

  • A-Tier
  • Not quite as good as the S-Tier weapons but still worth having.

  • B-Tier
  • Decent weapons that can struggle to get the job done.

  • C-Tier
  • Average weapons, only use if you can't get your hands on anything better.

  • D-Tier
  • Bad weapons that are not much good.

  • F-Tier
  • Avoid these weapons, they are the worst in the game.


    • Barrett
    • Laser Rifle
    • P90
    • MG42
    • PPSH
    • Trench Gun


    • AWP
    • BAR
    • Electric Revolver
    • DBS
    • FN FAL
    • G-18
    • Micro Uzis
    • Grease Gun
    • M4A1
    • Razor Bomb
    • Railgun
    • Inertial Shotgun
    • SCAR-H
    • SCAR-L
    • Uzi


    • MP5K
    • AK-74
    • Calico
    • Deagle
    • Golden Gun
    • MK18
    • FAMAS
    • MAT-49
    • M60
    • G. Musket
    • MP9-S
    • STEN
    • Tommy Gun
    • M1919A6
    • XR15


    • Mauser Carbine
    • M4A1
    • Dragunov
    • Mosin-Nagant
    • Luger
    • M14 EBR
    • RPG
    • TEC-9
    • Baseball Launcher


    • MAC-10
    • Pump Shotgun
    • Python
    • Superball
    • DB Shotgun
    • Peacemaker
    • M9
    • Henry Rifle
    • Spencer Carbine
    • Spellbook
    • Windicator
    • Handcannon
    • Firework Launcher
    • MP7
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Lever Shotgun
    • SPAS 12
    • Webley
    • PIZZA
    • M1 Garand
    • DB Chauchat


    • Autobow
    • Z80
    • XM1014
    • Bow
    • Crossbow
    • Potassium Power
    • Hush Puppy

Helpful Arsenal Links

There are various social accounts to keep up to date with the latest developments and codes related to the game, here are the links.

  • Roblox Group - Here is the link to the game's Roblox Group: Arsenal Roblox Group.
  • Discord - Get help with the game on the Discord page.
  • X Account - Find out the latest on the developer's X Account.
  • YouTube - Take a look at the official YouTube channel.
  • RoMonitor - Get the latest stats about the game on the Arsenal page.

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Roblox Arsenal Guides

Latest updates to our guide:


Got a cheat or hot tip for this game? Found a secret, or a strategy for success?

How to Improve your Aim in Roblox Arsenal

In Roblox Arsenal it is crucial that you have a good aim, having a crosshair that is difficult to see or is jittery will hinder you and prevent you from winning rounds. This guide will tell you what you can do to solve these issues and improve your aim.

Change Crosshair Color
This simple trick will help you immensely as it will make things a lot easier for you to see during gameplay. At the main screen, select the 'Display' option and choose 'Settings'. Then select a color for your crosshair that is not frequently used on any of the maps. It does not matter what the color is as long as it does not often appear, a good choice is either bright green or pink. What this does is it helps to ensure that your crosshair never blends into the background, making it difficult to see. Changing the crosshair to a bright color, so it stands out, will help you know where you're firing at when you are shooting.

Change your Mouse Settings
If you are playing Roblox Arsenal on PC, you can improve your aim considerably by lowering the sensitivity on your mouse (if the option is available). A good value to lower the DPI settings of your mouse to is 800 DPI. You may also want to consider lowing your Camera Sensitivity as well, play around with the setting until you find one you feel comfortable with. To begin with, changing things to low sensitivity will make the game feel slow, but you will get used to it.

Take a look at the video below to see what the best method is for improving your aim in Roblox Arsenal

How to Improve your Aim in Roblox Arsenal

Moving Side to Side

Always move side to side as the enemy will have trouble hitting you because you have more mobility. Same for snipers, which will be much harder. Some players level 200-400 will easily hit you because of their experience.


Roblox Arsenal FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

What is Roblox Murder?
Murder is a Roblox spinoff game that is stylized to include characters and a map from Roblox Arsenal. The objective of the game if you are not playing the role of the killer is to survive the Murderer's kill spree until they are killed, or the round timer runs out.
How do you perform the default taunt during a game?
You just have to pres G twice to perform the default taunt.
How do you perform a taunt during a game?
You need to press G and the corresponding number a taunt has been assigned.
How much does the Roblox Arsenal Premium Battle Pass subscription cost?
A Premium Battle Pass subscription costs 399 Robux, or 14,999 B$ (Battle Bucks).
What is the Battle Pass
The Battle Pass enables you to earn exclusive rewards such as skins, melees, and Kill Effects. To progress in the Battle Pass you have to gain kills. You will get a new reward from the Battle Pass every time you pass 150 kills.

Can you help answer any of these questions?

How to get roblox arsenal hacks?
What is flair case?
Have a question for Roblox Arsenal?