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Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Cheats and Tips

Last Updated: by Richard
Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Anime Fighting Simulator is a Roblox training game inspired by multiple popular Anime shows. We have several cheats and tips as well as a guide that will help you.

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Trailer

In Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator you train your body and mind to become the strongest fighter. Unlock swords and powers to defeat your foes. Explore the map to hone your power. Whatever you do, the world is yours for the taking. Click here to download Anime Fighting Simulator and play it free.

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Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Cheats, Tips, Strategy

Below are a collection of cheats and tips that will help improve the combat ability of your character in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator.

  • How to Unlock New Worlds

    In order to unlock a new world Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator, you need to have the required number of Yen. You can see how much Yen you need to unlock the next world on the entrance to the next world itself, which is usually located in the spawn area.

    Once you have enough Yen, go to the entrance to the next world and click 'Yes' to the purchase notification. You have then unlocked the world.

  • Fastest Way to get a Secret Character

    Below are several ways in which you can obtain a secret character in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator if you do not want to spend a ton of Robux purchasing one directly from the Merchant.

    Auto-Purchase and Auto-Sell Feature

    The auto-purchase feature is enabled by pressing 'Q' when next to a star or by clicking the button with a 'Q' on it and the text 'AUTO' under it. Selling characters automatically will give you back some of the Yen you spent, which means that you can keep on opening stars for longer without having to farm more Yen.

    Auto-sell is enabled by clicking the settings icon button on the left side of the screen, scrolling down to 'Auto-sell', and clicking the cogwheel next to it. In the auto-sell settings page you will be able to select the rarities you want to auto-sell, as well as whether you want to auto-sell the shiny version of each rarity too.

    Star and Luck Upgrades

    The 'Extra Star' upgrades are unlocked by reaching rooms 24, 48, 72, 100, and 140 in Time Trials. Try to unlock as many Luck upgrades as possible, as these increase the probability of you getting a secret character from a star opening. Luck upgrades are obtained by playing the game for a specific number of hours.

    Luck Boosts

    You can purchase luck boosts from the Time Trial Shop, the Robux shop or get them from events, the daily spin, and promo codes. The more luck boosts you have the higher the probability that you will get a secret character from a star opening.

    Robux Boosts

    In Roblox Anime Fighting simulator there are several boosts that you can purchase with Robux to decrease the expected time that it takes to get a secret. You can see what Robux boosts are available by clicking the shopping cart icon on the left side of the screen.

    Max Open Feature

    The max open feature is a way in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator to drastically increase the speed up rate you obtain secret characters. The max open feature allows you to instantly open stars equal to the number character slots left in your inventory. You will need max open tokens to use this feature, they are obtained from the defense mode in the game.

  • Where to get Secret Characters

    Listed below are all the secret characters in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator and the world where they can be obtained.

    Pinkie: Super Island

    Asuka: Ninja Village

    Tokio: Crazy Town

    Dobonito: Fruits Island

    Eagle Eyed: Hero University

    Big Ben: Walled City

    Sun: Slayer Army

    Two Eyed: Ghoul Town

    Far Away: Chimera Jungle

    Slicette: Virtual Castle

    Eiko: Empty Dimension

    Sigma Curse: Cursed High

    Emperor Alien: XYZ Metropolis

    Dark One: 9 Crimes Island

    Jane d' Bateau: Destiny Island

    King of Mages: Lucky Kingdom

    The Answer: Land of Alchemy

    Destroyer: Slimey Island

    Soar: Flame City

    Zeus: Divine Colosseum

    Greatest Evil: Kingdom of Four

    Prodigious Knight: Icy Wastes

  • How to Level Up Fast

    The video below will tell you how you can level up fast in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator so your character becomes more proficient in combat.

    How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator

    0:00 - Intro

    0:35 - Movement Speed

    2:50 - Map

    3:23 - What to Train

    4:52 - Durability Sword

    5:51 - Outside Sources

    6:18 - Making Roblox Better

    7:15 - Twitter Codes

    7:47 - Skills

    8:30 - Special NPCs

    9:48 - Special SKills

    10:46 - Shikari Sharks

  • Tips and Tricks to get Stronger Fast

    The video below discusses the different ways in which you can make your character get stronger fast.

    Tips and Tricks to get Stronger Fast in Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator

    0:00 - Intro

    0:27 - Class

    1:46 - Quests

    4:05 - Training Areas

    5:38 - Champions

    6:51 - Boosts

    7:23 - Special Tip

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Guides

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Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator FAQ's

Our Latest Questions

How do you walk faster?
Speed is a minor stat that can be trained that will increase your walk speed.
How do you jump higher?
Agility is a minor stat that can be trained to increase the height you can jump.
What is Sword Skill?
Sword Skill is a stat that determines your swing damage and Sword Skill based powers' damage.
What are Stands?
Stands are a special that gives you additional powers. They cannot be active while Kagunes, Fruits, Quirks, Grimoires, Bloodlines, Sword Styles, Armaments, Pyrokinesis, or Titans are active.
What is Strength?
Strength determines your punch damage and Strength based powers' damage.

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