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Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips

Switch, PC
Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats
Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips

Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips

Risk of Rain Returns is a 2D rougelike/action-platformer available on Switch and PC that is set in the distant future. Take a look at our Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips to get help in this game.

Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips

A space train carrying passengers and cargo is shot out of orbit and crash lands on a mysterious planet full of randomly spawning enemies and bosses. You play the role of the one survivor of that crash and your objective is to search for the tools you need to find the teleporter back home. During your adventure, you will discover a myriad of randomly chosen stages, from the desolate forest to the frozen tundra.

  • Adjust the Settings

    If you are still learning how to play Risk of Rain Returns you may want to consider adjusting the settings before starting a run to make this tough game a bit easier. Under the 'Rules' window you can choose if you want to fight any new enemies, experience new stages, or deal and take more damage than usual. This feature is also helpful for those players who are completionists.

  • Play with Purpose

    Make sure before you begin a run in Risk of Rain Returns you give yourself an objective you want to accomplish. Whether you are focussing on trying to unlock a new survivor or item or acquiring a difficult achievement you will have a clear goal and will be playing with purpose. Don't waste time, if what you are after is unattainable for whatever reason it may be better to just end the run there and start again.

  • Explore Everywhere

    The constant threat of the difficulty increasing every eight minutes will tempt you to rush through each stage of Risk of Rains Returns as fast as you can. Resist this temptation and instead take the time to explore as this will give you the opportunity to discover hidden secrets, like artifacts, and collect the items that are found inside the chests that are scattered around the stage.

  • Take Advantage of the Camera Options

    Finding the teleporter that is somewhere in the stage so you are able to advance to the next one is your main goal in Risk of Rain Returns. Make sure you take advantage of the camera options you have available to you in order to find the teleporter faster.

    If you go to the 'Options' menu and look for the 'Zoom Scale' slider under the 'General' tab you will be able to zoom out so your camera can see the upper and lower floors more clearly.

  • Keep Moving

    It is essential that you keep moving in Risk of Rain Returns as standing still will attract a horde of enemies to your location and you will not be able to last long. Not only does moving keep you out of range of enemy attacks, but it also means you are more likely to find the teleporter, which is the end goal of each stage. The Huntress is a good option if you want to play a survivor who has great mobility and can keep moving during battle.

  • Jump when Fighting

    When you move and shoot at the same time in Risk of Rain Returns your mobility will be significantly slowed down (unless you are Huntress) making you vulnerable to attack from enemies. However, if you hold down a movement key when fighting your character will jump and it won't slow down your movement so you will be able to continue moving quickly while dodging incoming attacks and dealing damage to enemies.

    If you turn on auto-jump you will be able to jump consistently by holding down the jump button rather than having to repeatedly press it during the heat of battle. You can enable auto-jump from the 'Accessibility' section in the control settings.

  • Find Missile-Launching Items

    The most difficult enemies to deal with in Risk of Rain Returns are those that fly. Not being able to aim vertically or diagonally (unless you are using Pilot) means you will struggle to take them down. Instead of trying to hit these flying enemies by jumping or waiting for them to line up with the ground you should instead look for items that will fire projectiles at them.

    These missile-launching items include the AtG Missile Mk. 1, Disposable Missile Launcher, Bundle of Fireworks, and Ceremonial Dagger. Another alternative is to get items that can passively damage flying enemies once obtained, these include things like Barbed Wire, Gasoline, Will-o-Wisp, and Tesla Coil.

  • Collect the Artifacts

    The items that you find in chests in Risk of Rain Returns are randomized so you never know what you are going to be working with. There are however items called artifacts that are hidden around the stages which you can permanently equip and will give you a significant boost for all future runs.

    Each artifact has a different effect, some of which are more useful than others. The best artifacts to find are the Artifact of Sacrifice which allows you to gather items from slain monsters instead of chests, the Artifact of Glass which boosts your damage to 500% but lowers health to 10%, and the Artifact of Command which lets you choose the items you will find throughout your run.

  • Complete the Providence Trials

    Test your skills outside of the regular runs by tackling the Providence Trials. Each Providence Trial features its own unique challenge which if you overcome will reward you some of the best items that are available in Risk of Rain Returns.

  • Risk of Rain Returns Beginner Cheats and Tips


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