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RiMS Racing Cheats & Tips


Cheats, Tips and Questions for RiMS Racing

Last Updated: by Dennis

RiMS Racing is a racing simulation game that combines a realistic racing challenge with engineering and mechanics. It also features realistic physics, famous and iconic roads and real circuits. Ride the world's most powerful motorbikes and optimize their performance by swapping out parts and analyzing data in real time. RiMS Racing is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Cheat, Tips and Strategy

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Maintain your Bike

Maintain your Bike

The simplest way in which you can improve your performance in races is by maintaining your bike by makings sure it is in the best condition possible. This means keeping an eye on the different components of your bike to ensure they are not in the red or totally worn. Replacing parts of the bike costs Credits, so prioritize the parts that will affect the performance of the bike first. Don't worry about components such as mirrors or the windshield when they are fully worn out. On the other hand, your brakes must be as close to perfect as possible.

Use the Worn Spots as a Guide

On all the circuits of RiMS Racing, there will be darker markings on the asphalt. These have been embedded in the track over time by previous motorcycles that have raced there. If you prioritize these markings when you are not sure where your position should be on the track, you will be far less likely to deviate from the route you need to take and cause an accident.

Avoid Time Penalties

If you blatantly try to cheat by cutting corners in an attempt to gain an advantage over other competitors in the race, the game will punish you at it's conclusion with time penalties. Each time penalty you accumulate will add 3 seconds to your time. However, if the game detects you genuinely tried to take the bend fairly but drifted off to avoid smashing into another bike, a barrier, or slide off completely, the game will not punish you with a time penalty.

How to get Around Tight Curves

The arrows in RiMS Racing are there to assist you in judging your pace and giving you a guide as to what the best position is on the track. It is not necessary to follow the arrows too closely, although they are almost always correct in where your position should be, you can still take a curve differently if you so wish. You do not have to slow down until you reach the red arrows, so if you do approach a curve a little broader than you intended, you can still get around it by alternating rapid braking and reducing your speed to the green zone. This technique will get you around any curve, regardless of how tight it is.

Keep a Safe Distance

RiMS Racing is a fast-paced game where the greatest risk on the track is getting too close to the other competitors and making contact, which can have disastrous consequences. It is therefore crucial that you avoid getting too close to another bike as you race around a track. You will be given plenty of opportunities to overtake opponents on the straights of a circuit, where you will be able to outrun them. Trying to overtake at corners is a recipe for disaster and should not be attempted.


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