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Rain on your Parade Cheats and Tips

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Mac, PC, Switch
Last Updated: by Dennis

Rain on your Parade is a slapstick comedy game where you play as a mischievous cardboard cloud determined to ruin everybody's day. Unlock new methods of mischief across 50 levels, each with unique setting and objectives. Travel across the world, inventing new ways of causing chaos and mayhem. As you progress in the game you will unlock new and more comical methods of causing bedlam. Rain on your Parade is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC, and Mac. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Rain on your Parade Trailer

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100% Achievement Walkthrough & Guide

100% Achievement Walkthrough & Guide
Take a look at the video below to see how you can complete the game 100%. This includes the entire story, every level, every puzzle, and all the achievements. The video also includes the Fanboys collectibles which there are 16 of in various levels, as well as, on the world map. All you need to do is rain or snow on them to make them wet.

100% Achievement Walkthrough & Guide

Intro - 0:03��?
Fanboy 1 (Beach) + Sunglasses - 3:05��?
Fanboy 2 (School) - 5:25��?
Fanboy 3 (The Farm) - 7:05��?
Popcorn. Yum! Achievement/Trophy (Lightning Required) - 9:35��?
Stylish Cloud Achievement/Trophy (Sunglasses Required) - 10:20��?
Fanboy 4 (Campground) - 11:15��?
Fanboy 5 (Going to Work) - 16:10��?
Fanboy 6 & Fanboy 7 (Hub World) - 16:53��?
Fanboy 8 (Villa Del Dryspell) - 19:30��?
Fanboy 9 (Quiet Mountain Town) - 22:52��?
The Texan Achievement/Trophy (Chainsaw Required) - 28:50��?
Gotta go Fast! Achievement/Trophy - 30:00��?
Fanboy 10 (The Cloud News Channel) - 32:00��?
Fanboy 11 & Achievement Cat & Fanboy 12 - 35:05��?
Fanboy 13 (At the Cafe) - 36:40��?
Fanboy 14 (Dust Devil Crossroads) - 37:10��?
Fanboy 15 (Tinseltown) - 41:45��?
Fanboy 16 (Parade) - 54:45��?
Beach Party! Achievement/Trophy (Beach New Game+) - 56:20��?
Canyon Master Achievement/Trophy (Cloudbuster Canyon New Game+) - 57:15��?
Pool Party! (Villa Del Dryspell New Game+) - 58:15��?
Party Crasher (Villa Del Dryspell New Game+) - 59:10��?
Gravity Gun Achievement/Trophy (DreamQuack New Game+) - 59:50��?
Master Thief Achievement/Trophy (The Museum New Game+) - 1:00:40��?
Break the Game (Level 50 New Game+) - 1:01:57��?
Such Strategy, Very Tactic (Seattle Defense New Game+) - 1:02:50��?
Infiltrator Master (Dr Dryspell's Secret Base New Game+) - 1:03:45��?
Lava Cave Master (The Bowels of Mt Dryspell New Game+) - 1:04:40��?
Time to Spare (Do Not Move) - 1:05:15��?


Rain on your Parade FAQ's

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