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The Sims 2: Castaway


Airplane Island Walkthrough

by clarissasy03

Sims 2 Castaway for PSP
Sims 2 Walkthrough
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Copyright 2008 clarissasy03

1. Introduction

Hi! guys, this is my second part of my walkthrough of Sims 2 Castaway. Which I will 
guide you to the second island of the Sims 2. So, if you get lost, just read this
walkthrough which I made for you. So, shall we begin?

2. Start of My Walkthrough

Second Island: Airplane Island

Location: West Beach

Food Available - Pineapple, Coconuts, Papayas, Yams, Bell Peppers, Cherries,
                 Ginger, Chili Peppers, Toro Root, Soybeans, Fish, Clams

Item Available - Conch, Softwood, Driftwood, Grass, Palm Fronds, Hibiscus

Other - Find the "Log of the Final Voyage of Beard Beard the Pirate"
      - Treasure Map Piece
      - Hidden Tunnel

Location: Airplane Jungle

Food Available - Rumberries, Papayas, Yams, Cucumbers, Bananas, Coconuts,
  						 Sugar Cane

Item Available - Vines, Softwood, Bamboo, Banana Leaves, Indigo Leaves,
                 Ti Leaves, Hibiscus, Palm Fronds, Manchineel

Other - Airplane Radio

Location: Dark Cave

Food Available - Fish

Item Available - Obsidian, Stone

Other - Prince Loofa Lava Sculpture
      - Hieroglyphics Piece

Location: Skull Rock Jungle

Food Available - Mango, Grapefruit, Onions, Breadfruit, Snowberries, Lychees,
                 Brazil Nuts, Bananas,

Item Available - Clay, Ti Leaves, Bamboo, Rattan, Banana Leaves, Hibiscus,

Other - Hieroglyphics Piece

Location:  West River Plains

Here you can build a rope bridge to cross the chasm.

Food Available - Tangerines, Limes, Lemons, Pineapples, Watermelons, Peaches,
                 Mangosteen, Mangoes, Corn, Tomatoes, Soybeans, Bell Peppers 
                 Snowberries, Cherries, Lychees, Rice, Sugar Cane, Toro Root,
                 Carrots, Chili Peppers, Wheat, Garlic, Onions, Raspberries,
                 Tumeric Root

Item Available - Cotton, Sisal, Grass, Hibiscus, Cannonball Fruit, Physic Nut
                 Feathers, Manchineel

Other - Moneywell's Big Book of Survival 2 - Found on arrival
      - Chicken

Location:  East River Plains

There is an entrance to a hidden area that can't be accessed from here.

Food Available - Wheat, Rice, Toro Root, Coconuts, Peaches, Limes, Carrots,
  		 Chili Peppers, Raspberries, Sugar Cane, Pineapples, Tumeric

Item Available - Cotton, Sisal, Grass, Vines, Palm Fronds, Feathers

Other - Hieroglyphics Piece
      - Chicken
      - Boar

Location: South River Jungle

Find the transmitter in the plane wreckage here.

Food Available - Rice, Blood Oranges, Garlic, Tomatoes, Onions, Coconuts,
  		 Brazil Nuts, Bananas, Rumberries, Long Beans, Starfruit,
  		 Papayas, Cucumbers

Item Available - Rattan, Vines, Palm Fronds, Banana Leaves, Ti Leaves,
  		 Soft Wood, Bamboo, Hibiscus, Feathers

Other - Chicken
      - Boar
      - Transmitter
      - Princess Loofa Lava Sculpture
      - Hieroglyphic Piece

Location: East Beach

Another Ancient Pier to sail to the next island.

Food Available -  Papayas, Mangosteen, Hibiscus, Watermelons, Soybeans, Yams,
  		  Ginger, Coconuts, Sugar Cane, Tumeric Root, Toro Root,

Item Available - Stone, Pumice, Softwood, Bamboo, Vines, Privet, Feathers

Other - Chicken
      - Boar

Location: Hidden Lagoon

Food Available - Cashews, Grapefruit, Soybeans, Coconuts, Papaya,
  		 Bell Peppers, Toro Root, Fish

Item Available - Iris, Orchids, Hibiscus, Indigo Leaves, Soft Wood, Bamboo,
  		 Kukui Nuts, Palm Fronds

Other - Treasure Map Piece

Location: Pirates Cove

Food Available - Cashews, Sugar Cane, Raspberries, Coconuts, Coffee Beans,
  	         Bell Peppers, Ginger, Onions, Fish

Item Available - Nautilus Shell, Rattan, Soft Wood, Palm Fronds, Soap

Other - Beard Beard's Treasure Chest
      - Hidden Tunnel

3. Closing

So, I will guide to another for the third island tomorrow. Just check often to www. for more walkthrough about this game. Don't worry I will write the 
last island walkthrough and the extras throughout the game. Thank you for the people you 
have time to look at my walkthrough. Thank you so much! If you have any questions in
this game just contact me at [email protected] or [email protected]
Good Luck!

Copyright 2008 clarissasy03