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by Terlob

    ___       ___       ___       ___       ___       ___       ___   
   /\  \     /\__\     /\  \     /\  \     /\__\     /\  \     /\  \  
  /::\  \   /:/ _/_   /::\  \   /::\  \   /:/ _/_   _\:\  \    \:\  \ 
 /::\:\__\ /:/_/\__\ /::\:\__\ /\:\:\__\ /:/_/\__\ /\/::\__\   /::\__\
 \/\::/  / \:\/:/  / \;:::/  / \:\:\/__/ \:\/:/  / \::/\/__/  /:/\/__/
    \/__/   \::/  /   |:\/__/   \::/  /   \::/  /   \:\__\    \/__/   
             \/__/     \|__|     \/__/     \/__/     \/__/            
    ___       ___       ___       ___       ___   
   /\  \     /\  \     /\  \     /\  \     /\  \  
  /::\  \   /::\  \   /::\  \   /::\  \   /::\  \ 
 /::\:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /::\:\__\ /:/\:\__\ /::\:\__\
 \/\:\/__/ \:\/:/  / \;:::/  / \:\ \/__/ \:\:\/  /
    \/__/   \::/  /   |:\/__/   \:\__\    \:\/  / 
             \/__/     \|__|     \/__/     \/__/  

# Introduction #
This is the first FAQ I've written, so if you see anything that isn't quite
right please don't hesitate to point it out to me. Just send me an e-mail and it
would be greatly appreciated. I've tried to make this guide as detailed as
possible, so it may take me a while to update it.
Let me first say that this game wont suit everyone, there isn't the freedom to
do what you want when you want, it's all very linear. It can also be very, very
challenging in some places, so much in fact that in the American version the
difficulty has been toned down.
I've completed most missions more than once, mainly to try and improve on the
grade I achieved first time around. There are some missions I'm yet to get an A
rating on and any information on them would be greatly appreciated.

# Sites hosting this guide #
Currently these sites have permission to use my FAQ (this document)

If you are reading this on another site, please let me know at
[email protected] - or my MSN account (also [email protected])

# Table of Contents #

A. Modes:    1. Career                [MODCAR]
             2. Race                  [MODRAC]
             3. Time Trial            [MODTIM]
B. Missions: 1. Capelli Missions      [MISCAP]
             2. Warlords Missions     [MISWAR]
             3. Convicts Missions     [MISCON]
             4. Vixens Missions       [MISVIX]
             5. Killer 66 Missions    [MISKIL]
C. Ranks                              [RANKSZ]
D. Secrets                            [SECRET]
E. Glitches                           [GLITCH]
F. High Scores                        [HIGHSC]
G. Cheats                             [CHEATS]
H. Weapons                            [WEAPON]
I. Frequently Asked Questions         [FAQFAQ]
J. Contact Me                         [CONTAC]
K. Version History                    [VERSIO]
L. Legal                              [BORING]

Notice how there is no section for controls or the like, that's because it's all
covered in the manual or explained throughout the first few missions.

# Modes #

The career mode is the main part of Pursuit Force. This is where you will get
most of the unlockables (New Vehicles, Tracks, Images, Player Upgrades, and
Cheats).There are 30 missions altogether, 6 for every gang, and naturally they
get more difficult as you progress. To unlock more missions, you must first
complete all missions for that rank (For more information on that, see the
Ranks section [RANKSZ]).

Races are the usual you against the computer, except it is different in the
fact that you are given (usually) a faster vehicle than your opposition, and
they start in front of you. The aim is to get to the finish line before all of
them and if you achieve that, you receive an image for your gallery (in the
US version, these can also be used as a background on your PSP). This mode is 
not available until you have completed your first mission. There is only one
race that will give you any real trouble, and that's "The Don's Delivery
Service". My advice is to not brake at all, just use the walls to guide you

Time Trial
Time trial puts you in a race against the clock. You have to get to the finish
line as fast as possible, in the vehicle of choice, whether it be car,
motorbike, boat, or 4x4 (you will have to unlock these in career mode before
you can use them). This mode is not available until you have completed your
first mission.

# Missions #
Capelli Missions [MISCAP]
The states oldest gang

Case 1: Rat Race
*Drive Leone to the airport
*Protect him from the Capellis

For twenty years I've been trying to take down the Capellis, the most powerful
organised crime family in the state. Johnny Leone, on of Don Capelli's made
men, finally broke the Mafia code of silence this morning. We need to get 
Leone to a safe-house out of state. Drive him to Presidential Airport pronto
where you'll hand him over to the Feds. I don't want a scratch on this rat!

Probably the first mission you will attempt, I was stuck on it for a while,
but it's easier than most missions.
Its a free drive for the first 1km, so dodge around the cars and keep on the
left, as every car in this section comes out from the right. The first car is
bulletproof, so don't even bother trying to shoot at it, just try to evade it's
bullets. Its easier if you use the civilians cars as barricades, getting them
between you and the enemy. It shouldn't take long for it to drop back. At the
12km mark, two cars will come out from the right. This time, you can shoot them.
target them and just keep shooting them over and over, and eventually they will
explode. It may help to ram them a bit to get your justice bar up (this will 
come in handy later in the mission). More will come at the 9km mark, so if you
haven't destroyed the first two it may be worth restarting. Again, more will
emerge at the 7.3km mark. When the timer starts, floor it. By that stage you
should have a full justice bar. Press triangle and restore your health. If you
don't, you better pray you can get enough in the next section before your car is
destroyed. At around the 3.5km mark (it depends on how fast you get there) you
will see a police car with 2 Capelli vehicles in front of it. These are the last
2 enemies you will face, and if you had restored your health previous to this
you should be able to get rid of them without too much trouble.

*Dont hit to many civilians, you need a full justice bar for later in the
*Stay to the left when possible, enemies come out from the right.

Time Trial Course:
*Interstate 77 - Route 1

*Hampton Monte Christo
*Hampton Avenger

*Image Number 1
Case 2: Cold Contract
*Take out the hitmen before they reach Asten Town

Don Capelli has sent a team of hitmen downriver to assassinate the delegates at
the state security conference in Asten Town. The Super Pursuit Boat is fuelled
up and ready to take out Capelli's hitmen! Remember, you're swimming with
sharks out there!

You start with 9.75km to chase down the boats. This mission is nice and easy,
and teaches you some new moves. I wont explain them, it will explain them as
you advance through. A tip for boats - don't turn to quickly, you will lose a
lot of speed. In some places it's just better to use the walls to turn. Your
boat is a fair bit better than the others, so catch up to the first one and
jump across, dispose of the guys in there and repeat. Use justice shot to kill
the enemies in the boat when you can, and you should finish the mission with
plenty of space left.

*Dont turn to quickly, it will slow you down.
*Dont waste your justice bar on a full heal, you wont need it.

*Laser Law

Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 1

*JME Marlin
*KMT Seareaver
Case 3: Line of Fire
*Tail Deadeye
*Protect the Mayor
*Ensure Deadeye does not escape

Johnny Leone, that rat you saved from the Capelli's, coughed up some valuable
info. The Don put a contract on the Mayor today. His trusted lieutenant - 
Stefano de Tosamo, a.k.a. "Deadeye";he's the triggerman. The Mayor's traveling
back from a vacation in Snowstorm Peaks. I want you to tail Deadeye and his
cronies. When they make their move, cover the Mayor. And if you get Deadeye in
your sights, be his judge and jury!

At the start, you must catch up to Deadeye in 30 secs. Its pretty easy to make
it in time if you don't hit any traffic. After that tail Deadeye and the other
guy and eventually there will be a cutscene. Dont shoot at them before this or
it's mission failed. Accelerate up to the two cars and capture one. You can't
capture the car with Deadeye in it, but you can shoot it down to half health.
You should have a full justice bar at this stage. If you don't, it's probably
best to start again. The best way to fill it up is to ram deadeye and get a 4x
fatality on the other car. After the mayor is saved, chase Deadeye and
eventually it will have a cutscene showing him getting into the boat. Speed up
to him and start shooting. Usually GENTLE swerving is enough to get out of his
aim. Dont start swerving around wildly or you'll get to far behind him. You can
get shot about 6 times before you die, so don't worry to much about getting
hurt. When a boat comes, Capture it using justice shot, you want his weapon.
Capturing the boat should refill your justice bar again. Now just take aim at
Deadeye and rarely swerve, if at all. When you're health gets low, just press
triangle to heal yourself fully.

*The circle around your head is Deadeys aim. If the red dot is on your head,
the bar will start to fill up, 4 green bars and he shoots.
*Capture every boat that comes along for weaponry, using Justice shot if at all
*Remember to carry a full justice bar into the fight with Deadeye.
*You need to have about 6km remaining if you want an A grade.

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 3
Case 4: Witness Protection
*Escort the FBI boats safely to the city

The Feds are using the canal to move several key witnesses in the Capelli case
to a safe house in the city. Since the Don seems to have someone on the inside,
the Feds are expecting fireworks. Keep your eyes peeled for the Don's cronies.
Tose witnesses are worth their weight in gold!

You start with 15.2km to protect 3 police boats. You cant get to far in front
of the boats, so try and stay just behind the first boat. The first boats you
will encounter are at 13.55km. Capture both of them. Smooth sailing until about
10.25km, when two boats will approach from behind. Drop back and capture them,
the justice will help later. When you have full justice, take out the gunman
with justice shot and take out the driver normally. This will mean you will have
full justice for the next boat. At 7km, 2 boats will approach, one from behind
and one from in front. I like to take out the boat coming from the back first.
Same thing at 4km. At about 2.3km two boats will approach from behind. That's it
for the boat bit, so get ready for an on foot section. You will start behind
some metal bars. The tactic I use is to stand, take out one, crouch, and then
repeat that, staying down for a while if I need to regain some health. Use the
full heal if you need it, this is the last section so there is no use in saving
it. After you have taken out the enemies in front of you, move out from behind
cover. After you go forward a bit, there should be two more enemies near you.
Arrest one so you can keep his gun and kill the other. Then move to the next
area by walking between the building and a container. It should be easy to get
rid of the rest with the gun you took from the other guy. There isn't any time
limit anywhere in this mission, so unless you do something really weird you
should score 20,800 and an A.

*Dont slow down to much when trying to capture the boats coming from behind,
they will just speed past you. Keep a steady speed and they will come to you.
*On this mission, it's practice makes perfect. If you don't do it the first time
don't worry, you will get it eventually
*Don't forget that if you need a weapon, arrest somebody.

Time Trial Course:
*Interstate 77 - Route 2

*JME Otter IV

*First Witness

*Image Number 3
Case 5: Legal Eagle
*Destroy the Lawyer's entourage
*Capture his vehicle and gain entry to the mansion
*Clear the grounds for the SWAT team

Another Breakthrough. We've got clearance to raid Don Capelli's mansion for
evidence. Capelli's consiglieri is on his way there now. I hate bloodsucking
lawyer's but this one could prove useful. Intercept his entourage and force him
to let you into the grounds. We'll have a forensic crew collect all the
evidence we need to convict the Don!

I'm pretty sure this is the first time you will be using the helicopter's gun
in a mission. Keep in mind that in most games with this sort of thing the aim
is inverted, so that's what I recommend you use. You start with 5.7km to destroy
the lawyer's guards. The D-pad is a lot easier to use than the nub in this area.
If you've destroyed 2 cars by the time you enter the tunnel you are going very
well. After you have destroyed all the cars (except the lawyer's) you will get
dropped down onto the lawyer's car. Take out the driver and take control. This
part is very similar to the first Capelli mission. Just keep driving and
shooting anything that shoots at you. Hold onto the full justice bar you got
from the previous section until it is totally needed, wait until your car is on
fire if possible. When you reach 7km a timer will kick in. Use the shortcuts and
you should get there. After the cutscene you will have 1 minute (!!) to get rid
of 14 enemies. Dont run out into the middle like a maniac or you'll be dead
really quickly. Just kill the guys near you, arrest one and get his weapon.
take out all the people in the hedges to the left and right of you then move
forward. By this stage you should have another full justice bar so use it when 
you need it. The mission ends after you kill them all.

*Dont use the helicopters gun for to long without giving it a break, or else it
will overheat and you wont be able to shoot for a while.
*Shooting the lawyer wont end the mission unless his car is destroyed.
*When you are in the lawyers car, use all the shortcuts you can, especially the
one near the end. If you time it right, you will go through the shortcut and the
Capelli's will not.
*When you are clearing the landing area, don't run in like a madman, take you're

Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 3

*The Don's Delivery Service
Case 6: Don the Run
*Stop Don Capelli from escaping the city

Thanks to our raid on Don Capelli's mansion, the Feds have everything they need
to put the Boss away for good. But the Don ain't taking it lying down. Our
surveillance team spotted him gathering his remaining cronies flee the country.
We can't let that cockroach get away. Stop him before he's sippin' Chianti in

You start with 19.5km to chase down and get rid of the Don. I spent a lot of
time trying to figure out how to get an A, and the best way is to just ignore
every car before the Don. They will catch up to you when you get there. Your
bike is faster than their cars so it means you will get to the Don quicker,
leaving more time for you to take him out. Capture the last car before the
Don, you want the gun. Catch up to him and after the cutscene, get on the right
of the Don and shoot the two gunman. Shoot the Don as long as you can before
you need a new car or until he gets back in. Steal another of the cars following
you and draw level with the Don to avoid the minigun. Then repeat until he is
beaten. Doing this will unlock the Capelli's end movie.

*Dont bother with capturing all the cars before the Don, you will have no hope
of taking out the Don if you do.
*When the two gunmen pop out of the Don's car, get to one side so that only one
can attack you.
*Stay out of the way of the minigun by keeping side by side with the Don.
*Steal enemy cars only when you need to (When your current car is low on health
or when you run out of ammo)

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 7

*Zephyr ATS Law Enforcer
Warlords Missions [MISWAR]
Rogue mercenaries

Case 1: Toxic Convoy
*Capture all the Toxic Barrel Carriers

We've got trouble. Those military psychos, the Warlords, have stolen barrels 
of a toxic nerve agent from the Ronada Airforce Base. They're heading to
Corsair Bay where they plan to hold the town for ransom. Capture vehicles
carrying the nerve agent before they reach the coast road, but don't damage the
barrels. We don't want a public contamination!

You have 18km to track down and capture the 6 Toxic Barrel Carriers (That's
"Capture" not destroy). There's only one person in the first one, so it's very 
easy to capture. You should have captured the first one before you enter the
flood thing (you will know when you are there because a police helicopter will
fly over you) While you are in there, a truck will come down the side and try
to take you down. you can either capture it or destroy it, it doesn't matter. as
long as it has no orange arrow over it, it's safe to destroy. There isn't
any moment you will need to heal yourself, so use justice shot whenever you can
(if you don't know what that is, attempt the second Cappeli mission, it explains
it for you).

*You have to capture enemies with orange arrows over the top of them, you cant
destroy them
*You can destroy vehicles without an orange arrow.

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 2

*Jord 470 Police Cruiser
*Jord 450i
*SEMC Conquest

Case 2: Hardware Hijack
*Chase down the Warlords
*Don't let them escape with any hardware

There's trouble at the airport. The Warlords have hijacked military hardware
from a cargo plane and they're making off with it along Interstate 77. If we
let them get to the city, there'll be no stopping them. Destroy the hardware if

You start with 2.05 minutes to drive to the dock. The time limit is generous
and it isn't to hard to make it if you don't hit any traffic.After a bit a truck
will come up behind you. Capture it but don't slow down. Accelerate into the
tunnel. Eventually you will see two trucks. Capture them both. There are no
more trucks now so just get to the docks within the time limit.
There is now an on foot section. Dont worry about how long it takes as there 
is no time limit. DON'T use your justice bar just yet. Clear out all the
enemies (they're red dots on the map). You can arrest them if you want. You do
this by running up close to them and pressing R. You will get to keep their
weapon. After that run up to the dock to start the next part of the mission.
Your health will be completely refilled and the weapon you have will be
You have 10km to track down and destroy or capture 6 boats. When you reach the
first boat a chopper will start dropping bombs. This is where you start to use
the justice bar. Capture the boats using Justice Shot and move on. In between
capturing boats fire at the chopper (If you are aiming for an A you will need
to bring it down)

*Try hard not to hit to much traffic in the first section, it will make it hard
to get to the docks in the time limit.
*It doesn't matter how long you take to kill all the enemies in the on foot
*If you arrest an enemy, you keep their gun so when you're running low on ammo
arrest someone.
*Dont use your justice bar until the last section.
*If you are going for an A, you will need to bring down the chopper.

Time Trial Course:
*Interstate 77

*Zephyr AT Master

*Image Number 2
Case 3: Atomic Ambush
*Escort the nuclear transport safely to Ronada Airforce Base.

The Airforce is transporting a nuclear warhead to the Ronada base out in the
desert. Last night, Vulture Canyon bridge was sabotaged; evidence points to
the Warlords. The convoy is being forced to take a mountain pass to the base.
I want you there to provide cover. Stay Sharp!

You start with 9.5km to protect the nuclear warhead, and at least one of the
other escorts. At 8.3km the helicopter will be shot down and 2 trucks will
come out from the yellow and black barrier. This is where almost every enemy
in the mission comes out from so when you see a barrier get ready. Capture the
first one and the second one if the other escorts don't for you. If you want an
A you will have to capture both so be quick. One more at 6.4km. You should have
a full justice bar after you get rid of it. Next one will come from behind.
Dispose of him and catch up to the convoy again. Another one will come out from
the barrier at 4km and 1.8km. When you make it to the base you will be ambushed.
again (surprise). There is no time limit so don't take to many risks, slowly
working you're way down to the back of the base. After you have killed them all
you will jump in a car and the last section of this case will start. Just keep
shooting at the guy in the car, dodging the bombs the helicopter drops (If you
want an A, getting rid of that heli is a good idea, but you don't have to) and
capturing enemy trucks whenever you run out of ammo. I suggest not going for
an A the first time around, it will seem a lot easier when you try it the 
second time around.

*Get ready for more enemies when you pass a yellow and black barrier, that's 
usually where enemy trucks will come from.
*Do the on foot section slowly, you don't want to have to start again because
you ran in to quickly.
*Make sure you avoid the helicopters bombs, if you get stuck in them for a
while you will lose a LOT of health that will be hard to get back.

Time Trial Course:
*Vulture Canyon - Route 2

*Zephyr B-101 APC
*McDouglas LA-5 Alligator

*Image Number 8
*Image Number 7
Case 4: Velocity
*Quickly find and board the bus
*Save all the passengers

Things just went from bad to worse. We got a coded communication from the
Warlord leader, the General. He's rigged a civilian bus with a bomb. He'll
detonate it remotely unless we meet his demand! I don't know how to put this to
you except straight. He wants you on that bus. If not, he'll blow those
civilians sky high! We're out of options here kid. I'd trade places with you
if I could - well, maybe not.

This is my least favorite mission - it is way to hard for my liking. I almost
shouted for joy when I finally finished it. You are given 13km and 35 seconds
to catch up to the bus. Catching up to it and boarding it is the easy part. Get
on it move to the front and take control. After you have listened to all the
messages from the Warlord general and the commander and the jeep has come, move
close to it so the passengers can jump into it. The mission would be a lot
easier if there weren't so many civilians on the road. The trick to getting an A
is to constantly stay close to the jeep, and when there is a civilian in the
road stick to the rail, don't move from it until the civilian has passed. After
you have got all the people off the bus (it may take several attempts) drive to
the end of the stretch of road and watch the cutscene.

*When you are trying to get on the bus, you will have to come up really close
to the bus or else you wont jump.
*Dont let the bus move away from that jeep for to long or you wont have a
chance of finishing the mission.
*When avoiding a civilian, stay on the right rail until it has passed. Once I
started doing this I got an A easily.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 1

*SecMoto ERX450

*Deadeye's Duty
Case 5: Day of the Dam
*Stop the Warlords from destroying the dam

Yesterday, the Warlords demanded the State Governor release a number of their
men or suffer the consequences. Naturally the Governor refused, but the
Warlords are making good on their threat: boats armed with rocket launchers have
been spotted heading for Eagle Rock Hydroelectric Station. I'm sending you in
the chopper. Sink the boats or the whole state will be a paddling pool!

Not really much to explain here. 10.1km to destroy the 9 boats that are trying
to destroy the dam. You start in the helicopter, but after a while you will be
put down onto a boat. If you have destroyed 3 boats by then, it's hopeless, 4
is OK, 5 is great and 6 is amazing. When you have a full justice bar do the
usual, kill the gunman with justice shot and the driver normally, preserving
the justice bar for the next boat. Not to hard if you know how to use the
helicopter's gun properly.

*Destroy at least 4 boats before you are put down out of the helicopter.
*Some of the turns in the cave are pretty sharp, you will need to slow down
to get around them.

Time Trial Course:
*Vulture Canyon - Route 1

*Operation Eaglefire
Case 6: General's Revenge
*Destroy the General's boat at all costs

Today, Naval Commander Thompson will be addressing the Joint Chiefs of Staff
from the deck of the Battleship Excelsior in Capital City Bay. Intelligence has
intercepted an encrypted message saying the Warlord general is planning to sink
the ship. This would be a catastrophic blow to national security. Intercept the
Warlords and make sure that battleship stays above water!

Not to hard once you know how to avoid the Generals missiles. You have 10km to
catch up to him and take him and his ship down. Firstly, take out the two boats
guarding him, you can either capture them both or capture one and destroy the
other. Then speed up to the general and start shooting. Evading the mines is
easy enough, all you have to do is not stay behind the general. To evade the
grenades swerve from side to side and most of them will miss you. The hardest
part is the missiles, and the only way to avoid these AND to still be able to
shoot at the general is to stay beside him, right beside to him. Go to far 
back and the missiles will reach you, go to far forward and you cant shoot the
general. Steal every boat that comes along, you will want the health and the
weapon. It is very possible to complete this mission without healing at all,
I've done it several times.

*Mines - Dont stay behind the general's boat.
*Grenades - Swerve from side to side, they will fly right over the top of you.
*Missiles - Stay on the side of the general's boat, so close that you are
touching it.
*Use the justice bar if you need it, although it IS possible to finish this
mission without it.


Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 5

*VMV S8000

*Brief Holiday
Convict Missions [CONMIS]
Rampaging Escaped Criminals

Case 1: Ski Run Rampage
*Protect endangered civilians
*Stop the Convicts from escaping Snowstorm Peaks

Heads up, we have a serious problem. There's been a mass breakout from Fort
Asten High Security Prison. We can't let those convicts reach the state border.
Watch your back, these lowlifes have the worst rap sheets I've ever seen!

5km to the resort. Sounds easy until the timer kicks in. You will have about
1.20 minutes to travel 4km. I generally make it with about 10 seconds left.
Now you have 12km to protect 3 civilians. Its not the distance you have to
worry about but the health of the civilians. Capture the first and second ones.
At the third civilian, one car has more people in it than the other. Capture
the one with less first and your justice bar should be full. Then proceed to
take out the other vehicle with justice shot. After you have saved the
civilians you have to track down and destroy 4 convict vehicles. Most of them
have three people in them. If you can, take out the two in the back with
justice shot and kill the driver normally. This should leave you will a full
justice bar for the next one. Repeat until the other 3 and the mission is

*Again, it will be difficult to meet the time limit if you run into to many
*Dont run into or accidentally shoot the civilians you are trying to protect


Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 2


*Injured Balls
Case 2: Rapid Reaction
*Stop all the Convicts reaching the harbour

Code 3 emergency, hot shot! The Convicts are making a run for it along the city
canal towards the harbour. I'll bet your paycheck they have a cockamamie scheme
to ferry themselves out of state. Keep your wits about you. These cop killers
would rather take a dirt nap than do more time!

You have 10km to the harbour and 8 enemies to dispose of before then. Capture
the first 3 boats, capture the 4th with justice shot, capture the 5th, capture
the 6th with justice shot, capture the 7th with justice shot (or full heal) and
finally capture the 8th. Nice and easy.

*Use Justice shot to capture boats whenever you can, it will keep you from
losing to much health.
*Dont turn to fast, just use gentle turns
*If you cant get an A with the instructions above, try destroying the boats

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 4

*Kobayash Avenger 700
*"Wave Grinder"

*Big Wheels
Case 3: Wilde's Boys
*Don't allow the Convicts to reach Corsair Bay
*Ensure that Billy Wilde does not escape the state

Jumping Jehoshaphat! That lunatic Billy Wilde, the Convict lieutenant, is making
a run for the state border with his fellow escapees. Keep the citizens of
Corsair Bay safe while you take down this menace to society! This time he won't
get to plead insanity.

You start in a police sports car with 9km to destroy 6 cars. The biggest things
to remember are: Dont steal the first car, shoot it and destroy it. Steal the
second one. When you are going to capture a car, first drive past it and let it
catch up to you, this means the car will go faster when you are capturing it.
remember you DONT have to capture every one, it's easier to destroy the cars
if you have a shotgun. Follow these instructions and you should finish this
section with about 1.5km left. Then simply drive the rest of the way to the
next boss, Billy Wilde. Now you are in a helicopter again with about 9km of
road to take down Wilde. The cutscene will show him sitting on a car, then
getting into it. Shoot his car until he jumps onto a civilian one. Then shoot
him (it doesn't matter if you hit the car, there isn't a penalty) until he
jumps into theirs. Repeat. Dont worry to much about the cocktails he throws,
they should be destroyed by your shooting.

*Dont capture the first car
*Capture the second
*If you have a shotgun, don't capture the enemy cars just destroy them.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 4

*Jord 450i TX

*Billy's Big Boom!
Case 4: The Forger
*Capture the Convict Sports car
*Collect the Forger
*Return him to the safety of the City

Intelligence reports the Convicts are planning to flee the state using fake
documents. They've flown in a forger from the East coast and they're heading to
the airport to pick him up. Capture the convicts lead vehicle so you can pose
as one of them and pick up the forger. Once you bag him, return to the city
limits. But watch your back; the Convicts need him as badly as we do!

6km to capture the car. There will be two cars guarding it, so capture both of
them and then the sports car. Capturing all of them will give you a full
justice bar which is always handy. After that drive to the airport and pick
up the forger. You will now have 22km and 5:40 minutes to get the forger back
to the City. Not long in a bulletproof car will start to chase you, don't bother
shooting at it. At 19.5km an enemy car will attack. Destroy it. It is likely 
that one of the guys inside will jump onto your car, just target him and kill
him, or swerve and make him fall off. Many cars will attack you, motorbikes to,
so use your justice bar when needed. The Forger will randomly wake up and take
control of your car for a short time, not to much to worry about. The time
limit is generous, it's possible to finish with half a minute left.

*Capture the cars guarding the sports car before going for it.
*Use the justice bar only when you need it.
*Use brute force to get the justice bar up.

Time Trial Course:
*Interstate 77 - Route 5
Case 5: A Snitch in Time
*Ensure no Convicts reach their hideout
*Pick up the snitch
*Return to the safety of Corsair Bay P.D.

Finally some good news. One of the Convicts has offered to sell out the
location of the gang in exchange for police protection, hehe. Now for the bad
news - the morons at the local PD jumped the gun, they're already en reute!
The convicts have spotted them and are racing back to the hideout to warn the
rest. Take out the guards, then get that snitch to the safety of Corsair Bay.

10.2km to chase down the 3 cars. Dont capture ANY of them, it is much much
easier just to shoot them and destroy them instead. If you are going for an A,
don't let the cop kill that first convict car, you're going to need every point
you can get. When you finish that section there will be an on foot part. Slowly
work your way through the area, there is no time limit to worry about. Dont
arrest anyone, the enforcer is better than the shotgun and nailgun. When they
are all dead move towards the car to trigger the cutscene and start the next
section of the mission. This is like the first Capelli mission, in that you
have to escort someone and you cant change cars. There is another bulletproof
car here so look out for it. Just keep on the accelerator, using the justice
bar when needed and taking shortcuts when you can.

*Dont capture the 3 cars, it is a lot easier to just destroy them instead.
*If you are going for an A, don't let the cop destroy the car before you.
*Don't arrest anyone, the enforcer is a much better gun than the Shotgun and
*Dont bother shooting at the bulletproof car, it wont do anything.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 5

Case 6: Bus to the Border
*Don't let any of the Convicts escape the state
*Take Hardballs down

We have an emergency! "Hard Balls" is leading the Convicts on a run for the
border. If their convoy reaches state lines, we lose all hope of putting those
killers back behind bars! Get out there and stop them! But be careful - to
distract you those lunatics are likely to target civilians. We cannot afford to
lose innocent lives!

You are given 1 minute to travel 13km. Well, not quite. Its actually about 4km
you have to travel. When you reach the 9km mark a cutscene will start showing
you Hard Balls' truck. You will want to use brute force on the cars guarding
him to get some justice, then capture them both. Watch out for the metal ball
he throws at you, if it hits it will take away ALL your health. If that happens
and you have a full justice bar use it. If not, steal a civilian car. After
this convicts will start throwing bits of the bus at you. Shoot them as quick
as possible then he will jump out again, allowing you to shoot him. The time
limit is VERY tight,if you get to far behind it may be worth it to quit and

*When you are driving to find Hard Ball's, don't ram to many civilians or you
wont make it in time.
*Be careful of the metal ball Hard Ball's has, the first time he throws it it
will take away all your health it hits, after that it does less damage.
*Don't capture the convicts cars if possible, it takes up time and the weapons
you get aren't that great.
*Get rid of the convicts that throw parts of the bus quickly, it will make
things a lot easier.

Time Trial Course:
*Vulture Canyon - Route 4


*Clean Sweep

*Image Number 4
Vixens Missions [MISVIX]
Hi-tech female thieves

Case 1: Daylight Archaeology
*Protect the endangered police officers
*Recover all the artifacts

There's been a break-in at Asten Town museum. A number of Native American 
artifacts have been stolen and the Vixens are behind it! Snowstorm police units
are giving chase but they're outgunned and outnumbered. I'm sending you in!
Protect those officers! Once they're safe, retrieve the artifacts!

You have to protect the 3 police officers. Get to the first one and you will
see there is one 4WD attacking it. Capture it. Watch out, the driver will
swerve after you kill the gunman. The second cop car has 2 bikes and a car
following it. The best method is to take out the car first (It does the most
damage) then the bikes, as it's easy to weave through the traffic with them
and they are faster. The 3rd car has a 4WD and a car after him. Take them
out in either order, it doesn't matter. Then accelerate to where the boats are
and jump across (don't make the same mistake I did and shoot them, you wont
have a chance). Capture them both before the end of the line. After this you
will have 8km to track down and collect 6 boats. As usual, take out the gunmen
with justice shot and kill the driver normally. You should get rid of them
with a fair amount of space left.

*Take out the cars before the bikes, the bikes are much quicker and easier
to drive through traffic.
*To jump across onto the boats you will need to be right up against the rail.
*Take out the boats gunmen with justice shot and the drivers normally.

Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 4

*VMV Landraider Sport
Case 2: A Test of Metal
*Retrieve all of the precious alloys

Those femme fatales have stolen a shipment of priceless alloys from the Ronada
Atomic Lab. They are making their getaway by boat. Normally, I wouldn't put
lives on the line for some lumps of metal, but in your case I'll make an
exception. Whatever you do, don't sink the boats!

10.8km to collect 8 boats. Most of the boats you have to capture have guards
too, so either capture them or just destroy them. Again, use justice shot on
the gunman but not the driver. Only use your justice bar to heal if you are
close to dead and there are boats close, because there is usually enough time
between groups of boats to regain health. About halfway through a chopper
will start to attack you, only worry about it if you are attempting to get an A

*Don't use your justice bar for a full heal unless it is totally needed, a full
justice bar will help you take out the other boats a lot easier.
*The chopper doesn't do much damage, only worry about it if you are trying to
get an A.

Time Trial Course:
*Vulture Canyon - Route 3

*KMT Waveskimmer

*Image Number 11
Case 3: Fox Hunt
*Hold off the Vixen attack until the Fox appears
*Eliminate the Fox

Get ready for another one of my brilliant plans. The Vixens have been
terrorizing this city long enough, so we're going on the offensive and setting
a trap! Even better, you're the bait! Here's the deal. The Vixens have been
tipped off about a truckload of supercomputers heading for the city. In
reality, the truck will be empty, and you'll be driving it. Hopefully we can
lure the Fox out of her hole. Wait for your chance, then give those ladies

You start with 20.4km to the border. Just keep driving and at the 19.2km mark
the Vixens will start to come after you. Shoot the cars and destroy them. When
a Vixen jumps onto the back of the truck, keep swerving from left to right
until she falls and grabs onto the edge of your truck. Keep swerving and
eventually she will fall off. Don't let her get to the front of the truck or
it's the end of the mission. More attack at the 17.4km mark. At 15km the Fox
will come out. Ditch the truck for one of the Vixens cars. Steal the two cars
protecting her as well and start shooting. At 10.2km some more vixens will
come. Steal their car for the weapon and health. At this point she will jump
into a helicopter and start dropping bombs. Watch out for them, even driving
through the fire it leaves will do damage. When the helicopter turns to reload
you start shooting. More cars will continue to come until the mission is over.
Capture them when you need health or a new weapon, but don't capture one when
there is a chance to shoot the Fox.

*You have to swerve very wide if you want to get the Vixen of your truck,
swerving gently doesn't cut it.
*The more health you can take off the Fox before she gets in the helicopter
the better, it's a lot harder and slower to damage her when she is in the
*Don't capture a car if the Fox is there to be shot, if you miss a chance to
shoot her you will have to wait until after she is finished dropping the
bombs again.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 3

*Big Mouth
Case 4: Babes, Boats and Bullets
*Chase down and recover every stolen boat

Gear up! The Vixens are raiding the marina at Corsair Bay! Eyewitness reports
say they're stealing high-class, luxury boats. Head to the Marina and recover
those boats before the gang get to the safety of Snowstorm Peaks! Don't get
cocky cuz they're chicks - the Vixens can put you in a world of pain!

14km to track down and capture the 7 boats. Wondering why you're on land?
because the first boats are in trucks. The first truck has the driver and a
gunmen, the second the driver, a gunmen and another gunmen on top of the cab,
and the third the driver, a gunmen, and two more gunmen on the cab. I suggest
capturing all the cars that are guarding these trucks as well. After you have
captured all the boats, catch up to the boats, get right to the edge of the
rail and jump across. Now it is just a simple matter of capturing the last

*You WILL need to use justice heal in capturing the last truck, unless you can
shoot the Vixens off the truck before jumping onto it (Which I have never
*You need to be really close to the rail to be able to jump across to the
boats, so close that sparks should be flying off the rail.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 2
Case 5: Girl's Best Friend
*Recover all the Diamonds

Damn those Vixens! They've just stolen the world-famous Gibraltar Diamonds
from Central Museum and are making their escape! The Gibraltar Diamonds are the
most valuable stones in the world and the Vixens are planning on selling them
to fund their criminal activities! I was hoping to mobilize local patrols but
unfortunately you're the closest unit I have! Those diamonds are priceless
national treasures. Get them back at all costs!

17 km to collect the 9 diamonds, all in separate cars. This mission is pretty
easy, just because you have so much time to get them all. It only starts to
get difficult when you try to get an A. Two motorbikes will attack you at the
second corner, so steal them both. I don't bother to use the shortcuts, if you
run into anything in there you may as well restart. Just keep capturing every
Vixen car you see, taking a break if you are running low on health. Don't worry
about getting to far behind, there is a lot of road to make it up on.

*Watch out for the taxi at the first turn, it always seems to get in the way.
*Don't take the shortcuts unless you know them well.
*Capture most if not all of the Vixens cars you see, it will help you on the
way to an A.

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 1

*SecMoto XSR

*Blood Red Carpet
Case 6: Whiplash
*Eliminate Whiplash as she escapes from the crime scene

King Tut's solid gold death mask is on exhibit at the Snowstorm Museum. The
Vixens are planning on stealing this priceless treasure in broad daylight so
they can sell it on the black market. The good news is Whiplash, their leader,
is going to be there. I want you to take her down! One more thing - Intel says
the Vixens may be in possession of a prototype electromagnetic weapon, so be
prepared for a fight!

13km and you have to catch up to Whiplash first. She isn't very far away, so
catch up to her quickly. That new weapon is a gun that shoots something that
disables your car for a while. It's not that bad, and the citizens seem to get
in the way of it all the time, which helps. The only way you can hurt whiplash
at this stage is by destroying the car she is on. When the car reaches zero
health, it will catch on fire and stay that way until Whiplash jumps onto
another Vixens car, then blow up. The trick to doing the biggest amount of
damage is this: When you destroy the car she is on, capture EVERY vixen car
that you come across, so that Whiplash can't jump onto it. This means that
Whiplash wont be able to jump onto it, and every moment she is standing on
that burning car she loses health. Keep doing this until she jumps into a
helicopter. Now it is just like the other Vixens boss, except this boss shoots
rockets. Dodge the rockets and when she turns to drop grenades shoot her.
Repeat this until she dies and enjoy watching the Vixens end cinematic.

*Destroy the car Whiplash is standing on.
*When a new Vixen car comes up to save Whiplash, capture it, don't let
Whiplash get it or you will have to destroy that car too.
*At first the helicopter shoots rockets that you will have to dodge. The only
time that you can shoot at Whiplash is when she turns to shoot grenades.

Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 6

*Emerson V12 GT
Killer 66 missions [MISKIL]
Deadly vehicle smugglers

Case 1: Guardian
*Locate Porscha
*Eliminate any Killer 66 encountered
*Rendezvous with the police escort

Our friend the Mayor has family troubles. His "charming" daughter, Porscha,
has been kidnapped by the Killer 66 and it's up to us to get the little brat
back. If I was the mayor I would have buried her in the desert, but I guess
he's got a family image to uphold... Take the chopper and find her. Make sure
you bring her back in one piece or the Mayor will have us scrubbing toilets!

No distance limit here, all you have to do is destroy the 9 cars guarding the
kidnappers. Not hard at all, just try to avoid shooting citizens and destroy
the slow moving rockets they fire by shooting them. After destroying the
cars, you will start to circle the landing zone. Dont worry if you can't kill
any of them, they are a bit hard to hit. You will then be dropped down behind
a parked car. Take out the enemies near you, arresting one or two if you want
their gun. I used to play this mission over and over again trying to get an
A, but I never could. Then I found out. You don't have to kill every enemy
before you take off with the girl. If you want an A, scout the WHOLE area
before you leave. This will give you a lot more points. Try and hold onto a
full justice bar, you will want it for the next section. After you have
killed everyone and walked up to the car the next section starts. This is the
same as a lot of missions: escort the girl back to safety (no changing cars).
This means the justice bar is very useful. Another bulletproof car will be
after you. There is a time limit on this section to, so don't take to long.

*Don't shoot civilians, your score will suffer.
*Don't worry about not hitting many enemies from the chopper, they are pretty
hard to hit.
*If you are going for an A, scout the ENTIRE on foot area before advancing,
if you aren't going for an A don't worry about it.
*Use the civilians as barricades for the last section.

*Double Damage

Time Trial Course:
*Interstate 77 - Route 6

*Ryoku Katana R
Case 2: The Big Game
*Get to the Stadium
*Recover all the money
*Ensure no Killer 66 escape

Greetings sports fans. Today, from the Capital City Arena, we have the Killer
66 going head to head with Pursuit Force. OK. Heads up, pretty boy - this is
your big chance. The 66 are planning to hijack millions of dollars from the
stadium as they are transported to the airport! Get to the stadium and stop the
Killer 66!

You have to cover the 7.8km to the stadium in 1:50 minutes. The road at the
start has a lot of turns so handle them with care. The time limit isn't tight
so you should make it. You are then dropped in the middle of a building, so
run and hide behind something then just start picking them off. No time limit,
so if you're low on health just stay put for a while, don't waste your justice
bar. How it is raining INSIDE the building, nobody knows. After you have got
rid of all of them, run the the car (the green dot on the map) to start the
next section. In this part you will have 8.8km to collect the 3 trucks. The
trucks handing is terrible so if you can't control it steal a Killer 66 car
or a civilian car if you must. After you capture the last truck, drive to the
end the area. You will now be in a helicopter and you will need to destroy
7 more Killer 66 cars. This is harder than it seems because the helicopter is
always moving around so you have to change your aim all the time. you should
still take them out in time.

*When you are on the motorbike go around the turns carefully.
*If you can't control the trucks properly, steal a killer 66 or civilian car

Time Trial Course:
*Capital City - Route 6

*KMT Dual-Hull Pursuit Special

Case 3: Synthetic Science
*Tail Sudeko to the secret lab
*Neutralise any Killer 66 you find there
*Then eliminate Sudeko

Intelligence reports that the Killer 66 is developing a new synthetic super-
drug. The drug delivers quicker reactions and a high pain threshold. If the
Killer 66 succeed, the will be unstoppable. Sudeko, the Killer 66 lieutenant,
will be picking up the first batch from a secret lab somewhere in Snowstorm
Peaks. The exact location is unknown, so I want you to tail Sudeko until you
find it, then eliminate him!

You have 30 seconds to catch up to Sudeko. This is easy enough, so catch up to
him and don't get to close or to far away. Its a fairly long way to the lab,
so don't crash into to many cars. There is now an on foot section in which
you have 1:30 minutes to kill the 15 guards. Be quick, but don't be stupid.
Now comes a boss. Dodge the grenades he throws by drawing level with him. You
can't go through the explosions they leave or it will hurt you. he will also
spray a gas every now and again that will reverse your steering if you run
into it. You will need to shoot him almost constantly or you wont make it.
Steal any killer 66 car that you can to get health and a weapon.

*Dont get to close to Sudeko when you are trailing him, you will have only 5
seconds to move out of his sight.
*Don't do anything stupid in the on foot section. It does have a time limit,
but it isn't to tight so don't worry to much.
*Dont run through the flames the grenades leave, the fire will hurt you to.
*Steal any Killer 66 car you can.

Time Trial Course:
*Snowstorm Peaks - Route 5

Case 4: Pursuit Plunder
*Destroy the Killer 66 escort and capture the lead car
*Eliminate the Killer 66 guards in the base
*Return the Super Pursuit Car to the City.

The Super Pursuit Car was stolen by the Killer 66! But thanks to my amazing
foresight, it was fitted with a hidden tracking device. We've just located it
in an abandoned research base in Vulture Canyon. The word is the Killer 66 are
en route to the base. It's heavily guarded, so your best bet is to jack one of
the Killer 66 cars and use it to sneak in. Once you're inside, find the Super
Pursuit Car and get the heck outta Dodge!

You have 5.9km to capture the lead car and get to the Killer 66 base, but the
lead car isn't the only one you will have to worry about. There will be another
two cars you can either capture or destroy. Either way, it is better to deal
with them before capturing the lead car. After the cutscene, quickly run behind
the car before they can do to much damage. Slowly work your way around the base
killing all the Killer 66, then move to the green dot on the map. Now you are
onto another section where you can't change vehicle, you have a bulletproof
car following you and there is a time limit. use the same tactics as usual.

*Deal with the 2 Killer 66 cars before stealing the lead vehicle.
*Go through the on foot section slowly, preserving your Justice bar.

Time Trial Course:
*Vulture Canyon - Route 5

*Zephyr AT Standard

*Dust Trail

*Image Number 4
Case 5: Risky Business
*Make sure no drugs make it to Capital City

Alright, kid. This is serious! We've been tipped off that a big drug deal is
going down at a logging facility near the coast. Those Killer 66 Dirtbags are
the biggest dealers in the state. They sell to everyone from movie stars to
school kids. I want you to retrieve that contraband before it finds it's way
to the city! I'm sending a chopper to back you up, until then you're on you're

The first part is on foot so do the usual thing and slowly move through killing
or arresting the Killer 66. When you kill them all the helicopter will pick you
up. Take out as many cars as you can, destroying the rockets they shoot. When
you see a boat, destroy it. There are 2 in this section and you will want them
both to be destroyed. Take a full justice bar into the next section if you can,
it will help a lot. Don't change cars if possible, because that weird looking
cop shoots at enemy cars to.

*I'll say it again: go through the on foot section slowly, there is no time
limit so take your time.
*Destroy both the boats.
*You will want to have destroyed at least 4-5 cars when you are dropped down
out of the helicopter.
**DON'T* try and capture every car, it is way easier to destroy them when you
have the opportunity.

Time Trial Course:
*Sunset Falls - Route 6

*McDouglas Police Custom

*Love is in the Fair
Case 6: Monster Toshima
*Protect the transports
*Eliminate Monster Toshima

According to intel, several transports are on their way to Presidential Airport
carrying prototype super-sports cars, and "Monster" Toshima, the head kimono
for the Killer 66, is gonna try to hijack them. I need you to protect those
transports, but most importantly, we need to get that animal off the streets!
I wont lie to you, kid. Toshima's playing for keeps. Only one of you will make
it off that road alive!

This boss was a bit of a disappointment, he is very easy. You start with 7.4km
to protect the transports. The first transport will have 2 cars after it, so
quickly destroy the one nearest to you. The second one hides behind the truck
so kill every Killer 66 who jumps onto the transport, then when the car drops
back destroy it. The second and last truck has 2 cars and two motorbikes after
it so destroy the car and bike closest to you. Then do the same as last time:
Kill every Killer 66 that jumps onto the truck then destroy the car when it
drops back. After you have protected the second truck you will face Monster
Toshima. Catch up to him and after the cutscene start shooting him. That
flamethrower will always hit you unless you're out of range, which isn't a
good idea. Just shoot as fast as possible and keep swerving from left to
right, this will mean that you will put the flames on your car out. When
he reaches about 65-70% health a Killer 66 car will pop out the back. Steal
this and continue shooting and swerving. Keep the justice bar as full as
possible, you will need it as some point.

*At the first truck, destroy the car closest to you
*At the second truck, destroy the car and bike closest to you.
*When Monster Toshima has the Flamethrower on you, keep swerving. This will
put out the flames.
*Keep the justice bar as full as possible. You should have a full justice
bar after the first section.
# Ranks [RANKSZ]#

As you progress through the game you will get a higher rank. In this section I
have the ranks, what missions you need to complete to advance to the next and
what reward you get. Note that upgrades are only used on the rank you received
it and higher. For example you wont be able to use the captain mission upgrade
on missions that needed the sergeant rank.

This is the rank you start the game on, no upgrades to be had here.
This is the first upgrade a player will receive. The reward you get is 
"Recovery". This means that if you stand still, after a while you will slowly
start to regain lost health. This is the same in a vehicle, except you can
drive and it will still kick in
This is the second upgrade a player will receive. The reward you get is
"Increased Agility". Improved agility I guess. I've been playing with this
upgrade for some time but it doesn't make that much of a difference in my
This is the third upgrade a player will receive. The reward you get is
"Enforcer". The enforcer is a weapon upgrade (It had to happen), and quite a
good upgrade it is. In my experience it is better than the nail gun and shotgun
It can dispose of most enemies in 18 shots (3 presses of R).
Im pretty sure that the reward you get at this level is "Reflective Armour",
which means you take less damage when you are shot. I might have these out of
order, if anyone could clear that up for me it would be great.
The last rank a player can achieve is commander. The upgrade is "Raptor 
Cooling System" which means you can shoot the helicopters gun longer without
it overheating. It also cools down quicker.

Capelli Family
Rat Race:               Officer
Cold Contract:          Officer
Line of Fire:           Sergeant
Witness Protection:     Sergeant
Legal Eagle:            Lieutenant
Don the Run:            Lieutenant

Toxic Convoy:           Officer
Hardware Hijack:        Sergeant
Atomic Ambush:          Sergeant
Velocity:               Lieutenant
Day of the Dam:         Lieutenant
Generals Revenge:       Captain

Ski Run Rampage:        Sergeant
Rapid Reaction:         Sergeant
Wilde's Boys:           Lieutenant
The Forger:             Lieutenant
A Snitch in Time:       Captain
Bus to the Border:      Captain

Daylight Archeoligy:    Lieutenant
A Test of Metal:        Lieutenant
Fox Hunt:               Captain
Babes, Boats & Bullets: Captain
Girl's Best Friend:     Major
Whiplash:               Major

Killer 66
Guardian:               Captain
The Big Game:           Captain
Synthetic Science:      Major
Pursuit Plunder:        Major
Risky Buisness:         Major
Monster Tushima:        Commander

# Secrets [SECRET]#
*The normal game background is blue, when cheats are on it turns yellow, and
when the game has been completed it turns red.

# Glitches [GLITCH]#
*There is a way to get through the yellow and black barriers. Drive up to one
and stop. When a car comes, drive in front of it and it will push you through
the barrier and onto the other side. You can drive through buildings, but as
soon as you get onto the road again it goes back to normal.
*Approach a wall at a 40 degree angle as fast as you can and your car will flip
up onto two wheels. Moving away from the wall puts the car back down on two
*In most on foot sections for the Killer 66, there are storage containers (big
metal boxes). Where two containers are side by side, it is possible to walk
into the small gap between them and walk around in the containers. In the
containers you cant be shot, so it is a good place to regain some health
without having to worry about getting hurt.
*In the mission "hardware hijack" as soon as you enter the second section (on
foot), run to the where the building and the stacked wooden racks meet. You
will enter the building and you can now shoot enemies without them be able to
shoot you. You can also walk out the back wall and explore the map.

# High Scores [HIGHSC]#
These are my high scores, just for reference. Thanks goes to TheWhite for
giving me permission to include this in my guide.

Capelli Missions
Rat Race:                  9,165        A
Cold Contract:             9,922        A
Line of Fire:              15,852       A
Witness Protection:        20,800       A
Legal Eagle:               27,728       A
Don the Run:               26,248       A

Warlords Missions
Toxic Concoy:              26,684       A
Hardware Hijack:           19,384       A
Atomic Ambush:             28,592       A
Velocity:                  3,740        A
Day of the Dam:            13,264       A
Generals Revenge:          10,742       A

Convicts Missions
Ski Run Rampage:           14,215       A
Rapid Reaction:            16,176       A
Wilde's Boys:              24,850       A
The Forger:                19,361       A
A Snitch in Time:          25,300       A
Bus to the Border:         11,242       A

Vixens Missions
Daylight Archaeology:      18,666       A
A Test of Metal:           18,832       A
Fox Hunt:                  15,544       A
Babes, Boats and Bullets:  16,026       A
Girl's Best Friend:        29,442       A
Whiplash:                  16,042       B

Killer 66 Missions
Guardian:                  36,400       A
The Big Game:              39,473       B
Synthetic Science:         13,778       B
Pursuit Plunder:           28,835       A
Risky Buisness:            65,088       A
Monster Toshima;           18,290       A

Quarantine:                3:57:14      Gold
First Witness:             3:18:26      Gold
Injured Balls:             3:18:36      Gold
Deadeye's Duty:            3:02:91      Gold
Billy's Big Boom!:         2:56:74      Gold
The Dons Delivery Service: 2:04:15      Gold
Operation Eaglefire:       2:55:14      Gold
Brief Holiday:             2:15:96      Gold
Wheelman:                  2:50:33      Gold
Big Mouth:                 4:55:09      Gold
Clean Sweep:               3:06:18      Gold
Blood Red Carpet:          3:02:55      Gold
Love is in the Fair:       3:05:62      Gold
Dust Trail:                3:47:70      Gold
Antidote:                  3:22:11      Gold

I wont put in a high scores list for time trial unless someone asks for it.

# Cheats [CHEATS]#
The way cheats are handled in this game is different to most, in that it gives
you cheats for completing missions. When you first enable a cheat it will tell
you that you cant actually save high scores for missions, time trials and races
and you wont get any rewards. Turning the cheat off will put it back to normal,
of course.
Here are the cheats I know of at the moment:
*Double Damage: Obvious
*Invincibility: Again, Obvious
*Speed: Increases character movements speed
*Law Lord: Full justice bar at all times
*Detonator: When you run into a civilian car it explodes
*Brute: Double justice from brute force
*Reoffender: Double loss on all negative justice
*Poisoned: Blurry vision
*Big Wheels: Wheels and Proppelers double size
*Wild Water: Water is always choppy
*Sticky Feet: Cant get thrown of vehicles
*Open Road: No civilian traffic
*Laser Law: All police weapons shoot blue lasers, others shoot red lasers
*Iron Man: Half Health

UPDATE: I have received about 20 emails asking me about how to enter cheats
in the cheat section. YOU CANT. First you have to unlock them by finishing
certain missions with an A, then you can go to the cheats menu and turn
the cheats you want on or off.

# Weapons [WEAPON]#
I couldn't think of a good way to explain everything I wanted to say, so if
anyone has a better way please e-mail me. Bars of damage is how much health
one press of R will take away from your enemy. Shots per press is how much
ammo one press of R will use up.
Name: Defender
Bars of Damage: 1
Ammo: 18
Shots per Press: 1

Name: Enforcer
BOD: 5
Ammo: 30
SPP: 6

Name: Revolver
BOD: 6
Ammo: 12
SPP: 1

Name: Equalizer
BOD: 2
Ammo: 60
SPP: 2

Name: Shotgun
BOD: 6-7
Ammo: 8
SPP: 1

Name: APG5
BOD: 2
Ammo: 60
SPP: 1

Name: Sawnoff
BOD: 6
Ammo: 8
SPP: 1

Name: Nail Hammer
BOD: 2
Ammo: 8
SPP: 1

Name: Chainpistol
BOD: 2
Ammo: 60
SPP: 2

Name: Ceramic
BOD:  3
Ammo: 24
SPP: 1

Name: Punisher
BOD: 6
Ammo: 16
SPP: 1

Name: SP67
BOD: 3
Ammo: 60
SPP: 2

# Frequently Asked Questions #
Here is a list of some questions I have recieved via email, and my answers.

What missions unlock what cheats?

I didn't think to record down where I unlocked cheats from, so I don't
actually know.

If you want to complete the game in 100% do you have to complete every
mission on A?

Will you unlock more stuff (cars, bikes boats) if you pass a mission on A
rather than C?

Yes, There is a reward for A,B and C, if you get a C you will get one
reward, if you get an A you will get 3. If you get an A after getting a C,
for example, you will get a further 2 rewards.
Can you send me your save file please?

No, I don't want my save file all over the internet.
how to change between Defender and Enforcer gun I just want to use

You can't choose, what gun you get depends on the mission you are doing.


# Contact Me [CONTAC] #

If you think I've forgotten to put something in, have a question, a suggestion
or if you think something isn't the way it should be, send me an e-mail at
[email protected]
Put Pursuit Force as the subject so my filter can pick it up.
If you want to use my guide on your site, send me an e-mail and I'll probably
give you permission

# Version History [VERSIO]#

Version 0.20
3 Capelli Missions
2 Warlords Missions
2 Convicts Missions
Cheats, Glitches, Secrets, Ranks

Version 0.21
Added to permission list
fixed small error in ASCII art

Version 0.35
Finished all Capelli Missions
Added 2 Warlords missions
Changed ASCII art
Added my high scores (Thanks TheWhite)
Added 3 sites to permission list

Version 0.90
Finished all Warlords missions
Finished all Convicts missions
Finished all Vixens missions
Finished all Killer 66 missions
Added Weapons list
Updated my "General's Revenge" High Score
Updated my "Daylight Archaeology" High Score
Updated my "A Test of Metal" High Score
Updated my "Synthetic Science" High Score

Version 0.95
Added more detail for the missions "Velocity" and "Risky Buisness"
Updated my High Scores again
Added cheats
Started again to record rewards for all missions
Fixed a lot of spelling errors
Updated Race info
Finished Ranks
My current game progress - 97%

Version 1.01
Fixed spelling errors
Changed permissions
Added info about cheats

Version 1.10
Fixed many many spelling errors
Added FAQ section

Looks like this will probably be it. See anything you can add to the guide 
and I will add it in and give you credit.
# Legal [BORING] #
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

                    Copyright 2006 Benjamin Jackson