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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom


Rathalos guide my way

by wazzaa


0.1-bit about me

0.2-bit about rathalos

0.3-what I used
0.31-my sword creation

0.4-how to slay (using great sword)

0.5-but I can’t kill him

0.6-guide for gunners

0.7-what can I make from it?

0.7-contact me

0.8-other wyverns

0.9-stuck on 1 or 2 *?

1.0-legal stuff

Hey everyone, my names Joe Davies been playing mh for a while now, ive given up a few times coz I got stuck but now I got back into it =D. just beaten the rathalos on the urgent mission now im writing this guide to help others out on there way to 4*! Anyway enough of this boring stuff…

The rathalos…
A very powerful wyvern considered how early on in the game you encounter it.
I don’t really know much about his history or anything but I can see for beginner hunters he can be a real challenge but he does give a great fight.
The time when I first beat him I was so happy I had never beaten a big wyvern before only yian kut-ku
And gypceros I had tried garuga but got whooped?.
The rathalos does have venomous claws which many of you maybe be dreading but DON’T!
When I fought him the first time I didn’t get poisoned once; I stood under him and he walked on me, he charged on me and landed on me from sky and no poison .

Not much to be honest just these really:
Take the map
Take the whetstone
First-aid meds a must
Paint balls
Flash bombs (bring 3 or 4 just do formidable volocidrome and keep them from the quest) 
Smoke bombs
10 potions (used 6)
 So you’re probably wondering what weapon I used? Here it is… and how you make it

0.31-WEPON CREATION OF: great serpentblade
 6 volocidrome claws (I think)
2 med monster bones 
1 light crystal
Im not sure if this is true but its what I can remember

                Bone Blade 
                Bone Blade+ 
                     |------Vile Serpentblade-------------|
                     |              |                     |
                   Agito    Great Serpentblade   SlvrfangSerpentblade
                     |              |                     |
                  Agito+    Greater SerpentBlade  Golden Serpentblade

If you have a greater or golden serpentblade then great! No problems but if not use the great serpent blade. If you are finding it hard getting a lightcrystal get 10 med monster bones and make a slvrfangserpentblade.
Great sword style.
Ok if this is your first attempt on the quest then got to area three and you will see a cut scene of him landing; get his attention then flash bomb him right in the eyes and wallop his tail if your lucky you might be able to hack it off, If you do manage to you can carve it and also you will get more reward at the end,  when he re-gains sight and is not stunned any more flash bomb him again keep repeating this until all of your  bombs are out at this point you should either have his tail off or injured him quite a lot
Don’t worry about dieing once or twice I died twice when I first killed him just make sure it’s not 3.once your flash bombs are gone keep running round him in large circles
Until he charges once he’s charging follow his tracks and take your chances while he’s down using the “circle, triangle+circle, circle, triangle+circle” combo and make sure if your blade blunts sharpen it if necessary run out the area and quickly sharpen.
You can run underneath him when he’s shooting a fireball to get some hits, if you get him down get him straight in the head with the combo, when he’s weak he will start to limp away then fly off to his nest go there and if he’s sleeping get a triangle + circle hit first as its most powerful then just keep repeating the tack tic until you have won!
YAY! ?

Well there are a few reasons why people find it harder than others
Mainly due to the weapon and the experience of the person on the game
It can be highly also down to the defence and the defensive on the attributes 
The higher defence the better but keep your eye on fire damage it’s his main strength
So say you had armour with 14 defence and -4 fire it would be better to bring armour with
10 defence and +2 fire so make sure your fire is more positive than defence but of course don’t take something with 1 defence like leather and also make sure your weapon if your not using the one I used
Has over 600 attack power and green sharpness or very high yellow.

Now for gunners it can be extremely easy or extremely hard depends if you are an experienced hunter with a gun (unlike me) take a heavy bowgun and any ammo you wont but make sure you include wyvern fangs and huskberry’s these can be combined to make strong explosive bullets there can only be a few at a time so make sure you bring the combinable items when you start go to area 3 again flash bomb him then make some distance it does not matter where you shoot him because it will explode all over his body if the bomb’s effect wears off then flash him again if you run out climb a ledge and shoot him just watch out for fire balls keep this up and you win!

0.71	Armour
Blade master
Rathalos helm-none
Rathalos body-def 17 fire res 2 thunder res 2 water res 1 dragon res -4
Rathalos gauntlets-same as above
Rathalos tassel-same as above
Rathalos greaves-same again
Body-def  9 fire res 4 thunder res 5 water res 2 dragon res -2

None known for me at this time
If you wish to hear information on either of these wyverns yian kut-ku, gypceros and of course rathalos
Email me at : [email protected] but put the subject as: rathalos guide “then the name of the wyvern” help
|0.9-STUCK ON 1 OR 2 *?|

An easy way is to start again…
Because its not very far in the game just start again and state “your not a beginner” when it ask’s it will mean you don’t have to complete 1* or 2* fully to advance

This guide is not to be permitted to any other site without my permission if you wish to gain this site email me with the subject as “I use the rathalos guide” to [email protected]
This guide is copyrighted by aw and if touched the stealer may be fined a charge of up to £5000
Or $5000
© ®
Thanks for reading