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Follow the dark path or use the light
Monster Hunter Freedom Pack Shot

Monster Hunter Freedom


Monster Killing and Skills Guide

by MrHartgrave

                            Mr_Hartgrave presents
                 How to kill monsters and look cool doing it!
         		   (!Now with more CATS!)
             Added to and Edited by Space Avocado (NOW MY WIFE!)  
Version:  1.7
Author:   Mr.Hartgrave
Platform: Sony PSP

1)  Introduction 
2)  How to kill (Monster Database)
3)  Looking cool (Fashion Corner)
5)  Training, why waste time?
6)  Everybody Loves Treasure!
7)  Got something to add? 
8)  Stupid Statements/Questions
9)  Good Questions/Statements
10) ????????Secretsandstuff???????????
1) Introduction 

  Hi I'm Frances, I'm a 27 year old married man who has(with his wife),
invested over 600 hours of Monster Hunter game time and over 200 hours 
of MHF time. I'd like to help you, the beginner or the pro, 
get further into this great game made by capcom. 
This guide is for those who just got the game and want to know 
everything I know. 

  Also, I've got a few e-mails about how "rude" my guide may be. I'm
truly sorry to those who lack a sense of humour. This guide is "tounge in
cheek" and "sarcastic", if you can't handle it, or think you can do better.
Please write your OWN guide. I simply noticed a lack of good information 
on this wonderful game, and wanted to give back a little of what I now know. 
All in all and to each their own, if my guide helps you, 
GOOD, that is my intention. :) 
  P.S. Before you complain about something in my guide to a board moderator
please send me a e-mail and tell me. If there is something I have wrong or
you think I should add please let me know. I'll update this guide everyday
if I get alot of input, please help me make this guide better from the
amount of e-mails I get everyday I'm lead to belive that it helps alot
of people...

[email protected]
2)  How to Kill (Monster Database)
Okay, here’s the Monster Database. I'm gonna break down how I kill these 
things and maybe a bit here and there otherwise... 
No. 1 
Name: Mosswine 
Wild pigs covered in moss and fungus. Sometimes you will even find mushrooms
growing on them. Their meat is known as a delicacy. Though normally docile, 
they will charge you if angered! 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill : sneeze 
What there good for: They sniff out special mushrooms...follow
where they sniff. Then kill them for more mushrooms ;-)  
No. 2 
Name: Bullfango 
A large wild boar. Foul tempered, they will charge hunters on sight. They  
are aggressive and powerful, so beware! They are often hunted for their  
meat, which many hunters find delicious. 
Number of carves: 1 
How to Kill: FAST!  Wait until they’ve just finished charging, then get to 
the side or back of them and whack at them until either they die or their 
buddies come after you.  Get out of the way if you see them coming toward 
you because once they get you rolling around the screen,it’s hard to get up. 
What there good for: To annoy you and make you throw your controller and 
curse capcom for inventing them! 
No. 3 
Name: Kelbi 
A herbivorous, deer-like monster. Valued for their horns, they tend to 
run away at the first hint of danger. They are also hunted for their meat, 
which is chewy but flavorful. 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: Breathe Hard 
What there good for: Horns, combine them with Immunizer for 
Ancient Potions,they refill your health and stamina to full. 
No. 4 
Name: Aptonoth 
Mainly hunted for food, these monsters are preyed upon by both hunter  
and monster alike. Timid unless in a pack, when some may defend themselves 
with surprising strength. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill: Slash Slash Slash, dont let them run... 
What there good for: Tasty Meat! Cook it up, eat it up, YUM! Hope you’re 
not a vegan! 
No. 5  
Name:  Apceros 
Hunted for their meat, which is buried under a thick, armored hide. 
Aggressive compared to the Aptonoth, hunting them can be a challenge. 
Apceros eggs are a caluable guild commodity. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill: Slash Slash Slash, oh my, they’re not running, hey! Ouch,SLASH!
Be careful because, unlike the other herbivores, these monsters will come 
head-butt you while you’re trying to kill their friends.  May be wise to kill
these whenever you see them because if you kill your main monster in an area
where they live, they can interfere with your carving.   
What there good for: Meat, Med.Bones, Aggravation... 
No. 6 
Name: Felyne 
Cat-like humanoids with white fur. Normally quiet unless angered, in which 
case they may attack. Capable of speech, they are sometimes found in the 
employ of humans. 
Number of carves: 0 
How to kill:Hit them HARD! 
What there good for : annoying you with bombs...and NOTHING else... 
No. 7 
Name: Melynx 
Cat-like humanoids with black fur. Being sticky-fingered they won't pass up
a chance to steal things and take them back to their village. Easily  
distracted by the sight of Felvine. 
Number of carves: 0 
How to kill: Hit them HARDER! 
What there good for: NOTHING, They steal from you! Keep away! Dang CATS! 
You can get your stuff back if you hit em. You can also get your stuff back 
if you find their home base and search their stash. Always start swinging 
when you see black cats.   
No. 8 
Name: Velociprey 
Aggressive, carnivorous monsters that often travel in packs. Even a master
hunter should take care not to become surrounded! Wide ranging, they are
found in many different climates. 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: Slash away! Try to hit them right after they leap.They'll be 
less likely to leap on you or away from you as you swing.   
What there good for: Not much...easy kill... 
No. 9 
Name:  Velocidrome 
Turn ons: Fire/Water/Thunder / Turn offs: DD
The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack.  They are larger and have a
more prominent crest.  Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place
when injured to recover. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill: Hit them ALOT... 
What there good for: Claws... 
No. 10 
Name:  Genprey 
A subspecies of Velociprey found mainly in desert zones.Traveling in packs,
their large fangs and claws contain a neurotoxin that is used to stun and 
paralyze prey. 

Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: Slash them a little more than Velociprey...Be careful, these 
monsters will stun you and leave you on the ground twitching and flashing 
yellow for a while.  Try to avoid that.  
What there good for: Hide... 
No. 11 
Name:  Gendrome 
Turn ons: Fire/Thunder / Turn offs: Water/DD
The alpha monster that leads a Genprey pack.They are larger and have a more
prominent crest.  Found in the desert, they can paralyze prey using their 
toxic fangs and claws. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill: You might notice all theese DROME monsters come in 3s,after you
kill one,carve it,let it fade away,then wait for more they always "respawn"
near where you found the first one... 
What there good for: Stun sac 
No. 12 
Name:  Ioprey 
A subspecies of Velociprey often found in subtropical zones.Sacs in their 
throat contain a powerful poison that drains the Health of their prey.
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: CUT CUT CUT!  Try to avoid them when they’re spitting purple 
poison clouds.  Purple poison clouds suck.   
What there good for: Hide 
No. 13 
Name:  Iodrome 
Turn ons: Fire/Water / Turn offs: Thunder/DD
The alpha monster that leads an Ioprey pack.They are larger and have a more
prominent crest.  Found in tropical zones, they spit a poison that can sap
the life force of prey. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill : Find, kill, wait, kill, wait, KILL! 
What there good for: Poison sac 
No. 14 
Name: Rathalos (Azure/Silver)
Turn ons: Thunder/Fire / Turn offs: Dragon Damage
Turn ons(Azure): Water/Fire / Turn offs: DD
Male wyvern that keeps a nest and patrols its territory from the air
in search of prey.Its claws are filled with poison . 
Number of carves:  3 from body, 1 from tail 
How to kill: 
Ok, this guys the real deal, one of the baddest you'll fight early on.  

1.  Hit him with a paintball, he likes to fly around!  
You'll spend a lot of time watching this monster fly around over your head 
and you'll want to know where he's coming down so that you can take a shot 
at him! 

2.  Get that tail!  You can chop his tail off and carve it, good times to 
chop it off are when he breathes fire or when hes landing. 
To hit him when hes landing, get in his shadow and swing your weapon, if you 
do it right you wont get blow away by wind. Also, when he charges you, you 
can run behind him and take a swing when he trips, make sure to roll away 
thou, as he will probably charge again!  It's also fun to whack at the tail 
while he's breathing fire.   

3.  Hit him in the head, if you hit him hard enough and when hes weak enough, 
this will pause him for a few seconds, keep doing this with 4 people all 
hitting his head,or if your real good with a lance and you'll headlock him.

4.  Bring a pitfall trap, the best time to place it is when hes in the air 
spitting fireballs, get right in his shadow and place away, then sit back 
and enjoy his agony. 

How to Kill(Azure):
MUCH harder than the normal Los, here are some tips...

1. He likes to fly around ALOT more, hell he hardly stands still, bring
a pitfall trap, 2 nets and 2 trap tools. You'll have to trap him 3
times or else you might run out of time...

2. Save your throwing knives, when he's close to dead he'll go and chill
out on a island surrounded by lava. Chuck a knife at him and he'll wake
up. If you don't have anything this quest is bound to fail. In a pinch
you could use a paintball or stone, but knifes are the best.

3. Bring some antidote, this actually goes for the normal Los too.
It's just a little more important for this one cus he hits harder.
When he goes up in the air sometimes he comes at you with his
claws now, it hurts alot and it poisons you, don't stand still
when he's in the air! Keep on the move untill he starts to spit
fire or untill he starts to come back down...
What they're good for: Just about the best armor you can get before HR13, 
kill as many as you can. 
No. 15 
Name:  Rathian (Pink/Gold)
Turn ons: Fire / Turn offs: Dragon Damage
Female version of the Rathalos wyvern.  Unlike its maile counterpart, it 
usually patrols its territory from the ground.  Its tail spikes are filled 
with poison. 
Number of carves:  3 from body, 1 from tail 
How to kill: 
You kill this one much like the "los", for it is pretty much 
the same are a few areas to note thou, 
1.  It does not fly as much, but paintballs are always good. 

2.  IT CAN FLIP!, this is DEADLY, maybe the most deadly move any monster 
can do. But, it does let you know when. Before it flips it takes 2 quick 
steps back, GET AWAY! It's usually a good idea to hit it 2 times then roll 
away so that you can get a good look at what it's up to.  Getting hit by a 
flip is NO FUN, not only will it take a good deal of you life away it will 
also poison you!  Many times, experienced hunters have been slain by a 
rathian flip.  

3.  It's green/pink/silver

4.  It does not give you an easy pit trap move, sooo get good at avoiding 
it's charge. 
What they're good for:  
The best looking pants that a female character can get! 
No. 16 
Name: Yian Kut-Ku (Blue/Garuga/Small)
Turn ons: Fire and Thunder / Turn offs: Water
Turn ons(Garuga): Fire/Thunder / Turn offs: Trading for special mushrooms

A bird-like wyvern with a huge beak and large ears that splay open when it 
is angered. With its sensitive hearing it dislikes loud noises.  It is 
smaller but faster than other wyverns. 
Number of carves: 3 
How to kill: 
These are funny looking monsters. They seem to be real weak, 
but then they do their ugly awkward head-bobbing charge and spit fire at 
ya and they can mess ya up a little.
 Don't get me wrong,they're not tough, but they Can damage you.  
Also, you can tell when it's going to die by watching it's ears. 
They will drop to the side of it's head when it gets close to death. 
How to Kill(Small):
Yep it's about the size of a drome...only catch is they make
you do the quest "naked". The only way I could beat it was
with a gun, you just get killed too fast, with no armor
he can sneeze and kill you. It's best to keep your distance...

How to Kill(Garuga): 
I could make up something, but to tell you the truth 
I saw no reason to even try and kill this thing. 1. It's boring to do 
quests by myself. 2. There's a simple trick that you can use to beat 
this quest when you watch TV with your wife/dog/rock/whatever it is 
that you do besides playing Monster Hunter. Hell sometimes I would 
kill Garuga while playing other games...try it, It's SUPER geeky. 
Anyway, here's how it works,
1. Take a spiderweb to the 6 start "urgent" solo quest given out 
by the village chief, called "rage" or "revenge" of the Garuga. 
Go to the "VeggieElder", trade spiderweb for a special mushroom, 
wait 20 min...YOU WIN! Easy huh? Yep!
2. Start the quest again, now go kill Garuga, it will only take a 
few hits, apparently getting a special mushroom from the troll 
man &*%^$&^s up Garugas...go figure...
Do this ALOT, get a cool sword, get awesome armor, 
and sell parts for LOTS of $$.
Now, some people frown upon this, well &%&^ them and the Kirin they 
rode in on. I mean I don't see how this "Glitch" works, my only thought 
is that it was intentionally programmed to give you a break, and to 
make the game more fun for someone who has beat the hell out of MH 
for the PS2. With this "Glitch" you can get Garuga stuff WAAAAY early, 
heck after you kill him a few times you unlock G-rank Garuga, making 
it the earliest you can do a G-rank quest. (Use this opportunity to
kill Velociprey and stuff awaits) I can't begin to explain 
how much MORE fun this game was with the NEW equipment I got from this 
quest. BTW, it ALL SUCKS later get it NOW! ASAP...seriously, 
if you don't you'll never use it...I mean the people who don't want you 
to know about this trick and don't want you to use it are the same people 
who want to outlaw sodomy! What you do behind your own closed doors is 
your buisness! Your NOT hurting ANYONE but yourself(for not using this 

(P.S. This trick will not work with the EU version of the game,sorry...)

What they're good for: 
An easy wyvern that you can fight early on.  
This should be the first wyvern that you kill. 
No. 17 
Name: Gypceros (Violet)
Turn ons:Everything but fire, FIRE BAD! / Turn offs: fire
A wyvern that can generate bright flashes of light with its prominent head
crest.  Its rubbery skin resists damage, and it can spit a poisonous 
substance. It is quite timid, however. 
Number of carves: 3 
How to kill: 
Kinda like the kut-ku, not much to it, but here's a few things, 

1. It's can stun you, rotate the right analong stick(the one you kill with), 
to clear the stars from over your head. 

2. It can poison you.It has a awkward wobbley charge, similar to the kut ku, 
but dont get caught laughing at it too much to get out of the way.
Poison sucks.  

3. It "plays dead", when you're about to kill it, it will pretend to be dead, 
the music will stop and it will collapse. 
GET AWAY, it will also get back up and take most of your life with it! 
It may do this 1-3 times before it finally dies. 
What they're good for: 
Not much right now...and there a real pain in tha bum 
to capture.Power extract can be obtained and you can make mega-juice with it
by combining with well done steak.
Mega-juice lets you run for a while without your stamina decreasing.
Save your power extract to make mega juice for any of your carrying 
quests.  You'll be happy you did...
No. 18 
Name: Vespoid 
Turn ons: Fire and Water / Turn offs: Dragon Damage
An enormous, wasp-like insectoid with a poisonous stinger that stuns prey.  
Easily damaged, there are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from  
them once killed. 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: Many at a time....You'll be killing them right and left just 
to be able to mine in peace.  Most of the time they'll just explode. Once 
in a while they'll scream and fall to the ground intact so that you can 
carve them.  If you want to do some serious bug-hunting for these or 
hornetaurs, get a poison weapon.  It'll increase the chance of them dying 
What there good for: Not much right now...aggravation later...
kinda neat lookin armor 
No. 19 
Name:  Hornitaur
Turn ons: Fire and Water / Turn offs: Dragon Damage
A Vespoid-like monster with a thicker shell.  Easily damaged, there 
are rarely any usable materials left to harvest from them once killed. 
But if you could sap their Health gradually... 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: With poison, if you want to carve them...which you might be 
doing alot of later on... 
What there good for: Bladefins...but dont worry...
you wont really need em...kinda neat lookin armor 
No. 20 
Name:  Khezu (RED)
Turn ons: Thunder and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Fire and Water
Turn ons(RED): Thunder and Fire / Turn offs: Water
Loathsome wyverns that live inside caves.  Near blind, they detect their 
prey by smell.  They are capable of generating electric shocks, which they 
use to paralyze prey. 
Number of carves: 3 
How to kill: 
Easy to kill, pain in tha butt to track and capture,
here's a few things to look for, 
1.They mainly hang out in caves.  If you can get em outside a cave you'll 
have a much better time killing them because they wont have a ceiling to 
jump up on and crawl around on. When they're on the ceiling of the cave, 
aside from being annoyingly out of swatting range, they can drop down on 
you and crush you...dang fat monsters.  

2.Lightning, the good and the bad, if they shoot it, GOOD, if they're 
covered in it,BAD. When they shoot it,there tail attaches to the ground 
and it comes out of there mouth, giving you a good shot at their body for 
a few seconds, 
HACK AWAY! If they start glowing blue, GET AWAY, or you'll get hurt and 

3.When there about to die they go to a cave, this sucks, bear with it, 
it will die soon... 
What they're good for : Some cool looking armor, but really, not much. pale 
extract is good.  
No. 21 
Name:  Plesioth (GREEN)
Turn ons: Water and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Thunder and Fire
An enormous, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved into fins for 
swimming.Although superficially fish-like, they can move on land as well.
They love frogs. 
Number of carves: 4 
How to Kill: 
CAREFUL!, this is one of the HARDEST hitters in the game. Keep 
your life bar full at all times. Plesioth doesnt do too much, but what it 
does, HURTS, alot. Also, when there about to die, which they do pretty fast. 
Their fin will go down...making it rather easy to know when to capture them. 
What they're good for: Making you die fast. Weeeird lookin armor.  
No. 22 
Name:  Cephalos 
Turn ons: Water and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Thunder and Fire
Wyverns found only in the desert.  They resemble a Plesioth, but live and 
"swim" in sand rather than water.  They seldom appear above land, but when 
their hearing is disturbed... 
Number of carves: 1 
How to kill: Two words, sonic bombs, throw em when you see em stop, they will 
rocket into the sky and let you hit them while they lie prone on the ground. 
It's a little harder to get them out without have to hit them 
when they pop up.You'll constantly run out of energy from chasing their fins 
around waiting for them to pop up..and if you miss them, they'll just 
go right back underground. bring bombs, it will make life easier... 
What they're good for: They have some parts that you need to get good 
swords...and it's fun to watch em fly out when you hit 
em with a sonic bomb. 
No. 23 
Name:  Cephadrome (Coral)
Turn ons: Water and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Thunder and Fire
The alpha monster form of the Cephalos.Larger and armored with black scales, 
they fit the appearance of a leader perfectly.  Their fins hold a paralyzing 
Number of carves: 3 
How to kill: 
Much like the  "los" versions....only real difference is that 
it's darker and stronger.  Look for the fin that's darker than the rest and 
then sonic bomb and beat the heck out of it.  
What they're good for: Pretty much the same thing. 
No. 24 
Name:  Monoblos (WHITE) 
Turn ons: Nothing / Turn offs: EVERYTHING!
Turn ons(White): Fire / Turn offs: Thunder
A large-horned wyvern found in desert zones.  Their giant horn makes their  
attacks very dangerous.  While they have no breath attack,their 
ear-splitting roar is the bane of hunters. 
Number of carves: 4 body, 2 tail 
How to kill: 
Chances are, if you're able to kill this, you CAN kill this. 
It's a smaller version of the Diablos, so look below if you need hints...
To get the ability to kill it, you need to clear all the offline quests, 
good luck! 
What they're good for: Crimson horns, Make sure to knock its horn off to get 
one (whack it in the head). You can make some really cool Armor and weapons 
for killing this...
No. 25 
Name:  Diablos (BLACK)
Turn ons: Nothing / Turn offs: EVERYTHING!
A two-horned wyvern found in desert zones.  They are capable of burrowing  
into sand to attack prey from below.  It has been confirmed that they have 
a subspecies called Monoblos. 
Number of carves:  3 body, 1 tail 
How to kill: 
My favorite things to kill! Here's how I like to do it, 
1.If there's a ledge in the area your in (1 or 10) and it has horns on it's 
head (1 or 2), get up on that ledge and wait for him to charge into the wall 
below you. Then jump down and hack away at him, this is a great time to get 
his tail! Also,you can knock his horns off by cutting close to the wall that 
he's stuck in. You can also just smack him in the face from the ledge, even
when he's NOT stuck in the wall, try it, it's fun. :)
2. The "hot blos" , once again, sonic bombs are your friends, throw one at 
him when he dives into the ground, just as his tail goes under the sand, and 
coming up...ONE HOT BLOS! Hit him in the head, or, for more hits, just behind 
his wings! Also, if you dont hit him with a sonic bomb, or, GASP, dont have 
any, GET AWAY, when he comes up he hits you HARD! Also you can't do this
when he "speeds up", yep, it sucks, the blos now smokes rocks, when he
seems to be moving fast...he is! Sonics won't work 100% anymore...:(
3.The "tail shake shuffle", when he charges, sometimes he will shake his 
tail,this is a good time to hit him, but carefully, come at him from the 
side,it's better once you cut his tail takes some practice, 
but you'll find that it will get some good hits on him. 
What they're good for: Good sword parts, decent armor, a good time,
what's not to love? 
No. 26 
Name:  Gravios (BLACK)
Turn ons: Thunder and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Water
Turn ons: Fire / Turn offs: Water
A large wyvern found in volcanic zones.They possess a fiery breath attack 
and the ability to emit a sleeping gas.They also have extremely hard scales 
that deflect most weapon attacks. 
Number of carves: 4 body, 2 tail 
How to Kill: Carefully, this is the biggest and baddest thing you will kill 
besides Lao and Fatalis(don't ask).  There are a few monsters in this game 
that just seem to have way too many powers.  It's not right. It's not fair.  
And it's your problem. Here's some advice on coping.  
1. The tail:  It's hard to get and high off the ground.  The best times to 
go for it are when it's just finished charging, putting people to sleep, or 
unleashing it's breath weapon. 
2. Oh yea, it has a breath weapon...Lots of monsters spit fire, but this gets 
a whole section and a name because it KILLS YOU! This is not some little fire 
ball, this is a huge flaming BEAM OF DEATH! 
3. You might also have noticed that I said it puts people to sleep...
well that it does, if you are asleep, there's nothing you can do.
Don't panic.You'll wake up soon enough. If you dodge a sleep cloud, 
and you see someone sleeping,hit him with something, probly best to kick 
them,click the R3 button...ya know the stick you kill with. Just make sure 
you dont die while doing that,makes you look lame... 
4. You can open it's chest up...looks pretty cool, makes it easier to hit him 
there...also, the chest is about the only spot to get a clean hit in with a 
blade weapon... 

How to Kill (BLACK):
 OH SH!T MY WEAPON IS USELESS!, yep it sucks, this
thing is SOLID! But there is hope! Go for the wings! They are soft,
like a woman... 
What there good for: Getting higher HR's to help you...if your doing Grav, 
your probly close to your Lao...why? Read on.... 
No. 27 
Name:  Basarios 
Turn ons: Thunder and Dragon Damage / Turn offs: Water
A large wyvern found in volcanic zones.  They are the juvenile form of the 
Gravios.  They have a steel-like carapace that requires powerful weapons to 
crack.  Emits poison gas. 
Number of carves: 3 body, 1 tail 
How to kill: 
This is the other monster in the game that is a little 
overly-endowed with ways to kill you.  Poison, streams of fire, it can fly  
and smush you, it charges, it can wiggle it's butt and hurt you.  It's a 
smaller version of the Grav, here's where they differ... 
1.You can cut it's tail off with ease, right after it charges it shakes 
its tail...WACK IT. A few hits and it's tail time! 
2.It gives off poison instead of sleep gas...bring your antidote, you'll be 
happy you did... 
3.It's breath weapon is smaller and it uses it less...but still,be careful
4.It hides in the ground.look for a big clump of rocks.then hit it to wake it 
What thery're good for: Ore, you can carve it off them.They look like 
rocks...they are rocks 
No. 28 
Name:  Kirin 
Turn ons: THUNDER! / Turn offs: NOTHING, it's always HOT, hot for you...
The Kirin is said to glow a faint blue, but so few have seen it that  
details are scarce.  it is apparently capable of calling forth lightning  
at will.  Kirin material is very valuable. 
Number of carves: 2 
How to kill: WITH A HAMMER! If you only have a sword, hit it in the head! 
But this is far more dangerous...Also a sword with white sharpness or
getting the ESP skill will help TONS!
What thery're good for: REALLY GAY looking armor...pretty good thou,
ahhh to look like a male prostitue and get better defence, or to keep
your dignity and get hurt more.... 
Also Kirin is pretty to look at.If it would stop making lightening to kill 
you,you'd almost feel bad about beating this pretty pony with a big ol hammer 
No. 29 
Name:  Lao-Shan Lung (BLUE) 
Turn ons: Everything but dragon damage, DRAGON DAMAGE BAD! / Turn offs: DD
A giant dragon few have seen and lived to tell the tale.
When on the rampage it wreaks havoc on all in its path.  
The guild has built a fortress to repel the beast, but will it hold? 
Number of carves: 9 
How to kill: 
LAO IS BIG! Really really BIG. You'll see...he's HUGE!  
You'll only be able to see a small part of him at a time while 
fighting him. He's bigger than you.He's bigger than your whole family.  
His leg is bigger than your whole family. But he falls HARD! Fast too,
with the right sword, spend some time and make a weapon that does
dragon damage, then just wack him in the face, Lao is actually
quite simple if you take it easy and have a good weapon.
3) Looking Cool (Fashion corner)  
One of the neat features of this game is that you totally get to dress 
yourself.You can fight naked if you want (only do this alone or offline.  
In MH you are appropriately weak when fighting naked unlike SOME games that 
I can think of where you get "prizes" for fighting deadly battles wearing 
nothin but a bikini...)  The armor options in the game are fun, but can 
be totally confusing.  Way more so than in regular MH. You can make 
things simple by just making and wearing the first things that you can get 
as you can get them...this will result in your wearing really lousy armor 
though.Lousy armor leads to death.  I don't know about you, but 
I don't play to die.Saving items and money for good pieces can pay off.  
You could also just go for the highest power armor you can get...
this makes sense and if you're fortunate enough to have someone to 
play with, they'll appreciate your doing everything you can to not 
waste their time. If you beg someone to play with you and they do and 
then you get three deaths before you even get 
to carve a tail because the monster rips through your armor like 
tissue might be playing alone for a while.  If you want your 
character to look have a lot of drastically different looking 
options to choose may have to make some sacrifices in 
defense to get the look you really want...but if you do things cautiously,
yes, even neurotically, you can get a look that you like with a decent 
defense and a good combination of powers. 
There are other guides available online that will tell you how to get 
powers by combining armor.  In order to make sure you dont waste your 
materials on armor that you wont like, you can play in the offline mode 
(go to "village"), get out your materials,make your armor, go to your box 
and check it out.  If you do like it...just save your game.   
If you do NOT like it, go to your bed, and when it asks if you want to 
save,say "no". It'll ask if you want to quit without saving and you say 
"yes" say you're sure and you're done.Don't do any important offline 
quests while doing this because you wont save the results of them either. 
For female characters... 
If it bugs you at all that so many of the options available to you make 
your butt plainly visible while you fight...and you're sick of having 
male players climbing up vines behind you to peep...the basic Rathian Greaves 
are actually pants and provide excellent protection.  Vespoid, Hornetaur, 
and Plesioth greaves are also full pants (very "jazzercise") and will keep 
you from looking ridiculously "fleshy" and vulnerable while fighting 
carnivorous beasts.The rathian tasset is more skirt-like than most tassets 
and prolly wouldnt violate a high school dress code. I have to say that 
while it is a little troublesome that the majority of options show off 
your butt(If I were really fighting...I'd want that covered up...especially 
in cold caves) This game is better than many in that even when you're 
naked,you're wearing little shorts.You dont have any super-strength 
thong armor,you dont (usually) get more powerful by exposing your torso (where 
most of your vital organs are...gosh dangit i do not understand the idea 
of fighting in a bra) and you get the chance to put on some nice clunky 
rock armor to fit in with the guys if you so choose....Now MHP has broken 
down my attachment to covering my butt a little. They've added a lot more 
powers that you can get from different armor so that you'll probably 
want to have a couple of different sets of armor (they've even made a 
way to convenient save an outfit that you like so that you can put on your 
fishing, backpacking, or lucky ensemble with a minimum of confusion and 
button pushing!) the downside to these new features is that if you want 
backpacking gear (which you reeeeally really really want 
really badly if you're doing a rock/egg carrying quest...
oh man, I never want to do powderstone without 
my backpacking gear ever again..) you have to wear 
the pieces of armor that give you backpacking skills.  
if you want to be lucky, you've got to pet your pig and 
put on the pieces of armor that give you good luck.  
If the pieces of armor that give you good luck and 
the best protection happen to include some sort of french maid 
skirt which makes you feel like a nutjob, that's a decision you 
have to make.  
I have sacrificed a lot of my feminist -not wanting to fight monsters 
in a miniskirt with a slit- values in order to get superpowers.  
It's surprisingly not that hard to suck it up and try to stop looking 
at your own butt if you're able to run superfast with a big ol rock 
and avoid dying because of it.  Its definitely motivation to change 
your clothes a lot though and to wear the outfit that it most 
appropriate for what you're doing.  
I'm still working on finding the best,most butt-kickingly cool, 
and most stylish gear.  

Oh yeah! and make sure that at the begining of the game you put
 some extra thought into your hair, because if you get the 
piercing helms, they totally leave your hair 
style unchanged and you can actually see it.  If you start out 
the game with uninspired hair, relying on the 
helm to cover it up, and then fall in love with the sword saint 
piercing as I have, you'll regret not having more fun with the 
hairstyle/color selection screen!

Before I start telling you about the gear I use let me explain that
the "Torso Inc" skill is awesome. It doubles the skill powers of the
chest armor worn, so a +2 becomes a +4 and so on. I will notate when I
make use of this skill so that you can substitute other armor with
"Torso Inc" like the Velociprey Tasset, Black Belt Helm or Vambraces 
for the Ioprey Greaves(you wont get em for awhile...).

Here are our favorite armor sets at the moment.

Luck Booster

Guild Knight Mask
Hunter's Mail
Rathian Heart Braces
Guild Knight Kilt
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

I use this when I wanna feel "Lucky"...does it work? I dunno,
cross your toes and prey...

Cut Through ANYTHING and heal fast!

Sword Saint Piercing (gives you ESP, you never bounce off a monster,
seriously, NEVER!, get it, it's cool, gotta kill solo lao thou. It
requires sm lao claws)
Khezu Mail U
Monoblos Vambraces S
Khezu Tasset U
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

The red Khezu stuff give you Damage Recovery speed +1, it's sweet,
your red damage comes back fast! It makes you sharpen slower, but
you'll never notice...even more so when your weapon will go right
through ANYTHING even with red sharpness.

Backpacking Gear

Any Helm
Steel Mail+
Black Belt Vambraces (Torso Inc)
Any Tasset
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

Don't EVER go on a "carry" quest without your backpacking gear!
You run ALOT faster, it makes life good!

Gathering Gear

Black Belt Helm (Torso Inc)
Black Belt Vambraces (Torso Inc)
Velociprey Tasset (Torso Inc)
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

It maily gives you Gathering +2, good for mining or looking for
Master Skulls, or any other junk that doesn't come off a monster...

Fishing Gear

Black Belt Helm (Torso Inc)
Hunter Mail
Black Belt Vambraces (Torso Inc)
Velociprey Tasset (Torso Inc)
Ioprey Greaves (Torso Inc)

Gives you Fishing Expert, it doesn't make it easer to catch fish(use 
the right bait for that). But it does make rare fish show up OFTEN. 
Like 4 goldenfish at a's fun, try it. :)


Crystallized Tuna (use the fishing gear to get this bad boy)
Khezu Helm U
Khezu Mail U
Khezu Vambraces U
Khezu Tasset U
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

F^&*s up red Khezu! Mainly the sword, I like coming dressed in
the monster I'm going to kill, let's em know that it's a "family
thing", anyway I can't say enough good things about the red khezu
powers, THEY ACTUALLY WORK! The red damage almost instantly heals
at +2 rec. and the improves potions make normal potions wok as
good as mega potions and measly herbs work almost as good as
potions used to...kinda screws you up thou when you go back to
other armor. :P


For total cat chef beginners, I can tell you that if you know from MH 
that you like to eat meat and meat, or meat and drink, or meat and 
seafood,or some other combination of food and that is pretty much your 
standard meal that you eat every time - you'd might as well start right 
out buying cats that specialize in those foods. I started out buying 
cats somewhat randomly, and then when I realized that I wasn't going 
to get anything good from a bran and vegetable cat if I only eat meat...
I had to trade all of my cats in so that now I have a whole bunch of 
meat and drink cats and I get skills all the time.  

Some facts about...CATS!

1. 3 stars is the highest rank they can get...
2. They only specialize in up to 2 food groups.
3. Each cat only has 3 skills it can give you.

What to Eat, (and how to eat it...)

1 Cat

Meat: Meat Scraps, Popo Meat.

Vegetable: Plumpkin, Ancorn, Twinshroom.

Fish: Clamchip, Guts.

Grain: Hardtack, Mixed Beans, Webcake.

Oil: Oily Raisins.

Milk: Dry Margarine, Powdered Cheese.

Drink: Hopi

Grain+Grain Health +10 Grain+Milk Health +10
Meat+Fish Health +10 Meat+Meat Health +10
Veg.+Milk Health +10 Veg.+Oil Health +20

Meat+Grain Stamina +25 Meat+Veg. Stamina +25
Veg.+Fish Stamina +25

Meat+Drink Attack +3 Fish+Drink Defense +5

2 Cats 

Meat: Cubesteak, Spicy Sausage.

Vegetable: Spotted Onion, Ancorn, Young Potato, Mild Herb.

Fish: Snake Salmon, Tuna Head.

Grain: Hardtack, Sweetbug.

Oil: Fruity Jam, Olive Paste.

Milk: Dry Margarine, Aged Cheese.

Drink: Milk Pop

Grain+Grain Health +10 Grain+Drink Health +10
Meat+Veg. Health+10 Meat+Grain Health +20
Meat+Meat Health +20

Grain+Milk Health +10, Stamina +25

Fish+Fish Stamina +25 Fish+Grain Stamina +25

Meat+Fish Attack +3

Veg.+Oil Defense +5 Grain+Oil Defense +10

3 Cats 

Meat: Jungle Ribs, Meatwagon, Wild Wonton.

Vegetable: Cudgel Onion, Western Parsley, Sweet Mushroom.

Fish: Snake Salmon, Horseshoe Crab, Octofest.

Grain: Sweetbug, Warwheat.

Oil: Fruity Jam.

Milk: Buffalo Butter, Chilli Cheese.

Drink: Spicepop.

Veg.+Veg. Health +10 Veg.+Grain Health +10
Meat+Meat Health +20 Fish+Milk Health +30

Fish+Drink Health +10, Attack +3

Fish+Fish Stamina +25 Fish+Grain Stamina +25
Veg.+Fish Stamina +25 Meat+Fish Stamina +25

Milk+Drink Stamina +25, Defense +5

Veg.+Milk Defense +5 Grain+Oil Defense +10

Meat+Drink Attack +5

4 Cats

Meat: Great Mutton, White Liver, Dragon Foot, Wild Wonton.

Vegetable: Pinespice, Cannon Lettuce, Rare Onion.

Fish: Tortoiseshell, King Squid, Queen Shrimp.

Grain: Megabagel.

Oil: Powerlard, Seafood Jam.

Milk: Sirloin Egg.

Drink: Panish.

Veg.+Fish Health +10 Milk+Drink Health +20
Meat+Meat Health +30 Milk+Meat Health +40
Veg.+Drink Health +40

Veg.+Veg. Health +10, Stamina +25

Fish+Fish Stamina +50 Veg.+Grain Stamina +50
Grain+Oil Stamina +50

Fish+Grain Stamina +25, Defense +5

Fish+Oil Defense +5

Grain+Milk Attack +3, Defense +5

Oil+Oil Attack +3 Meat+Veg. Attack +3

5 Cats

Meat: Dragon Tail, Bigmeat, Dragon Head, King Turkey.

Vegetable: King Truffle, Rare Onion, Fatty Tomato.

Fish: Queen Shrimp, Foie Grande, Pink Caviar.

Grain: Gold Rice, Pearlnut.

Oil: Lifejam

Milk: Royale Cheese.

Drink: Blessed Wine.

Meat+Meat Health +30

Fish+Fish Health +10, Stamina +25
Meat+Fish Health +30, Stamina +25
Meat+Drink Health +50, Attack +5
Grain+Oil Health +50, Stamina +25
Milk+Drink Health +50, Stamina +50

Veg.+Veg. Stamina +25 Veg.+Grain Stamina +25
Meat+Oil Stamina +50 Fish+Grain Stamina +50

Meat+Milk Stamina +25, Defense +5
Fish+Oil Stamina +50, Defense +5
Fish+Drink Stamina +50, Defense +10

Grain+Grain Defense +5 Veg.+Fish Defense +10

Meat+Veg. Attack +3 Meat+Grain Attack +5

Eat foods from the groups that your cats specialize in and you might

Cat skills, (girls like guys with skills)

Martial Arts<L>: Dodge roll uses less stamina.
Martial arts<Hi>: Dodge roll uses even less stamina.
Defense<L>: 12.5% chance of damage being reduced by 30%
Defense<Hi>: 25% chance of damge being reduced by 30%
Dismantle<L>: Small chance of recieving an extra carve
Dismantle<Hi>: Larger chance of recieving an extra carve
Combination<L>: Combination success increases 5%
Combination<Hi>: Combination success increases 10%
Great Break: Sharpness reduction halved for "bouncing" hits
Special Attack: Bonus to Status Attacks
Heroics: Attack and defense bonus, When at 10 HP or lower.
Aim: Normal S damage up!
Blunt Force: Bowgun Melee damage up.
Negotiation: Increased chance at recovering stolen items
Throw: Throwing knives and stone damage multiplied by 2
Culinary Arts: Raw becomes Rare, Rare becomes Well Done, 
and (if cooking on a Gourmet Spit, Well Done becomes Gourmet.) 
Gunpowder: Small and large barrel bombs become "+" bombs
Woodwinds: Flutes less likely to break
Medicine: Medicinal effects increases, Antidote herb becomes 100% effective
Charisma: 6 trades/items from Veggie Elder
Gathering: Increased gathering
Frugality: Reduced chance of picks/bugnets breaking
Supercat: Stamina consumption halved while carrying eggs/powderstone/etc
StongCat: Chance of not dropping eggs/powderstone/etc if damage is taken
Escape: Stamina consumption halved when you "panic" run!
Courage: Hunter does not cower when spotted by a wyvern
Ultra lucky cat skill: Reward percentages increased
Mega Lucky Cat skill: Reward percentages increased further 

Here is a list of the possible combinations of skills that your cat
is able to give you, if you find more, or if you think one is wrong
let me know...

1. Ultra Lucky Cat Skill / Felyne Defense <lo> / Felyne Throw
2. ULCS / Felyne Martial Arts <lo> / Felyne Blunt Force
3. Felyne Martial Arts <lo> / Felyne Frugality / Felyne Great Break
4. Felyne Dismantle <lo> / F Defense <lo> / Felyne Charisma
5. F Dismantle <lo> / Felyne Frugality / Felyne Woodwinds
6. Felyne Strongcat / F Defence <lo> / F Frugality
7. Felyne Special Attack / F Defense <hi> / Felyne Great Break
8. F Defence <hi> / Felyne Negotiations / F Martial Arts <lo>
9. F Dismantle <hi> / Felyne Combination <lo> / F Woodwinds
10. F SuperCat / F Frugality / F Blunt Force
11. ULCS / Felyne Heroics / Felyne Throw
12. Felyne Medicine / Felyne Gunpowder / F Combination <lo>
13. F Dismantle <hi> / F Defense <hi> / F Charisma
14. Felyne Courage / F Combination <lo> / F Negotiations
15. F Medicine / Felyne Gathering / F Great Break
16. F Combination <hi> / F Martial Arts <hi> / F Woodwinds
17. Mega Lucky Cat Skill / Felyne Aim / F Throw
18. F Martial Arts <hi> / F Gunpowder / F Great Break
19. Felyne Escape / F Aim / F Defense <lo>
20. F Courage / Felyne Culinary Arts / F Heroics
21. F Culinary Arts / F Negotiations / F Martial Arts
22. F Medicine / F Special Att / F Escape
23. F Dismantle <hi> / F Gathering / F Charisma
24. F SuperCat / F Gunpowder / F Dismantle <lo>
25. F Martial Arts <hi> / F Special Att / F Escape
26. F Combo <hi> / F Aim / F Blunt Force
27. F Gathering / F Culinary Arts / F Heroics
28. F SuperCat / Felyne StrongCat / F Woodwinds
30. F Combo <hi> / F StrongCat / F Great Break
31. F Dismantle <hi> / F Courage / F Throw
32. F Throw / F Blunt Force / F Charisma

Looking at this list closely some rare skills stand out, they could
be something to try and get or at least they'll let you know quickly
what kind of cat you just hired...

Felyne StrongCat skill only shows up in 30,6,and 28

Mega Lucky Cat Skill (better than Ultra Lucky) shows up in 1,17,and 29

Felyne Heroics 11,20, and 27

Felyne Gunpowder 12,18, and 24

Felyne Negotiations 14,21, and 8

Felyne Culinary Arts 20 and 21

Felyne Courage 31,20, and 14

Felyne Gathering 15,23, and 27

So far I have not found any connection between skills and breeds, but
I am looking for it, if you have any further info please e-mail me.

5)Training, why waste time?

Training is cool, and sometimes REALLY easy, sometimes it's so hard that 
you may risk damage to your PSP from the wall it will hit when you die. 
Here are some good things that come from Training,
1. Poop is your friend, you can get Mega Potions from poopie, so DIG IN!
2. Black belt helm and Vambraces give you Torso Inc. skill, this boosts 
the power of your chest armour by 2, so if your chest armour gives you a 
+2 in something it will now give you +4, if you have two other peices of 
Torso Inc. armour then it will give you +8. This will let you get some cool 
powers without having to make the entire set.
3. You don't use your own stuff, so there is no cost going into the quest, 
so big rewards are all yours with NO overhead, this is REALLY good 
if you suck...
4. Monoblos will give you expand pickaxes, witch is good if you don't have
friends to treasure hunt with...

5. You can lear how to use weapons you don't normally use, could
change your life...

Here are some easy training missions that you can start with, to get more
missions, kill more of the kind of monster that you want missions for.



Sooooooo easy, poison the little bugger and it's all over....


This is pretty dang easy too, you have to wear a thong, but that's
the price we pay for Lance Tickets...


Come on, they even give you sonics, kick his @#$!


It's funny, it only takes like 4 hits, kinda hard to get em, but
funny when you do...


This is a good one too...maybe a little harder, gotta wear a thong
too...but alas, what we do for Lance tickets...


Couldn't be easier, just stay at range and blast...



Lightning damage hurts fishies, ALOT...get potions in the same area
that you get honey, they are hidden behind one of the rocks on the
way out of the area...get honey too, make mega potions, big fish
hit hard...



This is the best, expand pickaxes for nuthin! Just go to the area
with the big ledge, he will be there, make sure he sees you,
get up on the ledge and let him have easy it makes you

6)Everybody Loves Treasure!

WHY? Cus treasure is COOL! Too bad you need a friend to go hunting
for treasure with, damn lack of AD-HOC mode! Anyway, for those of
you with friends this is a super cool new mode for MH!

Also once you get a moderate amount of treasure hunting skill you'll
find yourself neck deep in expand pickaxes, you can combine them with
most kinds of ore and crystals to make MORE ore and crystals!

You can go hunting for treasure in any of the main areas, here are
some tips for each...

Forest and Hills

Monster: Rathalos

Rare Treasures:

Designer Locust (Found in "hidden bug area" of 9)
Minagarde Night (An ore found in the waterfall mining point 11)
Goldendrome (You can catch them right at home base!)
Amber Egg (Area 9 Honey Hive)
Rathalos Jewel (Get it out of his tail...Br ready to carry a rock...)


Search Poop for Mega Potions, you can also get gunpowder.
(combine gunpowder with barrels to make bombs, good to use
on pesky rocks that block you way into some areas...)
Kill Velocidrome for Red Crests that give you 1000 points each.
You can get Pitfall traps from the Ivy spots...
Potions can be carved from pigs or the yellow flower in 4.


Monster: Plesioth

Rare Treasures:

Rich Spiderweb (Area 6)
King Speartuna (Area 3,7,9,10)
Vivacious Plant (Area 2,3,4,5,7,8,10)
Stalactite Egg (Area 10)
Plesioth Jewel (Get it off a big dead fish...)


Coming soon...


Monster: Rathian

Rare Treasures:

Felyne Flute (Area 9 and 11)
Madame Cricket (Area 1,2,3)
Charisma Shroom (Area 1,5,6,7,8,10)
Prizim Egg (Area 1,7,8)
Rathian Jewel (Get it from the tail...Be ready to carry it...)


This is a great area for BIG points, run right for the Rathian!
He's straight ahead as soon as you start, run right through
the herbavore area and into the middle area. Kill her there
or in the herbavore area and it's SUPER easy to carry in
the rocks or jewels that you can get from her tail! If you
Go North up in the area right before the cave with the big
red crystal formation and the fishing spot, you can find
large barrel bombs by the West exit, very useful for getting
into them rocked off areas...Don't forget to Mine and Bughunt...


Monster: Diablos

Rare Treasures:

Foreign Currency (Area 4,5,6,10)
Melyne TreasureBrl (Area 11)
Desert Lotus Root (Area 2,3,7)
Dragon Fossil (Area 9)
Blos Jewel (Get it from the tail...)


Coming soon...


Monster: Gravios

Rare Treasures:

Maiden Termite (Area 2)
Jewel Fragment (Area 4)
Searing Diamond (I found mine on top of the Volcano 8)
SearingJewelRock (I found them EVERYWHERE, top of the
Volcano 8/Grav body and ready to carry it)
Gravios Jewel (Get it from the tail...another thing to carry)


HEAT PROTECTION IS A MUST! I used this armor set...

Cephalos Helm S
Gravios Mail K
Cephalos Vambraces S
Gravious Tasset K
Ioprey Greaves U (Torso Inc)

This gives you Anti-Heat, pretty much a must for killing the
Grav, and living in general. Also helps to weild a "water"
weapon on the Grav!


7)Got something to add? [email protected] 

Note that flaming mails, virus mails, blank mails,information covered in 
the FAQ will be ignored. Suggestions, tips and information are welcome, 
and will be credited when due.

Note that before you can host this FAQ on your site, do make sure that you
have my permission.

- This FAQ is for private and personal use. No permission is granted to
reprint this FAQ in a magazine/WEBSITE or publication without my 
(Frances Hartgrave) prior consent.

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8) Stupid Statements/Questions

Posted 9/7/2006 1:09:57 PM

It sucked, and most of it was copied. you fail. hard.

PS Mansex

Posted 9/7/2006 1:11:28 PM

Copied???? From who? ME? Yes I used my old guide and added to it, as 
much as Capcom used thier old game and added to it...

9) Good Questions/Statements

             Get that rusted weapon that you always wanted!
So you got a Ruststone/Ancient Stone and it turned out to be just a 
normal old weapon? No fear! Use this handy trick, put the stone in 
your box, not doin ya any good in your hand. Save the game, then try 
to craft the stone as normal, didn't get what you wanted? No prob,
go to the bed, DON'T SAVE, quit, Quit Without Saving! Reload your 
game and go on a short quest, I like the 3rd elder quest. Deliver 
your 2 herbs / 1 spiderweb, meat, paw pass, ect. Come back into town 
and try to make your weapon again, didn't get it? No prob, go to the 
bed DON'T SAVE YOUR GAME, quit, Quit Without Saving...ect...
Some things to keep in mind, the stones are random in weapon class 
but not TYPE. So a sword is always a sword and a hammer is always a 
hammer, ect. Just keep trying, sometimes it takes awhile, probly in 
about 10 trys you'll get the "rusted" weapon of choice.

I heard that if I completed my combo list (all 123 or so combos) that 
I would get "combo book G" that would have the effect of carring all 5
combo books, LIES! All I got was the Alchemy SUCKS! It gives 
you the alchemy skill by carring it, well big deal...anyway, just so you