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Follow the dark path or use the light

Twisted Metal Head-on Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Twisted Metal Head-on


We have 29 cheats and tips on PSP. You can also ask your question on our Twisted Metal Head-on Questions & Answers page.

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Twisted Metal: Head-On cheats
Unlock All Endings:
Complete the Story mode with the character whose ending you want to unlock.

Killer Weapons:
Enter X, X, Up, Up, Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button.

Enter Right, Left, Down, Up, Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button.

Health Recharged:
Hold Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button and enter Triangle, X, Square, Circle.

Infinite Ammo:
Enter Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down, Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button.

Infinite Weapons:
Hold Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button and enter Triangle, Triangle, Down, Down

Mega Guns:
Hold Left Shoulder Button + Right Shoulder Button and enter X, Triangle, X, Triangle.


All cheats
None of these codes can be used in multiplayer or online mode
While in gameplay press right, left, down, up, L+R
While in gameplay press triangle, triangle, down, down, L+R
While in gameplay press X, X, up, up, L+R
While in gameplay press X, triangle, X, triangle, L+R

How to Defeat Dark Tooth and Tower Tooth
Defeating Dark Tooth is like defeating Sweet Tooth. Dark Tooth and more armor than the other players, so he'll take longer to defeat. DO NOT use your Machine Guns. It won't help a bit. Collect all the pickups you can.

You'll need them alot. Collect your pickups, then take your fire or homing missiles and fire. He has a front bucket like Mr. Slam, and his special is the same as Mr. Slam. He'll take you and slam you to the ground. Stay away from the bucket. Shoot from behind him and he'll die alot faster. After you defeat him, he will be unlocked in every mode.

Now Defeating Tower Tooth is a whole other subject. You'll need Mega Guns Cheat. Trust Me, it helps. It's L + R, X , Triangle, X, Triangle. After that's on, shoot him till you finish Stage 1. On Stage 2, you'l..

To unlock tower tooth charcter all you have to do is to baet the the game 5 times. xbox live gamertag is gamer7520

Infinite weopons
Trianle, triangle, down, down, L1, + R1

Invincibilty & Infinite weapons
While playing, hold L + R, then press right,left,down.

For infinite weapons, hold down L + R and press triangle,trinagle,down,down.

Cheat list
Enter these cheats while playing

Health Recharged
Infinite Ammo< enter TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, DOWN, L and R buttons

Infinite Weapons
Killer Weapons
Mega Guns

You can run but you can't hide
If your in a batlle and your health is low find a place to hide or run around till you find health.

Completing the Russia Mini-Game
This is an easy mini-game, if you have good accuracy. Use a character that moves average and is small, like Mr. Grimm. You must blow up 6 tanks in 2 minutes to receive the award. The first 2 or 3 are small, but the others are big. This is really easy to complete. Just aim at the tank and shoot. After you complete this, you will unlock Axel.

Completing the Tokyo Streets Mini-Game
This one is pretty easy, excluding the green Sweet Tooth's who drain your life when you hit them. You must hit the big white Sweet Tooth's on the wall and collect stars. When you hit heads, stars will turn from red to green. Collect 7 stars and you will unlock Tokyo Death Match Level.

Completing the Tokyo Rooftops Mini-Game
THE HARDEST MINI-GAME!!! This is the hardest of them all. Use Mr. Grimm, since he fits in with is mini. You must beat about 7 future-looking motorcycles in a two lap race. I even find this difficult to complete because they're going too fast. I suggest you do what I do. Be patient, and try not to hit the walls as much. After you complete this, you will unlock the third cool-looking car in the game; HammerHead.

One Hit KIll
press X twice and Up twice and the L & R together

How to Defeat Cousin Eddy
When you get to the Cousin Eddy Part of Stage 4, shoot his left and right front and rear gunmen, then his back, then when the top gunmen is left, press X two times to jump. While your in air, shoot your machine gun at him. After that, he'll go crazy.

I suggest you use your Swarm Missiles if you have them. If Not, then use Fire Missiles, or your machine gun. Stay in One Spot, and when he comes to you, start blasting. He should blow up. Now you've beaten and unlocked Cousin Eddy. You've also unlocked the ATV 4-Wheeler.

Completing the Paris Mini-Game
Use any character on this mini-game. Your Objective is to shoot down Choppers with Napalm. This is a hard mini-game to complete, that's why I suggest you practice shooting Napalm. Stay in one position, and when the chopper gets there, fire! After you complete it, you will have unlocked the Paris Death match Level in Challenge and Endurance Mode.

Completing the Egypt Mini-Game
Use a Character with good handling like Grasshopper. Move through the Fire Holes first, which is easy. The Second Part is the big moving spike rollers, follow one real slowly and get to the other side. The Next Part is the Crushers. These should be easy.

Go One of Two at a time. The Next Part is the big spikes, again. But this time it's reverse. Do the same thing as last time, but reverse. The Next Part is the Electricity Lines. These move side to side not slow, but not fast.

The Next Obstacle is the Swinging Blades. I suggest use your turbo through this one. The Last One is the Hammers. It's exactly like the Crushers. Move slow and easy. After you complete this mini-game, you will have unlocked the Egypt Death Match Level in Challenge and Endurance Mode.

Completing the Monaco Mini-Game
This gives people trouble some times. You are in a race track driving the wrong way. You must shoot the yellow tractor cars. Once you get hit 3 or 4 times, you blow up. The Course is 2 Laps long. After the two laps, if you shot 10 cars, you will unlock Crimson Fury. If you shot 15 cars, you will get an extra life.

Killer weapons
Killer weapons:

Press X[2], Up[2], L + R

Completing the Big Blue Stadium Mini-Game
To Complete this, use a car with good handling, like Grasshopper. Your Objective is to destroy 5 Taxi Cabs, by ramming them. Ram 1 Taxi Cab at a time. Some Taxi's ram you, or block you from ramming the taxi your ramming alot. It's hard since you have a time limit, but I wouldn't bother doing it, since you don't win anything.

Completing the L.A. Wood Mini-Game
I suggest you use Mr. Grimm since he is small and fast. Avoid the green boxes, they will drain your life and slow you down. When you get to the Iron Balls, move one at a time, and move slowly, but quickly. After you pass that, traffic on the highway could slow down, but it shouldn't slow you down much. After you complete it, you unlock Mr. Slam.

Completing the Roman Ruins Mini-Game
Use a character like Twister, or Mr. Grimm. Survive a course full of jumps, TNT, and big jumps. In the first half, try to shoot or avoid the TNT.

You don't need the pickups, just stay focused on the course. When you get to the part where you go downhill, try not to move around as much, but to stay in the middle. After you complete that part, you'll start taking big jumps.

Use your turbo for these jumps. After the 4th or 5th Jump, the jumps will get larger. After that you should be done. After you complete it, you will unlock Rome Death Match Level.

Completing the Greece Mini-Game
This one is kind of similar to the Roman Ruins Mini-Game. Use Warthog since he stops pretty easy. You must jump squares. There are platforms that move up and down and side to side. Use your turbo on some ramps since some are pretty far apart. After you complete this you will unlock Greece Death match Level.

How to beat Cousin Eddy
To beat Cousin Eddy you have to kill all the people on the side,front,top,and back.To do this just keep running around and firing at him till there dead.Keep going around outer part of the city to get health.When you kill all of them you and cousin eddy will go Head-On.

Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes during gameplay to enable the corresponding effect.

Infinite Ammo:
Press Triangle, Triangle, Down twice, L + R.

Press Right, Left, Down, Up, L + R.

Killer Weapons:
Press X, X, Up, Up, L + R.

Radial Blast (no ammo required):
Press Left, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right

Spawns A Mine Underneath Your Car:
Press Right, Left, Up, Down.

Temporary Invisibility
Press Left, Left, Down, Down.

Temporary Shield:
Press Right, Right, Down, Down.

Unlock Battlegrounds
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding Battleground will become unlocked.

Egypt Deathmatch:
Complete Balance Beam Minigame under 3 minutes.

Complete Greece in Story mode.

Greece Deathmatch:
Complete Jump Skill Minigame under 2.5 minutes.

Los Angeles - Cousin Eddy:
Complete Los Angeles - Cousin Eddy in Story mode.

Complete Monaco in Story mode.

Paris Deathmatch:
Complete Chopper Shoot Minigame under 2 minutes.

Roman Ruins:
Complete Roman Ruins in Story mode.

Rome Deathmatch:
Complete Top Down Driver Minigame under 2 minutes.

Complete Ru..

Unlock Vehicles
The following vehicles become unlocked when you complete the corresponding task.

Complete Los Angeles - Cousin Eddy in Story mode.

Complete Shooting Rink Minigame under 3 minutes.

Cousin Eddy:
Complete Los Angeles - Cousin Eddy in Story mode.

Crimson Fury:
Complete Death Race Minigame by destroying 10 cars.

Dark Tooth:
Complete Story mode once.

Complete Sky Track Minigame by finish 1st place.

Mr. Slam:
Complete Freeway Slalom Minigame under 2 minutes.

Tower Tooth:
Complete Story mode using any 5 vehicles.

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