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Tekken 6 PSP Cheats and Tips

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We have cheats that include unlocking alternate costumes, unlocking Panda, getting bonus Gold and defeating Azazel easily.

More Tekken 6 PSP Cheats and Tips

We have 16 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Tekken 6 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

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Bonus Gold

When you promote a character to the indicated rank you will recieve the corresponding amount of Gold.

2,000,000 Gold:

Promote a character to Rouge (this can only be done once).

7,000,000 Gold:

Promote a character to Fujin.

20,000,000 Gold:

Promote a character to Tekken God.

Unlock Alternate Costumes

This feature becomes enabled when you highlight a character and then press either X or Circle.

Easy Azazel

You can easily defeat Azazel by learning this 2 things

-Memorize a 3 hit combo

-Learn a special attack that cannot be blocked by enemies

Sometimes this things won't work but trust me this will help.

Unlock Panda

This female character who is the loyal pet, best friend, and bodyguard of Ling Xiaoyuo will become available as a playable character when you highlight Kuma, and press X or Circle.

Unloc Nancy-MI847J Bonus Round

Beat ALL the stages of Arcade mode without continuing to unlock the Nancy-MI847J bonus stage before fighting Jin Kazama.

Devil Jin's Mishima War Sabre

To use this blade press Triangle, Square, and X together.

How to promote your character's status(or whatever it's called)

This is quite easy actually.. All you have to do, is go to practice mode and select any character you wish, then practice their moves and memorize, not all though, only the effective ones.. Then, keep practicing and practicing until you think you're good enough, do different kinds of modes then when you're ready, select ghost battle and choose ANY character you want, then soon, you're character will earn promotions quickly..

P.S. Im not sure about this but just try :D

P.P.S I was able to get my character LILI to Marauder by doing this often , so good luck Smile

Easily defeat Nancy

To defeat Nancy, first you need to use your ultimate move(like avenger of Jin Kazama) that at least damages half of your enemies life. You also need to use sidesteps to easily avoid Nancy's attacks. But still if I was you I don't like the bonus of Nancy. The bonus is just a maximum of 50,000 gold. I just love to defeat Nancy that's all.

Unlock Stages

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding stage.

Nighmare Train:

Beat Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor.

Kigan Island:

On the Hard difficulty setting go to Abyss Gate and defeat the man with the straw hat. Take his items and then exit to world map.

Subterranean Pavillion:

On the Hard difficulty setting beat 16th Archaeological Expeditions Excavation Site.

Devil Jin's Hellfire Blast with an Angel's Halo

This move is executed by pressing L or Triangle and Square together.

Kazama had nancy gun

Go to menu and select challenge and select kazama characther and do this cheat o,right,o,square

Easy Bosses

AZAZEL:All you need is 1 of the characters and their moves.

1.Devil Jin Kazama=Infernal Destruction

2.Jin Kazama=Avenger

NANCY:Easy. You only need 1 of the characters & their corresponding moves.

1.Devil Jin Kazama=Infernal Destruction

2.Feng Wei=Death Palm

Sorry, But Just check their COMMAND LIST for the moves.

Note:you still need to evade attacks.And you only need to do each attack 4-6 times and they are finished. Tnx. Pls rate.

Lili and her penguins

When you do this move with Lili she pops out a penguin.This penguin can charge your opponent and trip him/her.To do this press down + square + triangle the the penguin will pop out of nowhere.To make it charge press down + square + triangle while crouching

Easy azazel

You can easily defeat azazel by learnig this 2 things

-memorize a 3 hit combo

-learn special attack that cannot be blocked by enimies

Sometimes this things won' work but trust me this will help

Unlock Rage Effects

When you perform the indicated number of Roulette actions the corresponding Rage Effect will become unlocked.

Black Rage:

Perform 1x Roulette

White Rage:

Perform 2x Roulette

Yellow Rage:

Perform 3x Roulette

Lightning Rage:

Perform 4x Roulette

Ice Rage:

Perform 5x Roulette

Fire Rage:

Perform 6x Roulette

Easy tekken god

It works only for LEI... You can get to "tekken god" rank with one move. Try it: LEFT + DOWN than CIRCLE.

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