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Sonic Rivals Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Sonic Rivals


We have 12 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Sonic Rivals please send them in here.

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Unlockable Skins

Complete story mode with the following characters to unlock the corresponding skins.
Unlock Shadow Skin:
Complete Story mode with Shadow.
Unlock Silver Skin:
Complete Story mode with Silver.
Unlock Sonic Skin:
Complete Story mode with Sonic.
Unlock Knuckles Skin:
Complete Story mode with Knuckles.

Unlock Metal Sonic Skin:
Complete Story mode with Metal Sonic.

Unlock Metal Sonic

In no particular order beat the game with Sonic, Knuckles, Silver and Shadow.


Unlock Shadow's Flame Suit:
Get the cards Team Sonic, Team Rose, and Team Dark.
Unlock Sonic's Ice Suit:
To get Sonic's ice suit you must have Miles 'Tails' Power 2004, 2005, and 2002.
Unlock Knuckles' Leather Shoes:
To get Knuckles' leather shoes, get Coconut 2002, Turtloids 2002, and Buzzer 2002.
Unlock Silver's Leather Shoes:
To get Silver's leather shoes, get the card Chaos 2 (1998), Chaos 4 (1998), and Chaos 6 (1998).
Unlock Sonic's Leather Costume:
To get Sonic's leather suit, get the card Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and Sonic The Hedgehog 3. To get the gloves, get Cream The Rabbit, Cheese, and Cream and Cheese. To get the shoes, get Sonic and Amy, Amy Rose 200..

Unlock New Cups

Complete Easy, Medium and Hard Challenges in Specific zones in Challenge mode to unlock the corresponding cup. You will also obtain Chaos Emerald cards for Cup Circuit mode.
Unlock Purple Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Meteor Base Zone
Unlock Red Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Sky Park Zone
Unlock Cyan Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Colosseum Highway Zone
Unlock Yellow Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Crystal Mountain Zone
Unlock Blue Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Death Yard Zone
Unlock Green Chaos Cup:
Complete ALL challenges for Forest Falls Zone
Unlock Grey Chaos Cup:
Complete every challenge in the game


In no actual order complete sonic,silver,shadow and knuckles story.
Umlockable costumes.
Sonic: leather, ice, black tie.
Knuckles: leather, eggman, armor.
Shadow: leather, fire, 80's.
Silver: leather, thunder, christmas.
Unlock new skin's.
To unlock sonic's skin beat his story.
To unlock knuckle's skin beat his story.
To unlock shadow's skin beat his story.
To unlock silver's skin beat his story.
To unlock metal sonic's skin beat all stories. ================
Chaos emerald cards.
To unlock the chaos emerald cards do challenges (example) do all zone 1 challanges to unlock the green c..

Moves, Clothes, Cards, Character, Skins

Sonic - Sonic Boom
Knuckles - Hammer Punch
Shadow - Chaos Control
Silver - ESP
Metal Sonic - Copy Rivals Power

Sonic - Leather, Ice, Black Tie
Knuckles - Leather, Armor, Eggman
Shadow - Leather, Flame, 80's
Silver - Leather, Lightning, Christmas
Metal Sonic - Leather, Circuits, Jester

Cups - Finish all challenges on easy, medium, and hard in one Zone to get a card
Character - Beat all story modes
Skins - Beat any character's story mode to get a skin
Random - Beat stories or challenges

Unlockable characters and Basic characters

The characters you should already have should be as follows:
Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog
Knuckles the Edchina
Silver the Hedgehog
There is only one unlockable character, but it is pretty good to play as:
Metal Sonic the Metal Hedgehog

Speical abilities!!!

Knuckles:FIRE FIST
Metal Sonic's is currantly uwnown.

Metal sonic's power

Metal sonic has the same power of any Rival you selected. If sonic, he has sonic boom. If Knuckles, he has hammer punsh. If shadow, he has chaos control. If silver, he has esp (mind control).


All outfits are unlocked by collecting cards.
Sonic: Leather, Ice, (unknown)
Shadow: Leather, Flame, (unknown)
Silver: Leather, Lightning, (unknown)
Knuckles: Leather, Armour, Eggman
Metal Sonic: Leather, Circuit, (unknown)
Happy Gaming :-D

Faster spin dash

For doing a faster spin dash than usual do the following:
When you hear the music of the level your playing start tapping x it will jump start the spin dash and even if your rival charges up his spin dash you'll be ahead.I hope I helped

Hidden Character

Once you Completed Sonic's,Shadow's,Knuckles and Silvers story,You unlock a new character and story.Its Metal Sonic.

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