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Patapon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Patapon


We have 12 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Patapon please send them in here.

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Spear of Protection

This weapon is only available in the demo and is carried over to the full game when you have the demo's saved game.

Unlock Mini Games

When you complete certain tasks on the indicated mission the correspondng mini-game will become unlocked.
Unlock Tree Mini-Game:
Get the Pakapon hat on mission 2
Unlock Mountain Mini-Game:
Get the Kimpon hat on mission 14.
Unlock Cooking Mini-Game:
Get the Gashapon hat on mission 17.
Unlock Flower Mini-Game:
Get the Zapaton hat on Creatures of the Sand. Make it rain and kill the purple slug.
Unlock Smith Mini-Game:
Get the Kampon hat on Search for a Lucky star. Hunt when it's not rainning and talk to star (the black star must be got first).

How to get the Don drum and Rain Juju

First, you need the Chaka Drum. Then go back to Patata Plain and don't walk through the sign with a triangle, circle, triangle and circle sign. Do the strike the drum by following the sign until the sign reaches to the top and you get a bent compass.
Next, When you get a bent compass, a hidden mission will appear and there you get the Don Drum and Rain Juju after defeating the monster called "Majidonga".
Finally, when you get the Don Drum and Rain Juju, finish the mission of "Dessert Passing" and make rain after the talking sign board. Hold the Select button to know how to make rain. It's the one that says "Miracle".

Rare Yaripons

Pyokola: Cherry tree + Cafeteria Meat
Gekolos: Cherry tree + Tender Meat
Mefeel: Cherry tree + Succulent Meat
Tikulee: Hinoki + Succulent Meat
Mogyoon: Super Cedar + Succulent Meat OR Hinoki + Mystery Meat
Barsala: Super Cedar + Mystery Meat

What are good training missions

1. Hunting on Patata Plain
Start by attacking the birds called "Motiti" if you defeat it, you're lucky.
Attack as many Motitis and Kacheeks as you can.
2. Fleeting Guardian Dodonga
Every time you defeat it, he gets more powerful as he gets more level. It also goes for the Majidonga.
Training Hints:
Before you start attacking, you can make combos until you reach Fever mode like using the Defense Song. Your army gets stronger when you're in Fever mode especially the ones with Bows and Arrows.

Rare Megapons

It's obvious that you get other kinds of Patapons when you mix other ingredients to rebirth Patapons. Okay, here are some rare patapons:
Pyokola Megapon: Sloppy Alloy and Cherry Tree.
Gekolos Megapon: Hard Alloy and Cherry tree.
Mefeel Megapon: Awesome Alloy and Cherry tree.
Tikulee Megapon: Magic Alloy and Cherry Tree.
Mogyoon Megapon: Awesome Alloy and Super cedar.
Barsala Megapon: Magic Alloy and Super cedar.

Find a star

After defeating Gong in the mission "Legendary Night Sky" you can hunt in the same place, "Search for a lucky star". If one of your Patapon are killed while on this mission, the rain will stop in a future mission there, where you will fight a small monster and a gold Motiti. Before starting the mission be sure to not use fire weapons, as they will not hurt the Motiti. When you start the mission, take out the motiti first, then the monster. Out of the monster a star will appear and drop KaChing for you to pick up along the way. If you defeat the gold motiti, you will also recieve the black star which opens the path to a set of ruins.

Gorl hints

Gorl is the final boss. Most people find it hard to beat but it's easy for those who study it well.
Secrets: He has 2 heads. Keep on attacking even when it's down. He has a very powerful attack when his 2nd head is on duty. Keep on using your defense and retreat as well
1.Toxic Breath of Doom
~unleashes a horrible scent of gas. Use Chaka; Chaka; Pata; Pon
Damage: 35%
2.Deadly Dark Spit
~he looks like he's about to spit. All the army are affected. Use Pon;Pata;Pon;Pata.
Damage: 20% each spit
3.Dark Kame-hame-ha
~look at it's hands and you'll see a dark ball about to launch. Use Chaka-Chaka-Pata-Pon
Damage: 55% and 48% in defense
4.Ram you like a semi-truck
~he will back off till it reac..

Unlock Ubo-Bon Mini game

On your third mission where you fight the Zigotons, You'll find a crown-shaped hat called the "Pakapon hat". If you get it, you'll be able to rebirth Pakapon. Pakapon plays a trumpet and he stays on the left of the screen beside a sleeping tree. If you give him a Cafeteria Meat, you'll be playing the Ubo-Bon Mini-game.
If you succeed, you get various items like wooden branch, stone, Cherry branch and Cafeteria meat.

Patapon bosses

How to get the following bosses:
1. Unlock Dodonga: obtain "The Papyrus Map" from the mission: "Gong the Hawkeye"
2. Unlock Majidonga: obtain "Bent Compass" from the mission" "Hunting on Patata Plain"
3. Unlock Zaknel: boss is automatically unlocked when Meden says: "I sense a legendary hero".
4. Unlock Dokaknel: obtain "Dusty Crystal" from a Motiti in the mission: "Sandy Paradise"
5. Unlock Gaeen: boss is automatically unlocked when a mission named "Mythilogical Freak" in the Patapon map.
6. Unlock Dogaeen: obtain "Broken Sign" in the mission "Legendary Night Sky". It only appears one time!!!
7. Unlock Cioking: obtain "Black Star" in the mission "Search for a Lucky Star".
8. Unlock Ciokina: boss is automatically obtained when Meden says some..

Unlock boss

1. Unlock Dodonga: Obtain "Blank Map"
2. Unlock Majidonga: Obtain "Bent Compass"
3. Unlock Zaknel: (Automatically appears)
4. Unlock Dokaknel: Obtain "Dusty Crystal"
5. Unlock Gaeen: (Automatically appears)
6. Unlock Dogaeen: Obtain "Broken Sign"
7. Unlock Cioking: Obtain "Black Star"
8. Unlock Ciokina: (Automatically appears)
9. Unlock [Kharma's pet]: (Automatically appears)
10. Unlock Gorl: Defeat Kharma's pet [Final Mission]

Deleting patapons

On preparing your mission, move your cursor to the patapon you want to delete and press the Select button.

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