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Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0

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We have plenty of cheats for this game and includes how to unlock unique vinyls, super composite hoods and spoilers, and get faster nitrous refil. We also have unlock codes and will tell you how to get money fast.

More Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 Cheats and Tips

We have 18 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Codes

Unlock ALL Bonuses and Get $500,000
Enter '!mr. Blonde' (include the space) without the quotes as a Profile name. You will still need to purchase the unlocked items.
Unlock ALL Tracks, Cop Cars in Tuner Takedown Mode and $100,000:
Enter '!get-set' without the quotes as a Profile name.
Unlock ALL Performance and Visual Upgrades and $200,000:
Enter '!tuner-well' without the quotesw as a Profile name.
Unlock ALL Cop Cars in Quick Race Mode:
Enter '!bacon' without the quotes as a Profile name.

Cheats rules

How do you get new cars or buy new cars?


Get $100,000:
Enter '!bacon' as a profile name.
Put all Cop cars in Tuner Takedown Mode:
Enter the code '!get-set' as a profile name.

Faster Nitrous Refill

Whenever you drive over 200 mph the nitrous will refill twice as fast.

Unlock Cars

The following cars become available options when you beat the indicated racer.
Unlock Carrera 4S:
Beat Ming
Unlock Carrera GT:
Beat Toru Sato
Unlock Corvette:
Beat Kamikaze
Unlock Eclipse:
Beat Big Lou
Unlock Ford GT:
Beat JV
Unlock Gallardo:
Beat Webster
Unlock Lancer and WRX STi:
Beat Earl
Unlock M3 GTR 1:
Beat Ronnie
Unlock M3 GTR 2:
Beat Razor
Unlock Mustang GT:
Beat Baron
Unlock RX-8:
Beat Izzy
Unlock TT:
Beat Jewels

Unlock Unique Vinyls

These become available when you defeat one of the following opponents and own their car; Baron, Bull, Earl, Izzy, Jade, JV, Kaze, Ming, Ronnie, Sonny, Taz, Vic, Webster.

Unlock Super Composite Hoods and Spoilers

Win the following Bonus Part Challenges to unlock the Super Composite hood and spoiler for the corresponding car.
Carrera GT:
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 2
Ford GT:
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 3
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 4
Carrera 4S:
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 5
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 6
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 7
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 8
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 9
Mustang GT:
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 10
Bonus Part Challenge 1 and 2 on Rank 11
Bonus ..

Don't Get Discouraged

I know lots of people who play this game think that after your number 1, and have all cars and parts and lots of money still have 78% of the game complete. The only thing you must do is get the best times possible in all races, outrun mode, and tuner takedown. And no, you don't get anything when you get 100%.

Best speed car

You should win a couple of bosses and save up your money to buy the corvete and equip it with all the upgrades and nitrous and when you are done the speed of the car will be a 100% so you have on your hands the most fast car ever.


Always buy the newest, best carsAnd if you can't..

Always buy the newest, best cars
And if you can't beat someone, try it with all your cars

Head start

To start the game with $500,000 and all upgrades unlocked type in Mr. Blonde! As your driver name at the start of the game.
I also suggest you buy the corvette as it's the fastest car in the game!

Master Code

The master code for all the upgrades, cars, track, and pursuit cars is
"!mr. blonde" entered with the exclaimation point and period and space not the quotation marks. Enter this in your profile at the beginning of the game or if you create a new profile and you will have everything.You also get $500,000!

Cop Evasion

Dont try to outrun the cops unless the option is presented to you because it's impossible. Use your enviornment and drift skills to try and fake out or atleast divert the cops from chasing you.
Worst case scenario and your fortuante enough to have another lap, allow someone to pass you, if you are in first, let them get busted or at the very least divert the cops so you can pull ahead for the final lap.
This only works if your car has handling upgraded a decent amount and a realatively good idea of the track.
If a cop sets up a spike strip, forget it they will bust you so just restart the race and try again. It's frustrating but you can do it because cops can't chase a true underground racer!

Secret Cheats

Enter !bacone. As A screen name whene you start a new game to unlock extra $100.000 Dollars

Easy win

Enter the cheat !mr. Blonde you will get 500,000 dollars and all cars go to safe house and choose the bmw mr gt2 and the rest is a walk in the clouds!!!!!

All Parts Plus bonuses

Put Tuner!-Well As Your profile name

500,000 thousand and all cars unlocked and all upgrades unlocked

In order to do this you must start a new game when you write your name wright down !mr. Blonde

Ps: the cars will be unlocked but you have to buy them exept there is one car the sports-mercedes it costs $0 so pretty much it's free

How to get fast money

This is how you get fast money.Ok,if you have a really good car and can beat people aleast five times then this cheat will work perfect for you.Okay,go to a boss you have already beat and verse them again.You will get money but no respect points.

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