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Mortal Kombat: Unchained Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Mortal Kombat: Unchained

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Check out our cheats to find out how to unlock Kenshi's alternate costume, unlock 'Sexy Mileena' art and get the Fatalities codes for all the characters.

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We have 13 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Mortal Kombat: Unchained please send them in here.

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Unlock 'Sexy Mileena' Art:

At the 'Main' menu go to the Krypt and lood for a grave which is maked 'GT'. Inside the coffin which will cost you 217 Sapphire Koins to unlock is the production art piece that is called 'Sexy Mileena'.

Move List

The following list are ALL the characters in the game and their respective moves.
Ashrah's Moves
Heavenly Light: Press Down, Away + Square
Lightning Blast: Press Down, Forward + Square
Spin Cycle: Press Down, Up + X
Nature's Torpedo: Press Forward, Forward + Circle
Fatality 1: Press Down(2), Up(2), Triangle (close range)
Fatality 2: Press Forward, Down, Forward, Down, Triangle (sweep range)
Hara Kiri: Press Up, Down, Up(2), Triangle

Baraka's Moves
Flying Shard: Press Down, Away + Square
Mutant Blades: Press Forward, Forward + X
Fatality 1: Press Forward, Up, Down, Triangle (close range)
Fatality 2: Press Forward, Down, Away, Forwar..

Unlock Characters and Alternate Costumes

Fight as Seido Warrior
Unlock Koffin: QT. Then press 'Start' while selecting Hotaru.
Fight as Tarkatan Warrior
Unlock Koffin: SR. Then press 'Start' while selecting Baraka.
Fight as Shokan Warrior:
Unlock Koffin: PD. Then press 'Start' while selecting Goro.
Unlock Alternate Costumes:
When you have unlocked a costume at the Krypt, highlight that character in Arcade mode and press 'Start' instead of X.

Scorpian Fatalities

1)foward, back, foward, back, square
2)foward, down, foward, foward, square

Fatality Theater

To see a free no code fatality, you must First start up a Chess Kombat and select the fighter that you would like to see his/her fatality, build the rest or your team and start the match.
Then select the spell menu and select exchange one of your champions(the one on the
Left or right of your leader)and the other teams shifter(the one on the farthest upper left or right)then it will be the other teams turn and the shifter WILL attack your leader. The shifter will change into your fighter. Let the enemy kill you and the enemy will perform a fatality and since the enemy is a shifter you'll see the "leader" warriors fatality
This also works on MK Deception

kenshi's alternate coustume

(Note: this code only works for unchained. Not likely to work on deception!) To unlock kenshi's alternate coustume in konquest, after you pass through the gates, turn your camera around back to the locked door. You should see a chest. Oppen it, then take the key to the krypt, and unlock the coffin. You should see kenshi's Deadly Alliance costume.

Scorpion mortal kombat 4 vs scorpion mortal kombat unchained

Unlock the tomb in the krypt that has scorpions alternate costume and go to practice mode and choose scorpion with the start button instead of the x button then choose player two as scorpion with the x button and when the round starts you will be scorpion from mortal kombat 4 and player two will be scorpion from mortal kombat unchained

Great Defence

If you are having troubles with someone who has a long combo and can't beat him/her. Crouch down in your block, when the move is done come up with down triangle or back triangle. Note: this block won't work if they throw in a downward punch or kick onto your head.

Easy way to defeat Onaga

The easiest way to defeat Onaga to me is to learn all the special moves of that character as well as their longest and most powerfullest weapon move. When in battle, go at him with your weapon move or special move. QUICKLY step to the side or step back by hitting the directional key 3 times. Onaga usually comes back in for a hit. If you got out of the way in time, he will miss and you will be set up for another combo attack. Remember to hit the kamidogus to weaken him. Now go and defeat Onaga!

where's reiko

he in the Outworldhe near the water at the bottom of the map youll see a big gate go inside then go to the back where the lady is ask her if she says something about potion that the lady go behind her house and youll see something and reiko

Easy Passage

Can't get past Jax to get to the bridge in Earthrealm? Here's an easy way to get around him. Meet him and challenge him. Lose two round to him. When the window comes up asking if you want to rechallenge him, decline, you will return to the bridge. Quickly run across the bridge now, Jax won't be there to stop you because it takes a few seconds for him to pop up. Do this when you are going across the bridge again when you are done on that side, and continue playing.


In training mode press R 2 choose any level
In classic kombat press SEL 2 choose handicap


This game is the PSP version of Mortal Kombat: Deception for PS2. So because of this the fatalitys are the same.
Therefore, if you want a list of the Fatalitys just go to Mortal Kombat Deception then look under Cheats or walkthroughs.
If you are wondering why I didn't cut and paste the list over to here, it is because I don't have permition from the creators of the lists, so I decided I would play it safe and not cut and paste, thank you.

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