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Follow the dark path or use the light

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


Weapon Guide

by HayzenTZ

   	       __	    ___  ___  ___   ___
	|\/|  |  |  |\  |  |      |  |     |___|
	|  |  |  |  | \ |   ---   |  |---  |\
	|  |  |__|  |  \|  ___|   |  |___  |  \

			   ___   ___   ___
	|  |  |  |  |\  |   |   |     |___|
	|--|  |  |  | \ |   |   |---  |\
	|  |  |__|  |  \|   |   |___  |  \

	 ___   ___   ___   ___   __    __    _  _      
	|     |__|  |     |     |  \  |  |  | \/ |    
	|---  |\    |---  |---  |   | |  |  |    |    
	|     |  \  |___  |___  |__/  |__|  |    |    

			 ___   ___  TM
	|  |  |\  |   |   |   |
	|  |  | \ |   |   |   |---
	|__|  |  \|   |   |   |___

	B E G I N N E R   W E A P O N   G U I D E

By	: HayzenTZ (Ricky)
E-mail 	: [email protected]

Table of Contents /

[1] Legal

[2] Intro

[3] Know It's Basic

  {3a}Weapons Based on Damage Type Dealt

      [3a1] Slash Weapons

      [3a2] Strike Weapons

  {3b} Weapons Based On Job Class    
      [3b1] Blademaster

      [3b2] Gunner

  {3c} Miscellaneous Things

      [3c1] About Sharpness
      [3c2] About Bullets & Coatings
      [3c3] About Affinity

      [3c4] About Slots

      [3c5] About Defense Bonus   

[4] About G Weapons   

[5] Weapons Guide for Beginners

    {5a} Sword

    {5b} Dual Blades

    {5c} Great Sword

    {5d} Long Sword

    {5e} Hammer

    {5f} Hunting Horn

    {5g} Lance

    {5h} Gunlance

    {5i} Bowguns

    {5j} Bow

[6] FAQs

[7] Credits

[8] Not-that-important Miscellaneous Things

[9] Version History

Legal/ [1]

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

The following sites that are hosting my guide:

Intro/ [2]

Greetings! welcome to my FAQ about our magnificent game,MHFU.
if you have read my previous FAQ then this will be my third FAQ you have read.
firstly,thanks to those who helped me create this guide. Without you guys I 
wouldn't have been able to write it.
What FAQ you say? You're going to find out!
If you read the title, you'll know this FAQ is about Weapons for Beginners. 
Here we go.. 

Weapons,the key,the heart and trump card of your hunting.
well,basically it's the main equipment for your entire hunting career.
the technical success factor from hunting it self, 90% are based on your weapon
and the rest is from your armor set. why, you ask?
let say..if you're hunting a Kut-Ku,and you aren't wearing any armor
(the "Nothing Equipped" set)
and all you can grab is a Bone Kris,can you finish the hunt?

the answers is yes. as long as you could dodges all of his pathetic attacks and
slice-n-dice them back, they'll just die and what about if you got no weapon?
even you are wearing White Fata set,but you don't have anything beside Kicking
when fighting an Iodrome,you'll just freaked out before you can actually
killed him right?
even if you could kill an Iodrome just using bombs. and before you talk back
there's no way that you could beat Teostra using bombs. =d

and yes, once again weapons are one of them most important thing in MH.
MH doesn't need you to clear the whole game just by using one type of
weapon. in fact,YOU'LL NEED TO USE THEM ALL.
respect them,never underestimate them,and master them,they'll serve you 
right and that's what I'm going to tell you about.


Know It's Basics/ [3]

Allright! moving into the basics!
Weapons basics will be divided in two categories.
one.. what? you wanna jump into the main section? 
allright for those who are fully mastered about the basics may skip
into the main section,BUT! for those who just started playing or
those who don't know anything beside chop,chop and kill. you are gonna regret
it if you didn't learn the basic.remember, you gotta crawl before you walk.

the first is based on Damage Type Dealt,and the second is job class.

{3a} Based on Damage Type Dealt

There are 2 Types of Damage Type in entire MH series
I . Slash
II. Strike

[3a1] Slash

As you can see,it's a type of weapon that cuts,cuts,and cuts monsters.
it's mainly blade-shaped and usually they got better sharpness than others.

cutting weapon plays it's card on it's Sharpness.
well.. basically all melee weapons are dependant to Sharpness

and in this part I'll teach you the importance of Sharpness.

see the 'butcher knife' icon below your Stamina bar? the glowing color on it
indicates your current Sharpness level.

\_______|==		<== it looked like this,I think..

Sharpness it self are divided into several levels.
from lowest to highest: RED < ORANGE < YELLOW < GREEN < BLUE < WHITE < PURPLE

most of basic weapon starts at YELLOW or GREEN. and most of end-game
weapons have BLUE,WHITE and some with PURPLE sharpness.

so..what's this Sharpness do? well,if you think it logically,
which one has more capabilities to cut things? 
a grinded-this-morning knife or a rusty knife? 
of course any dumb people would pick the first one and that's the point.

so.. what about RED level? are there any weapon start from there?
Nope. it's big no . RED level can be achieved by keep hitting your weapon
to it's misery. 

and what happened if your Sharpness reach PURPLE or RED?
let me explain it on the Sharpness section later. ;]

Slash weapon is the majority. all melee weapons that exist in MH
60% are Slash weapons,40% are Strike weapons.

the main feat of Slash weapons is that Slash weapons can
cut off tails.
yes,we pull off a tail from it's owner. simple right?

once you cut their tail you can carve them.
number of carves are vary among the monsters. Gravios may give 2
carves and Rathalos can only give once. 
of course that if when the Carving Celebrity skill doesn't count.

so for the slicing-through thing,Cutting is your man for the job.

WEAPON FOR SLASHING (make sure you try these things)
-Sword&Shield	-Long Sword
-Dual Sword	-Lance
-Great Sword	-Gunlance
-Bow (Melee Attack)

[3a2] Strike

Strike,is quite different story from Slash.
this weapon type have no razor-edge unlike his brethren Slash.

but still,as a fellow Blademaster weapon, it has a Sharpness.
and Strike damage is also affected by it's Sharpness,so keep that in mind.

And the main star of Impact weapon is Hammer.
Hammers and Hunting Horns can inflict special status point
called Stun.

When you hit the right part for stun status damage (usually the head), yellow
sparks will follow your hit. that's indicating you're dealing 'stun' status
(also called 'KO' status) damage to your opponent.
Keep hitting on monster's head several times and they'll fall into the
ground,knocked out and helplessly immobilized,for around 8-10 seconds.
want to know more about Stun? just wait or skip into Hammer section.

Since it's a blunt weapon,it cannot cut tails. and obviously,
can you cut something by keep smashing on it? 

Strike weapons can also do things that Slash Weapons can't.
well,just call it Breaking. it breaks monsters parts that cannot
be cut over. the best and the only example is Daimyo's Shell.

So, want to make those monsters get dizzy? search and destroy? 
Impact weapons rules.

WEAPON FOR STRIKE (make sure you try these things)
-Hunting Horn


Some monsters may suffer more damage if they're being cut in this
part,and some monster may take less damage if you hit that part
with Strike weapons. and Vice Versa.
according to the hitzones chart,monsters have slightly different 
preference of damage. 
make sure you know if you're hitting the right part with the
right weapon to ease up the whole battle.

-Lance inherited both Slash and Strike abilities.
-About Bow and Bowguns,I think they can be considered as both
Impact and Cutting since Bowgun's Crag S could Stun monsters. 
and Bow's melee attack can cut tail.

a Fellow at Minegarde pointed that Bow melee attack have both Cutting 
and Impact capabilities:

"It does either cutting or impact, depending on which will do more damage. 
Like lances, but without the penalty for impact. So you can cut tails 
and break crab shells.."

Thanks Jask! 


{3b} Based on Job Class

Allright,so far there are only 2 type of job classes in entire
MH series. remember,MH is does 'primitive' hunting style,so don't expect
any fuzzy classes like on other RPGs.
Priest? Mage? Thief? Knight? Templar?
NO! THE ONLY JOB HERE IS HUNTER!! and that's what you're
gonna do until you quit playing MH for some reason.
but maybe you can be 'Knight' or something else since there are armors 
similiar to medieval knights. :p


Yes,Blademaster is the most classic and stuffy class you'll ever see.
they possess wide range of melee weapons and their armor are the 
well,aside from that,their weapons are ENTIRELY melee or close-range
or whatever you refer it.
since Blademaster's weapons are melee type,they'll have Sharpness Icon.
and this icon will show the proof that you're a real Blademaster.
there's only one word for Blademasters: "Fight like a man".
you can't be victor if you don't at least get close to them.

WEAPON FOR BLADEMASTER (try and master it)
-Sword&Shield	-Lance
-Dual Sword	-Gunlance
-Great Sword	-Hammer
-Long Sword	-Hunting Horn

GUNNER )   [3b2]

Gunner, their name should already gave you the idea.
this class are mainly long-ranged thing. and tend to stay away from
it's target. 
and their weapon consist letter "B" on it which is Bowguns and Bow.
As a Gunner,they have 'Bullet Icon' replaced on Sharpness Icon.
and the Inventory Shortcut will have an extra menu for Bullet selection.
if you're having trouble with some quests that close ranging wouldn't do 
any good,assaulting from distances is a good thing.
they aren't built for taking damages eventhough they have higher 
elemental resistance.

-Bowgun (Heavy & Light)


-Classes are automaticaly changed once you have equipped that weapon.
-Selecting one type of a class here will affects the type of armor that you
 can wears. 
-Blademaster has great defense but low element resistance,since their
 place are in frontline.
-Gunner is the vice versa. half defense power but stronger elemental
-and for some reason,Head armor part can be equipped by any class.


Some extra things that are included in weapons beside attack power.
here they are:


You can find these on Melee/Blademaster Weapons.
So far,there are 6 colors categories of Sharpness:

PURPLE  : deals 150% damage, nearly impossible to bounce
WHITE	: deals 130% damage,will never bounce,except on some monster's
          parts such as Fatalis's tail
BLUE	: deals 125% damage,only bounce at super-hard surface
GREEN	: deals 113% damage,bounce at some monster's parts
YELLOW	: deals 100% damage,most likely bounce
ORANGE	: deals 75% damage,high chance that it'll bounce
RED	: deals 25% damage,will bounce even on Mosswine

after several hits,depending on how long is the Sharpness level
your weapon's sharpness will drop and eventually will reach the RED zone.
especially when you're out of grinding items or have gone berserk without 
looking at the icon.

and just one thing,if your weapon bounced,the damage you've dealt
is decreased by 70%. so don't expect that you can beat a Giadrome easily with
RED sharpness weapon.
my advice is that you grind your weapon every time it's sharpness dropped. 
so if you got BLUE sharpness and dropped to GREEN during your 
fight go grind it ASAP. if you got PURPLE to WHITE? same thing.
never let your weapon's sharpness drop below it's maximum. you won't regret it.

the items for sharpening are:
-Mini Whetstone (60% effect of Whetstones)
-Knife Mackarel (70% of effect of Whetstones)
yeah,what do you say? you can use even fish to sharpen your weapon.

a Whetstone can fill almost 3/4 entire Sharpness bar,so never leave
home without them for Blademasters.

and there are some Armor Skills that enhance your Sharpness:

=Sharp Sword (Sharpness skill +10)
-your weapon will be more durable and halving your Sharpness drops. 
~you can get it in Ceanataur armor

=Sharpness +1 (Artisan skill +10)
-adds visible Sharpness on your weapon. if it got long GREEN,it'll
increase to BLUE and so on.
but if it got very poor GREEN (e.g Akantor Katana) it'll just 
extend those GREEN,not adding BLUE.
~Akantor,Ukanlos and Ceanataur mainly provide this

=ESP (Fencing+10)
-allows 100% piercing capabilities (anti-bounce). useful for fighting hard
shelled monsters.
~Silver Sol set or Sword Saint Piercing give you this skill

=Sharpening Skill Increase (SwdShrpner +10)
-allows you to sharpen your weapon 4x faster.
very useful on an easily-chipped weapons like Dual Blades
~Velociprey or Battle sets gives you this skill but people mainly gem it on any



You can find these on Ranged/Gunner weapons.
So far there are 3 common types of ammo. including arrows shots.

Normal S/Rapid Shot   : standard ammo/shot that deals neutral damage
Pierce S/Pierce Shot  : ammo/shot with piercing capabilities
Pellet S/Scatter Shot : ammo/shot with spreading capabilities

Bowgun's ammo will vary into several types such as Paint S,Tranq S,Demon S
and many more.

while Bow will have Coatings instead of ammo.
those are:

Power Coatings       : Increases shot damage by 1.5x
Poison Coatings      : Gives arrows Poison properties    
Sleep Coatings       : Gives arrows Sleep Properties
Paralysis Coatings   : Gives arrows Paralysis properties
Close Range Coatings : Gives damage boost on close range shots. also increases
		       Bow's melee attacks damage
Paint Coatings	     : Gives arrows Paint properties (similar to Paintball)

The number of ammo you have will be shown on Bullet Icon.
under your Stamina bar. these shows you how many bullets left on
the magazines(?) in your Bowgun.
 ||[RELOAD]||		<== couldn't find any better illustration,sorry

You can check how many total ammo left on the Inventory shortcut.

On Bows,the Bullet Icon will be replaced by Coatings Icon.

[]x# [][][][][] 	<== like this

the function is nearly the same as Bullet Icon. []x1 represent 10 Coatings
so if you got 50 Coatings,it should be shown like this -> []x5
if 43 Coatings.. -> []x4 [][][]
you'll figure it out.   

There are several Armor skills that support Ammo & Coatings too!
guess what..

=Normal S/Pierce S/Pellet S Up (NormalS/PierceS/PelletSUp+10)
-Increase the level of Normal/Pierce/Pellet shot 
-for Bows,it'll increase Rapid/Pierce/Scatter shot as well
~armors that provides it are vary (Conga S for Normal,Ceanataur for
Pierce,Velociprey S for Scatter)

=Normal S/Pierce S/Pellet S add (NormalS/PierceS/PelletS Add +10)
-Allows you to use those ammo type. the higher the skill point,the
higher ammo level you can use
~armors that provides it are vary

=Capacity Up (Loading+10)
-Increase the Bullet magazines capacity
-for Bows,it'll add one extra charge. sweet!
~Monodevil and Barrage Piercing provide this

=Auto Reload (Auto Reload+10)
-Making Reloading unneccesary (only one reload only).that means 
 UNLIMITED BULLET 'till you've ran out of ammo or switched ammo
-In Bows, it'll allow you to auto-equip any coatings you highlight without
 having to press [R]+(^)+(O).
~Death Stench S,Dragon set provide this

=Bullet Limit
-Allows you to get maximum result for every ammunition combinations
e.g:combining Pierce S does have 1~4 chance,meaning you can get one,two,three
or four for each combination. with Bullet limit,you'll always produce four
Simple yet useful. it'll allows you to have more ammo stock in quests



There're more features that included in weapons besides Sharpness &
Bullet thing. and that's called "Affinity". 
let me explain for a bit what's affinity is.


Affinity are showed in percentage. so what does it means?
yes,that's right,Critical hits. remember that sometimes that there
are RED lines when you hit something? that means that Critical hits
has occured.

so how does this works?

let's say if you got 10% of affinity. that means you'll have 10% chance
to have critical hits per attack move.
What? that's it?! well,yeah. it's just too simple,no need to explain it 
into the deepest. I'm sure you guys are already familiar with it on other
RPG games.

and what about 0%?

0(zero)% affinity means that YOU WILL NEVER GET A CRITICAL HITS.
that means that the Critical thing are simply turned off.
most early weapons got 0% affinity,so don't complain.

and minus?

if you got minus affinity such as -10%,that's even worse than 0%.
(contrary to Critical Hits).
what's that? well yeah,I believe MH is the only game that has
minus critical rate.^^
when you see a BLACK lines when you hit something that means your damage
is lower.

and to fill something missing:

and Minus-Criticals (BLACK LINES) GIVES ONLY 75% DAMAGE

Skill that helps on Affinity:

=Reckless Abandon +1/+2/+3 (Expert +10/+15/+20)
-Increase weapon's Affinity based on the Sharpness
~Rathalos Soul and Dark Akantor provide this

=Art of Unsheathing (Sword Draw+10)
-Giving 100% critical hit chance for every unsheathed attack
 regardless of the affinity.
~Rathalos X set gives this

and also keep note that Affinity only works when the Sharpness is GREEN or
higher. this applies on both plus and minus Affinity.

NOTE: Nargacuga weapons got the highest Affinity in-game (40%-70%) and
      Ukanlos weapons are the lowest one (-40%)


[3c4] SLOTS

I think it's self explanatory,but I'll tell it for this once.

Remember that your armor got some slots on it? the "oo-" thing?

the weapon's slots are worked just the same as armors does.
since it'll allows you to put some extra Jewels,means extra skills. 

'---' means non-slotted weapon
'o--' means 1-slotted weapon 
'oo-' means 2-slotted weapon
'ooo' means 3-slotted weapon

Most powerful weapon has it's backdraw. usually they are being non-slotted
or have negative affinity. and 3-slotted one usually doens't have that much 
power but they're very useful in armor combo-ing. 

NOTE: The Blackbelt Weapons got 3 slots.



Some weapons give Defense Bonus. this will be shown on the 'defense+#'
thing on weapon's statuses.

I think this is VERY self-explanatory.

NOTE: most Daimyo weapons gives Defense Bonuses.


And that concludes our weapon basics.
from now on,if you don't understand a thing that I wrote after this
session,make sure to visit the basics again.


[4] G Weapons

If you have progressed through the end-game quests you might find a 
term called 'G weapons'. 
I know this is a guide for beginners but letting they know something new isn't
something that could hurt them,right?

What's G Weapons?

G weapons are sets of weapons that have the looks of the early form of a weapon
but have G ranked power.

Most of their names are from the early form of weapons and have 'G' suffixes at
their names. all of them has 100000z prize tag.

For example, 'Hunter's Dagger G' has the exact looks as the Hunter's Dagger but
it has 392 raw and White sharpness instead.

How do I unlock G weapons?

You'll automatically unlocks G weapons once you have cleared the Ukanlos urgent 
quest in the guild hall,'Absolute Zero'.

so in short,you'll have to be HR9 and cleared G*3 urgent quest 
to get G weapons.

also,IT'S YOU WHO SHOULD HAVE HOSTED THE QUEST. trying to unlock it via your
friend's Ukanlos quest while you are still HR7 isn't gonna work.

multiplayer is OK. as long as you are the one who took the quest.

Worth of it?

At some points,yes. they're quite useful since you don't have to upgrade
from the scratch,working your ass to get lower rank materials.
just get the required materials and 100.000z and you'll have one G weapon.
and they have decent G values meaning you can use them at G quests with no 
problems,since their power are almost equaling final-form weapons.
and yeah. it's also a good choice when you're bored with your final-form 
weapon's looks.

but not all G weapons are *really* worth to get. some final-form weapons has
much better overall than their G version. 

and on a side note, G weapons has Rarity 9, BUT IT DOESN'T COUNT AS THE 
so it's advised that you should keep looking for improvements of your weapons.



Allright,since you've known the basics it's time to cover every weapon
that ever exist in MH.

I'll do one for each weapon class here with almost the same format,so
I hope it will not either confuses or bores you.

(^) 	= Triangle button
(O) 	= Circle button
([])	= Square button
(X) 	= X button
[R] 	= right shoulder button
[L] 	= left shoulder button

(*)+(*)	= press at the same time
(*)>(*)	= press right after
(*)x#	= press # times

when unsheathed	= when your weapon is out, allowing for attack moves
when sheathed	= when your weapon is in, allowing you to carve and such

{5a} Sword & Shield

First,I'll describe the most basic but deep weapon. Sword and Shield.

Sword&Shield,(the game says "Sword" so don't get confused) it's consisting
of a Sword and a small Shield on other hand.

Many Hunters don't like using Sword&Shield because..
-low Raw damage won't let you fast-kill large monsters
-poor Guarding compared to Lances/Gunlances
-short ranged. very close combat is the only choice

that are the most common reason why many people rarely using Sword&Shield.
but.. if you take a good look and with little practice,Sword&Shield can be
the most versatile weapon for many situations.

-(^) when sheathed 	-> Draw Attack (Jumping Slash,usefulness guaranteed.)
-(^) when unsheathed 	-> Slash Combo (4 attacks. slice down,side slice,
                           knee smash,full swing slash)
-(O) when unsheathed 	-> Spinning Slash (usually used as combo finisher)
-(^)+(O) when unsheathed-> Jumping Slash (can reach some high place like 
-(^) when Roll		-> Upper Slash
-[R] when unsheathed 	-> Guard ( it's not too strong,so use only for roars 
                       	   and light threats)
-(O)or(^) while Guard  	-> Guard Slash ( useful for bomb triggering )
-([]) while Guard 	-> use item

here's the pros of Sword&Shield:
-it's small. so do the materials needed to create
-fast,quick attacks,easy for targetting plus dodging
-sheathes weapon faster than any weapons
-can use Items while unsheathed
-wide variety of Elemental and Status weapons
-fast attack can cause heavy elemental damage
-best weapon for Hit-and-Run tactic

Here's some tips of using Sword&Shield:
-always sheathe your Sword when you got a chance
-Draw Attacks (Jumping slash) are great for opening combo
-block roars and flashes using Shield,but stay away from such as 
 Gravy's Beam or Rathalos's Claw
-if you want to support your team by inflicting statuses,this is 
 the best choice
-the full combo is (^)x4 -> (O). but for Hit-and-Run tactic,do shorter (^)
 then (O) to roll.

Recommended Swords For Early Games:
-Velocidrome Bite. decent raw damage
-Red Saber. decent Fire power and looks
-Viper Bite. nice Paralysis status

and here are some end-game Sword&Shields that you should go after:

-Indigo Ogre Sword
( Blue Ogre Sword -> Azure Ogre Sword -> Indigo Ogre Sword )
Best Dragon Sword&Shield. 520 Dragon Element will easily crush any Elder 
Dragons.but 196 raw damage made it difficult to fight neutral monsters.
has Purple Sharpness with Sharpness+1 skill.

-Golden Eclipse
( Red Saber -> Corona -> Golden Falchion -> Golden Falchion+ -> Golden Eclipse)
Best Fire Sword&Shield,with 336 raw, 520 fire pure Raw damage and White 
Sharpness. it's good deal for monsters like Khezu or Gypceros that're fatally 
weak to Fire.

-High Sandman Spike
( Chief Kris -> Weary Finsword -> Sandman Finsword -> Sandman Spike -> 
  High Sandman Spike)
Anyone who familiar to Sleep Bombings should have known this Sword.
yeah,it got 252 raw and 320 Sleep Element. but Swords fast attacks should 
be able to send Kirins to bed time in few hits.

-Royal Rose
( Hydra Bite -> Deadly Poison -> Princess Rapier -> Princess Rapier+ ->
Queen Rapier -> Queen's Rose -> Royal Rose )
Best Poison inflicting weapon. has 350 raw damage and 450 Poison,which 
guarantees easy poison-spam.
works well on every variants except Fatalis. 

Since Sword&Shield has fast attacks almost equal to Dual Swords,
Sword&Shield are capable in dealing great damage of elemental and statuses.
Sword&Shield are very basic,simple but deep weapon to start with.
it'll make the beginners to adapt to the game's control quickly and made
their way to another weapon class.

But don't take the conclusion yet. consider this weapon is for beginners,
and you've made a big is those Sword&Shield features that made 
the pro hunters to make use of them in many hard quests.

For example,for Kirin you can either choose Sleep-bomb him or brawl him.
if you want tactical battle like sleep bombing,using High Sandman Spike or
Hypnoc SnS will dozes Kirin in few hits. as for brawling,high raw powered are 
don't worry,they still can dish out some good damage.

you can also use items in the middle of combat. that means,you can throw
those bombs and traps anytime you want! especially when Daimyo is guarding
and Tranq Bombing trapped monsters. this is another reason why SnS user
is precious in team hunting.

Some Useful Skills For Sword&Shield:

it will increase the visible sharpness for the SnS. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
since playing Sword&Shield meaning you have to move fast,these skills would 
help you in dodging those savage moves

-Element Atk Up or Abr Sts Atk Up
Swords plays it's forte at elemental and status values. increasing their
value meaning you'll deal more damage at elemental SnS and faster status
inflict at status SnS

Fast attacks,agile movement,capable in Guarding has made Sword&Shield to
become a precious weapon class among the other.

Go out there and start hunting!


{5b} Dual Swords

Next is the Dual Swords.

as it's name's the only dual weapon in game,consist of Sword 
in each's alternative weapon for Sword and Shield and have existed
since the first MH series.

Many people doesn't like Dual Swords because..
-No Guarding leave you no choice but to roll or get hit
-Sharpness fall faster than any weapon
-most attacks are fast but weak,and leave you open when attacking
-most attacks were focused only on single foe
-stamina consuming weapon

that are the most common reason why many people rarely using Dual Swords.
but.. if you take a good look and with little practice,Dual Swords can be 
the most damaging weapon for many situations.

-(^) when sheathed 		-> Thrust Attack 
-(^) when unsheathed 		-> Slash down [up to 3 combo]
-(O) when unsheathed 		-> Right Spin Slash
-(^)+(O) when unsheathed	-> Thrust Attack 
-(O)+analog stick left 		-> Left Spin Slash
-[R] when unsheathe or 
 [R]+(^)+(O) when sheathe	-> Demonize
-(O) when Demonize 		-> Double Right Spin Slash
-(O)+analog stick left 
 when Demonize			-> Double Left spin Slash
-(^) after rolling 		-> Quick Slash
-(^)+(O) when Demonize or
 (O) after Double Spin Slash 	-> Devilish Dance [11 hits in a row.the fastest
                          	   combo in-game]

here's the pros of using Dual Swords:
-it's small. so do the materials needed to create
-has the most devastating combo in-game
-it's the most effective weapon to inflict elemental damage 
 [although Capcom has decreased the element damage to 70%]
-Devilish Dance are deadly for immobilized enemies
-Spin Slashes can reach high places

here's some tips when using Dual Swords:
-Devilish Dance is the strongest Dual Swords combo,THAT'S IF ALL SLASHES ARE
 HIT. in other words,when the enemy is moving,Double Spin Slash can be 
 stronger than Devilish Dance
-Devilish Dance will dish out massive damage if you managed to get all hits in
 but keep spamming it meaning will leaving you open for many times so watch out
-Pure raw Dual Swords gives less damages than the Elemental does
-bring many Whetstones. since you'll be grinding a lot
-Demonize don't give you attack bonus,but unlocks Devilish Dance,
 ESP[anti-bounce],and high wind press
-if you want to optimize your offense,gulp Power Juice/Mega Juice and go 
 Demonize all the time. spam Devilish Dance if you feel that's allright
-Favorite combo : (^)+(O) -> (^)3x -> (O) -> [R] (Demonize) -> (^)4x -> 
                  (O) -> quickly after 1st spin (^)+(O). ya,it's long.
-in Demonization Full ^ combo, Double spin slash, O again, somehow 
 Devillish Dance will come out. thanks for Saiful Bahri Sahri for pointing
 it out!

Recommended Dual Swords For Early Games:
-Bladed Edge. decent raw and great sharpness
-Twin Flames. decent Fire power
-Icicle Daggers. decent Ice power
-Order Rapiers. decent Water power

and here are some end-game Dual Swords you should get:

-Dual Dragon Ultimus+
( Black Sword [SnS] x> Double Dragon -> Dual Dragon Ultimus -> 
 Ultimus Heaven&Earth -> Dual Dragon Ultimus+ )
this is yet,the best Dragon Elemental Dual Swords. it has 336 raw and 
320 Dragon can be only crafted from Sword&Shield [Black Sword] 
then cross-classing to Double Dragon.
Very hard to get but it's worth of it

-Silhouette Saber G
(G weapon)
336 raw and 400 Ice element. this is definitely the best ice duals in-game and
one of the worth-to-get G weapons. Rajang's nightmare.

-Holy Guild Knight
( Order Rapier -> Holy Saber -> Guild Knight Sabers -> Master Sabers ->
Holy Guild Knight )
Has 364 raw and 280 water. this is yet the best Water duals in game.
best used on Gravios. 

-Punishments Blades
( Twin Flames -> Hi Twin Flames -> Gradios Ultimus -> Corpse Blades ->
 Punishment Blades)
The hottest duals in game. yeah,I mean the best one for Fire element.
it has 350 raw and 400 Fire and initial White sharpness 
(Purple with Sharpness+1). 
most people used it to farm Chameleos and Ukanlos with the brutal DD spams. 
so it's really worth to get.

Dual Swords are effective against small monsters and non-hard shelled 
monsters.but,who said that hard-shelled monsters [for once again like Gravy]
are non match for Duals?
since elemental damage doesn't really care where it hits,you'll deal tons
of damage if you do nonstopping combos.

for those monsters,Capcom has prepared wide selections of ELEMENTAL DUALS for 
us,be thankful.
it's like this : 
-Gravios [go with Guild Knight Saber or Cutlass+]
-Elder Dragons and Wyverns [Ultimus Heaven & Earth or Eternal Schism]
-Plesioth [Improved Power Saws or Kirin Bolts]
-Blangonga [Corpse Blade]

just go Demonize,slip pass under them,do Devilish Dance!

Some Useful Skills For Dual Swords:

-Element Atk Up
since Dual Swords are built to play with elemental damage, this skill would
ramps damages caused by your Duals

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the duals. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Sharp Sword
Dual Swords hit fast. fast enough to chip it's sharpness with just few minutes.
that's why Sharp Sword would be a godsend for DS users. it slows the decrease 
rate as you hit the monsters

Demonizing will consume Stamina. while Runner will slows down Stamina consume
you got the point.

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
since playing Sword&Shield meaning you have to move fast,these skills would 
help you in dodging those savage moves

Fastest attack speed,deadly elemental damages,and fast moving.
Dual Swords deserves to become one of the most crushing weapon for any 

Let your Inner-Demon come out!


{5c} Great Sword

ok,let's discuss about Great Swords. 

Great Swords have existed since the very first MH series and has been up 
until now.Like it's name implies ,Great Swords are very large,big and long 
compared to other weapons.

many people doesn't like using Great Swords,because..
-You walk slowly when unsheathe your weapon
-attacks take too much delay and leaves you open for monsters attacks
-they are hard to control,if your attack missed,you must reposition yourself
 for the next attack
-Great Swords will bounce if hit near sword's hilt, and once again leave you 
-Blocking reduces your sharpness,that's why people often hesitate to block with
 Great Swords
-they could send your partner flying [in multiplayer].

those are the most common reason why many people rarely using Great Swords.
but.. if you take a good look and with little practice,Great Swords can be
the most perfect weapon for many situations.

-(^) when sheathed 		-> Draw Attack [the most useful]
-(O) when unsheathed 		-> Circular Slice [effective for chaining 
-(^) when Unsheathed 		-> Vertical Slice 
				   [hold down to charge,max 3 charges]
-(^)+(O) when unsheathed 	-> Upswing [the most powerful,but slow]
-[R] when unsheathed 		-> Guard
-[SELECT] when unsheathed 	-> Left Kick (it's much faster than regular 
				   kick though)
-[R]+(^)+(O) when sheathed 	-> Quick Guard

here the pros of using Great Swords:
-Has the most powerful single attack after Hammer. [Lv3 Vertical slice]
-commonly,has many high raw damage
-circular attack are fast and could save you from being surrounded
-capable of both Rolling and Blocking
-draw attack are both fast and powerful
-you can kick while unsheathe your weapon,useful for waking up your partner in
 the middle of fight

here some tips when using Great Swords:
-Dodge a lot. when you feel you can't evade the attack,that's where Blocking 
 become useful [especially Roars]
-don't walk with the weapon unsheathed. always sheathe when you got the chance
-wait for an opening then attack their weak point.draw attack works well here
-hit one then roll/block,sheathe your sword,then hit again ['hit and run' 
 tactic always being the best]
-when a Wyvern is going to land,charge your sword below him
-unlimited combo: (^) -> (O) -> (^)+(O) -> (O) -> (^).. and so on
-'stuck-able' wyverns like Tigrex and the bloses are easy to play with.
how? take a position in front of the wall/rock then guard,and let them 
charge you

Recommended Great Swords For Early Game:
-Ravager Blade path, good raw and decent sharpness
-Golem Blade path, another good raw and sharpness level GS
-Red Pincer, decent raw with defense bonus

and here are some end-game Great Swords that you should go after:

-King Atillart Sword
(Executioner -> Sword of the Diablos -> Diablo Destroyer -> 
 King Atillart Sword)
with whooping 1488 raw damage and white sharpness,this GS could destroy 
anything if used properly. the best raw GS.
the -15% affinity can be fixed with Reckless Abandon+2 or Art of Unsheathing.
there you go.

-Gaoren Cleaver
( Bronze Coin -> Gaoren Coin -> Gaoren Cleaver )
1440 raw and +30 defense bonus. another great raw GS with white sharpness.

-Master Blaze
( Carbalite Sword -> Carbalite Sword+ -> Lacerator Blade -> Master Blaze)
This 1440 raw GS is pretty strong and probably the easiest end-raw GS to get.
but it lacks Sharpness.

-Ukanlos Destructor
(Ukanlos Destructor)
Insane 1680 raw and 400 ice,little poor sharpness and lolwut -30% affinity
you know what to do right? Art of Unsheathing.

Great Swords are effective when fighting large and slow monsters like Gravios.
but that doesn't mean the fast-moving monsters like Tigrex or Bloses outcome 
Great Swords.

for example,when fighting Tigrex.
when he charge at you,just run around until he stops or make him stuck if 
that's available.
if he goes biting,draw slash his head then roll and aim for his tail.
if he goes taunting,charge your sword right beside his head and let him 
taste your steel. you can block his Roars easily.
just repeat this and Tigrex will be history.

Great Sword also has huge range of attacks. a single sweep of Side Slash
could hit 3-5 preys at once. that's why GS has superb crowd control too.

Some Useful Skills For Great Swords:

-Art of Unsheathing
the main groundbuster skill for GS. it allows you to score 100% critical hits
from every unsheathed attacks. meaning,if you do the lv3 V slash from 
unsheathed condition,you'll score 100% afiinity GS charges. and works
even better at sleeping monsters.

it'll cut the time needed for GS charges. works well with Art of Unsheathing

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the GS. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

Your movement would be very slow when you are carrying your GS. and thus
you'll need to roll A LOT in battles. this skill decreases the Stamina usage
for rolling (X)

High raw damage,capable of Blocking and Rolling,makes Great Swords become 
a high balanced weapon in the right hand.
with the right strategies and enough patience,believe it or not,
Great Swords are suitable for almost every bosses in game.

care to full swing some head?


{5d} Long Sword

Now I'll cover Long Swords.

Long Swords is long and straight sword that become an alternative weapon for 
GreatSwords.they are similiar to Great Swords,but in lighter and thinner

many people doesn't like Long Swords because..
-lower attack power than Great Swords in compensation for fast attacks 
-sharpness drop quicker than Great Swords
-no block. which leave you no choice but to roll or get hit
-Spirit Charge attack is useful,but if you are in bad position,it could 
 lead you to death

that are the most common reason why many people rarely using Long Swords.
but.. if you take a good look and with little practice,Long Swords can be 
the most effective weapon for many situations.

-(^) when sheathed 	-> Draw Attack [again,it's the most useful attack]
 when sheathed 		-> Half-moon draw slash [shortcut to Spirit Charge
-(^) when unsheathed 	-> Vertical Slice [up to 2 slices in a row]
-(O) when unsheathed 	-> Stab [the fastest and the weakest]
-(^) after Stab 	-> Gut Ripper [fastest attack after Stab]
-(^)+(O) when 
 unsheathed 		-> Backhop Swing [effective for finishing attack 
                           and to end your chain]
-[R] when Spirit Gauge 
filled at least 1/4 	-> Spirit Charge attack [up to 3 times]

here the pros of using Long Swords:
-when the Spirit Charge is blinking,you'll get bonus attack power equal 
 to Mega Demondrug and Sharpness boost
-it has better control compared to Great Swords
-you run at normal speed
-useful for cutting tails,destroying spesific parts from monsters 
 since it got length,swiftness,and decent damage
-high sharpness almost for all Long Swords
-Spirit Charge attacks can slice through anything

here some tips when fighting using Long Swords:
-if you like 'Hit and Run' tactic,Draw Attack will do the job well
-it's fine for running around with unsheated weapon but try to sheathe in 
 case you'll have to Dive Jump
-always aim for monster parts. remember, that's Long Swords main job
-unleash the greatest combo ( [R] -> (^) -> [R] -> (^) -> [R] ) when your 
 opponent is down
-the unlimited combo is.. (^)x2 -> (O) -> (^) -> (^) -> (O) -> (^) -> (^)-> 
                          (O)... and try to end it with Back Hop Swing 

Recommended Long Swords For Early Game:
-Bone Katana path. good raw
-Iron Katana path. fairly nice raw and sharpness
-Wyvern Blade 'Fall'. good Fire LS

and here are some end-game Long Swords that you should go after:

-C.Blango Destructor
( Blango Destroyer -> Blango Destroyer+ -> Blango Decimator ->Blango Destructor
-> C.Blango Decimator -> C.Blango Destructor )
whooping 1536 raw and white sharpness. but -20% affinity
once you figured out how to get rid the affinity minus,this would be the
best Raw Long Sword in-game.

-Wyvern Blade "Camellia"
(Wyvern Blade "Fall" -> Wyvern Blade "Blood" -> Wyvern Blade "Silver" ->
 Wyvern Blade "Camellia")
with 1248 raw and 450 Fire. has made this awesome looking LS to become the
best Fire LS. it's not that hard to get it and the previous versions is 
useful against early enemy.

-Phantom Mirage
( Mirage Finsword -> Mirage Finsword+ -> Phantom Mirage )
Another worthy raw LS to get. has 1344 raw and little defense bonus.
and not to mention the white sharpness and 30% initial affinity.
Happy hunting the lizard.

-Legendary Fatalis Sickle
( Black Scythe -> Fatalis Sickle -> LgndaryFatalisSickle )
the best Dragon LS,I present you the Legendary Fatalis Sickle.
with 1248 and 300 Dragon,it's quite decent enough. but what made it special 
is that it has great Sharpness.

Long Swords are effective for fighting any monster with tail or breakable parts
since it can attack with speed,monster that have fatal weak points like head 
[Rathalos,Rathian,Tigrex] or tail [Gypceros].

Ussualy,people using 'Hit and Run' tactic for those wyvern. but for 
the Daimyo and Shogun 'Berserk' tactic works well since they won't 
knock you in close range.

Some Useful Skills For Long Swords:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the LS. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

LS can sometimes bounce on hard part,which can be annoying for non-Purple
LS. this skill prevent it. although Spirit Charges does have ESP built-in

-Sharp Sword
On long term fight, you might find it annoying being have to sharpen whenever 
your weapon get chipped. Sharp Sword will maintain the sharpness longer than 

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
since LS can't block,meaning you'll have to dodge every single attacks
to survive. these skills will help you to practice dodging

Long range,fast(er) attacks,decent raw and elemental damage and
outstanding sharpness has made Long Swords to become the most 
useful weapon for cutting tails,and fast killing for those that have fatal 
weak spots. 

ready for some samurai-style?


{5e} Hammer

Ok! it's Hammer Time!

as you can see. the shape of this weapon resembles to giant Hammer.
It's been the most favorite weapon of all hunters,I believe.

many people doesn't like Hammers because..
-Very slow attacks after Great Swords
-very difficult weapon when fighting fast-opponents
-No Guarding (Blocking) make it looks defenseless,and leaving no choice 
 but to roll
-cannot cut tails,since it's 'Impact' weapon. [obviously,can you cut 
 by smashing it?]
-Stamina consuming weapon. [Charging for Super Pounds,and rolls]
-could send your partner flying (hence Super Pound and Golfswing)

those are the most common reason why many people rarely using Hammers.
but.. if you take a good look and with little practice,Hammers can be the 
most deadliest weapon for every situations.

-(^) when sheathed 	   -> Draw Attack [this isn't that strong but quite 
-(^) when unsheathed 	   -> Pound [press 3X to unleash Triple Pound combo,
			      which is the deadliest combo in game]
-(O) when unsheathed 	   -> Side Pound [the fastest,the weakest,and the most
-hold [R] when unsheathed  -> Hammer Charge
-Release [R] 		   -> Super Pound [this one is useful for quick 
 after Hammer Charge		attack and stun]
-Release [R] 	 	   -> Spinning Attack [not as strong as it's looks]
 after Hammer Charge
-(^) after 4th spin 	   -> GolfSwing Pound [with the right timing,this is 
			      the best way to end Spinning Attack]
-(^) after 1st-3rd spin    -> Double Pound [if you want to get away while 
                              Spinning,this is good alternative]
-[R]+(^)+(O) when sheathed -> Hammer Charge

here's the pros of using Hammers:
-can inflict 'Stun' status. [ussually,if you pound enough at bosses head,they 
 will fall and become defenseless for 8-10 sec]
-greatest damage output. [Triple pounds,Super Pounds]
-run at normal speed,roll available
-most attacks are static [non moving] so useful for slow monsters
-Pounds can reach quite high place
-best weapon for Defense quest. [Lao's belly and Gaoren's body are easy 
 target for Triple Pounds]
-Anti Wind and ESP for Charge Attacks.

here some tips when fighting using Hammers:
-don't go for Triple Pounds if the boss still moving [Charge,Tackle,etc]
-when the boss is taunting,Triple Pound his head
-2-3 Triple Pounds in the head should cause Stun,and should be sufficent 
 for 2 more Triple Pounds
-when the boss attacking and you've evaded it [ex.Garuga's Somersault]. 
 charge your hammer,slip by his wind, and give him Super Pound on the head
-after GolfSwing pound [the end of Triple Pound combo] quickly roll,then wait 
 for an opening.
-there are no unlimited combo for Hammers
-the strongest combo is Triple Pound,period. 

Recommended Hammers For Early Game:
-Anvil Hammer. nice raw and easy to make
-Kut Ku Pick. good raw and decent sharpness
-Cyclo Hammer. decent power

and here are some end-game Hammers that you should go after:

( Iron Striker -> ... -> Onslaught Hammer -> Blacksmith -> Juggernaut )
this is the easiest high-end Hammer to get. has 1404 pure raw damage and 
all you need to do is just mine,mine,and MINE.and you'll get this in no time.

-Crow Torrent
( Kut Ku Jaw -> Raven Torrent -> Wolf Torrent -> Crow Torrent )
The Yian Garuga hammer. the final form is surprisingly effective and strong.
especially with the 1352 raw and 40% affinity. plus 2 slots.
it's everyone's favorite hammer.

-Khezu Thunder
( Atlas Hammer -> ... -> Khezu Horn+ -> Purse Bop -> Purse Bop+ -> \
Khezu Thunder )
being an ugly looking weapon,this one is certainly has more usefulness than
what you have thought. the final form will has 1456 raw and 250 Thunder.
very useful on most monsters regardless of their element weaknesses.

( Cyclo-Hammer -> Conehead Hammer -> ... -> Desert Cone -> Magnitude )
Another insane looking hammer. I mean the power does.
it has 1612 raw power and -15% affinity which can be easily fixed by Reckless
Abandon skill.
and the extra one slot has made this weapon shines on the line of end-game

Hammers can quickly kill any monster as long as they have their weakness on 
their head.
the most vulnerable monster are : Yian Kut-Ku,Yian Garuga,Rathalos,Rathian,
Tigrex,Teostra/Lunastra,Gypceros,Kushala Daora, and many more.
Hammers are the winner in speed kill contest. no doubt. but if you're using
it on multiplayer,people might find it rather annoying to get Super Pound
spammed everytime they want to land lv3 GS charges. since most melee users
tend to aim the same weak point.

I can kill G-Rank Kut-Ku around 1 minute [15 seconds in Elder Quest] with 
Juggernaut Hammer,and here's how I do it:
when he's pecking,evade,and wait for his next action. if he goes taunting,
give him Triple Pound right away.if he's doing Tail Whip,notice that his
head will rotate around 180',so take a position,go for Triple Pound when 
he finishes his Whip.around 3-4 Triple Pound should inflict stun on 
High Rank Kut-Ku. there should be enough time for 2x Triple Pound on his head.
if he closes his ear and limb,don't let him go! do Triple Pound anywhere 
around him,1-3 Triple Pounds on any parts should kill him straight.

Some Useful Skills For Hammers:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the Hammer. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Sharp Sword
On long term fight, you might find it annoying being have to sharpen whenever 
your weapon get chipped. Sharp Sword will maintain the sharpness longer than 

Charging for Super Pound will consume Stamina. while Runner will slows down 
Stamina consume rate.
you got the point.

With this,you can charge your Hammer faster for Super Pounds

-Art of Unsheathing
if you do the unsheathing charge move, your 2-hits Super Pound and Spinning 
Pound will have 100% criticals. which will boost your Damage Over Time 

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
since playing Hammer meaning you have to move fast and you cannot guard,these 
skills would help you in dodging those savage moves

Destructive raw damage,capable of inflicting stun,quick deadly combo,Hammers 
are very flexible in the right hand.with the right timing,few strategies.
Hammers are the ultimate weapon for Damage Dealing and Quick Killing for 
almost any monsters.

Let's smash some monsters!


{5f} Hunting Horn

Hunting Horn section,let's get to it.

Hunting Horn are the alternative weapon from Hammer.
it's rather unique weapon in the entire MH series cuz' basically.. hmm..
it's a.. giant flute.

Many people doesn't like Hunting Horn because:
-they got no attack variation
-compared to Hammer it doesn't deal that high damage
-slow Recital time! there's no way you'll play right in the front of 
 hungry Tigrex!
-funny,ridiculous,uncool weapon. ..I guess..
-no guarding makes you vulnerable like Hammer
-confusing Notes for beginner

that's the common reason why people doesn't like Hunting Horn. but if you
take a good look inside it and with a little practice,Hunting Horn can be
either destructive and supporting weapon.

-(^) when sheathed 	     -> Draw Attack (swing pound,slightly stronger than 
-(^) when unsheathed 	     -> Swing Pound (decent range and power)
-(^)+(O) when unsheathed     -> Super Pound (like Hammer's but minus charging)
-(O) when unsheathed 	     -> Poke (weakest but fastest,isn't very useful)
-[R] when unsheathed 	     -> start Recital Mode (1st Note will be played)
-[R]+(O) when unsheated      -> start Recital Mode (2nd Note will be played)
-[R]+(^)+(O) when unsheathed -> start Recital Mode (3rd Note will be played)
-(O) while Recital 	     -> play 1st Note
-(^)+(O) while Recital 	     -> play 2nd Note
-(^) while Recital	     -> play 3rd Note
-[R] while Recital 	     -> exit Recital Mode

here's the pros of using Hunting Horn:
-the only weapon that can buff up and can buff up yourself
-good reach
-easier to control attacks than Hammer
-ultimate help for party hunting (always welcomed to a party)
-can inflict 'Stun'. similiar to Hammer

Recommended Hunting Horns For Early Game:
-Bone HH path. nice raw and notes
-Khezu Flute. good Thunder,raw and notes
-Metal Bagpipe. decent notes

and here are some end-game Hunting Horns that you should go after:

-Lunar Recorder
( Sakura Recorder -> Sakura Recorder+ -> Golden Recorder -> ... -> 
 Lunar Recorder )
one of Dragon elemental Hunting Horn,it's easy to get this 1300 raw power 
and 420 Dragon weapon,and also it got great Notes.

-Gaoren Zhong
( Bronze Bell -> Gaoren Bell -> Gaoren Zhong )
this is the one of the best Hunting Horn to get.the stats are
1560 raw and +35 Defense bonus.
the Notes are very useful too.

-Jungle Conga
( War Bongo -> War Conga -> ... -> Jungle Conga)
Allright,this maybe a great alternative for great Hunting Horn.
it got high 1456 raw power and some Notes to power up attacks.
and White sharpness made it great.

-Crow Shamisen
( Wolf Shamisen -> Crow Shamisen )
this Garuga hunting horn got 1404 raw and small 180 Poison. the notes
are amazing with the combination of Purple and Red notes.

Hunting Horns were meant to support other hunter due to the buffing skills.
but this weapon is surprisingly strong,you could take on large monsters by 
Most times,Hunting Horn's Notes effect saved lots of hunters.
because you can heal,cure poison,increase attack/defense,even giving 
temporary infinite stamina.
the elemental attack up and Infinite stamina are extremely useful on Dual
Sword users.
and Hunting Horn users doesn't need too much items since they can create 
effects like anti-heat depending on the type of the Notes.

Some Useful Skills For Hunting Horns:

-Flute Expert
It'll decrease the chance of breaking your Flute. doesn't appeal much, 
but for HH user, it'll increase the duration of HH buffs. very useful

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the HH. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Sharp Sword
On long term fight, you might find it annoying being have to sharpen whenever 
your weapon get chipped. Sharp Sword will maintain the sharpness longer than 

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
since playing HH meaning you have to move fast and you cannot guard,these 
skills would help you in dodging those savage moves

Blessing on the battlefield,Hunting Horns make a huge difference in hunting
life in term of survival. it's fun,useful and superb weapon,either in soloing 
or party hunt.

Start playing that note!



{5g} Lance

Next is Lance.

Lance,this weapon has survived through the first MH 'till now.
and yes,it's very classic. just some long pole with large shield.
and make you look like some medieval knights who couldn't get a horse.
but don't take any conclusion yet.that's what are we gonna get through now.

Many people doesn't like using Lances,because:
-very narrow attack range. make it hard to aim attacks
-slow walking
-cannot roll. got backstep,though
-will be a 'sitting duck' if you're outnumbered
-possibly the hardest weapon to learn for beginners

That's the most common problems that most people encountered and finally
marked lances as a pathetic weapon. but if you observe it deeper,and with
a little training,Lances can be the most useful monster-tanking weapon.


-(^) while sheathed 	 -> Draw Attack ( Forward Stab )
-(^) while unsheathed	 -> Forward Stab ( the most common attack,useful on 
                            medium size monster )
-(O) while unsheathed	 -> Upper Stab (the most useful attacks,since most 
			    weaknesses are located on upper part)
-(^)+(O) while unsheathed-> Charging Dash (this is one is good for some monsters
		            since there are glitches of 'stucking' your character
			    on a monster and keep damaging that monster)
-[R] while unsheathed	 -> Guard
-[R]+(^) while unsheathed-> Upper Stab ( will return to Guard stance at once )
-(X) while unsheathed 	 -> Side Step or Back Step

here are the pros of using Lance:
-The only weapon that has both IMPACT and CUTTING ability
 however,since not all monsters has the same weakness. only the highest
 damage type is the one that will be counted.
-Has the strongest Guard. will increase more with Guard Inc
-Can attack while keep Guarding. (turtling)
-has stabilized attacks. if you're in right position,you wouldn't miss

here some tips to use Lance:
-always sheathe your weapon when you are not in direct combat. 
 in case you'll need to Dive
-Dodging Trick : face backward to the direction you want and 
 Back Step as many as you want
-Use Charging Dash to escape an area. LoL
-Charging Dash can hurt large/long monsters,since it'll deal several pokes

Recommended Lances For Early Game:
-Paladin Lance. decent Raw and sharpness
-Bone Claw Lance. good raw and defense+
-Native Spear. good Poison status

Here are some end-game Lances that you should go after:

-Dragon Rider Spear "Geibolg"
( Knight Lance -> Grayburg Javelin -> Dragon Rider Spear -> 
 DrgnRdr Spr "Geibolg" )
It got 690 raw damage,White Sharpness,and some defense bonus. 
it's a high tier Lance if you ask me. and the materials are not that hard 
to get. so get it Lancer.

-Prominence Soul
( Red Tail -> Blue Tail -> Blue Prominence -> Prominence Soul )
575 raw & 480 Fire made this the best Fire lance ever there. 
farming for tails isn't fun,but at least it's something worth to try.

-DragonSealer "Null"
( Vermilion Rim -> Dragonic Rim -> Sealed Dragonlance -> DragonSealer"Virtue"->
 DragonSealer"Null" )
who doesn't want Blue Sharpness and 25% Affinity with 575 Raw
and 340 Dragon in one weapon? anyway,another worth-to-get Dragon lance.

( Longhorn -> Longhorn+ -> Dark Lance -> Dark Spear -> Dark -> Darkness )
This baby got 506 raw and 250 Paralysis stats.
and moreover,perfect Purple Sharpness. this is worth of getting.

Lances are proud for it's large shield and poking ability.
these can result in advantages for turtling and tanking.
at first,Lance may difficult to control for beginner. but with some
little hitting practices,you can eventually find it's true potential.

Lance are great from almost all large and medium monster. like Gravios
or Kut-Ku. you can use it for smaller one too,but since it got no lower poke..
and be careful not to get surrounded. Lancers are at disadvantages on 

Some Useful Skills For Lances:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the Lances. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Sharp Sword
On long term fight, you might find it annoying being have to sharpen whenever 
your weapon get chipped. Sharp Sword will maintain the sharpness longer than 

-Guard+# and Guard Increase
Guard+1 reduces the stamina and knockbacks caused by guarding. Guard+2 allows
you to safely block almost every attacks.
but some monster's moves like Gravios Beam or Yama Tsukami's vaccum needs
Guard Increase to be blocked

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
some people believes that Lance are best used in offense. in this case,
you can play more aggresively with dodging and precision
these skill help 

Long range,decent power,and enormous guarding has made Lance to become
one of the most favorite weapon for pro hunters.

Let's poke some eye,shall we?


{5h} GunLance

Finally,we're arrived in Gunlance section.

Gunlance,well.. as it names implies,it's a lance with a gun 
(or should I say Cannon) attached.
it's the second choice if you really don't like how it's brother Lance do.

many people don't like using Gunlance because:
-Roll disabled, only back step
-Slow,very slow when you carry it unsheathe
-Reloading leaves you open
-unlike Lances,Gunlance only do cutting damage
-has very narrow attack range,since it'll only do stab and shoot forward.

That's the common reason why many people hesitated to use a Gunlance.
but if you take a good look and with a little practice,Gunlance is 
potentially to become destructive weapon.

-(^) while sheathed 	 -> Draw Attack ( Rising Stab )
-(^) while unsheathed	 -> Forward Stab ( the most common attack,same 
			    as Lance )
-(O) while unsheathed	 -> Shelling* ( Fires a bullet,must at least have one 
 			    bullet, deals both Fire-element and Raw)
-(^)+(O) while unsheathed-> Rising Stab
-(O) while Rising Stab	 -> Upper Shelling (for shooting down high target)
-(^) while Rising Stab 	 -> Upper Stab (immediately goes into Guard)
-[R] while unsheathed	 -> Guard
-[R]+(^) while unsheathed-> Upper Stab ( same as Lance )
-[R]+(O) while unsheathed-> Reload ( it's obvious. and oh,Gunlance have 
			    unlimited bullets,so don't ask me where to buy 
			    it's ammo )
-[R]+(^)+(O) 		 -> Wyvern Fire* ( the most distinguished feature. 
			    it charge and BOOM! try to shoot it on wyvern's 
-(X) while unsheathed 	 -> Side Step or Back Step
-(X)+(O)		 -> Back Step/Side Step Reload

both Wyvern Fire & Shelling depletes Sharpness. you can't do it if the 
Sharpness is too low.Wyvern Fire deal a whack of damage. once it fired,
the Steam Valve will open and you'll have to wait 2-3 minutes for it to 
close automatically and take another shot. 

Here are the pros of using Gunlance:

-Has the strongest Guard along with Lances
-Shelling has Explosion-type Damage. which is fixed damage since it ignores 
 enemy's defense
-Wyvern Fire can take down small wyverns at instant. also ignores enemy defense
-can attack while guarding
-can do almost unlimited combo by mixing Shelling and Stabbing. try it.
-works well for Turtling

here's some tips to use Gunlance:

-Shelling and Wyvern Fire ignore enemy defense. in other words,the likes of
 White Fatalis's armor mode will be useless against these!
-Shelling doesn't always produce higher damage. one stab on monster's weakness
 would do higher
-always sheathe your weapon when you are not in direct combat. in case you'll 
 need to Dive
-always keep an eye on your Sharpness icon. Shelling and Wyvern Fire don't work
 well if it get too low
-Dodging Trick : face backward to the direction you want and Back Step as many 
 as you want
-Shelling power affected by it's type and level. the higher the level,the 
 higher damage inflicted.

Recommended Gunlances For Early Games:
-Steel Gunlance. nice sharpness,shelling and raw
-Average Hitter. nice Poison and Spread shelling

and some end game Gunlances you should go after:

-World End
( Steel Gunlance -> Special Ops Gunlance -> Imperial Gunlance -> Silver Rook 
 -> Gun Chariot -> World End ) 
575 raw & 370 Dragon element,Long Lv4,White Sharpness. World End is one of the 
best Dragon takes long way to create. but believe me,it's worth 
the effort.

-Great Tigrex Gunlance
( Rex Blast -> Tigrex Gunlance -> Great Tigrex Gunlance )
this Gunlance got excellent 667 raw damage,Purple sharpness and Spread lv4
despites of it's negative affinity it's very strong.

-Black Gore Buster
( Steel Gunlance -> White Gunlance -> White Cannon -> Black Gunlance -> 
Black Gore Cannon -> Black Gore Buster )
awesome high 690 Raw damage made this Gunlance to become one of the 
top tier raw Gunlance.

-High Volt Gunlance
( Full Voltage -> Full Generator -> High Volt Gunlance)
great 644 raw and 260 thunder. this one is a great Thunder GL to collect.

Gunlance are great for both tanking and harassing large monsters. with those 
biggie Shield it can block most attacks and can be chained to Guard Attacks 
making it offensive-defense weapon .
compared to Lances,it has more capabilities to kill some Monsters lot faster 
than Lances.

Almost all Monsters are easy to fight by trained Gunlancers,but you should 
be cautious when fighting fast monsters such as Kirins.

Some Useful Skills For Gunlances:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

it will increase the visible sharpness for the GL. Sharpness+1 is like 
mandatory for every melee weapon that doesn't have initial Purple Sharpness

-Sharp Sword
On long term fight, you might find it annoying being have to sharpen whenever 
your weapon get chipped. Sharp Sword will maintain the sharpness longer than 

-Gunnery King
this skill allows you to deal more damage with map weaponry (Ballista,
Dragonator,Cannon) but for Gunlance,it'll also increase your Shelling damage
and Wyvern Fire damage. sweet

-Guard+# and Guard Increase
Guard+1 reduces the stamina and knockbacks caused by guarding. Guard+2 allows
you to safely block almost every attacks.
but some monster's moves like Gravios Beam or Yama Tsukami's vaccum needs
Guard Increase to be blocked

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
some people believes that Gunlances are best used in offense. in this case,
you can play more aggresively with dodging and precision, these skill help 

long Range,great power,unlimited guard attack combo,dreaded Wyvern Fire and 
Shelling made Gunlance
to become one of the most favorite weapon among pro hunters.

Ready to blast some monsters?

to see the true form of Gunlance:



Yeah! onto the ranged weapon!
Allright,it's the Bowgun turn.

Bowguns are one of the two only ranged weapon.
There are 2 type of this weapon.

-Heavy Bowgun
-Light Bowgun

for the Heavy,it shapes like giant gun you carry around.
and for the Light,it's more like crossbow size.

Many people doesn't like Bowguns because..
-Their armors are weak
-They cost lot of money for each quest. (ammo,coatings,etc)
-different controls from melee weapon force us to learn the new control
-they're useless without ammo
-can't cut tails (w/o Boomerangs)
-vulnerable to mobbing/surrounded

That's the common reason why many people hesitated to use a Bowguns.
but if you take a good look and with a little practice,Bowgun is 
great alternative to hunt difficult monsters.

-(^) while sheathed	    -> Draw Bowgun
-(^) while unsheathed	    -> Reload
-(O) while unsheathed	    -> Shot bullet
-[R] while unsheathed 	    -> First Person View
-hold [R] while unsheathed  -> Crosshair aim
-Dir button up or down      -> Zoom in or Zoom Out
 while FPV
-[R]+(^)+(O) while sheathed -> Draw Reload (slightly faster than regular
			       unsheathe and Reload)
-Hold [L],(^) or (O)	    -> Scroll up or scroll down the ammo selection
-(X) while unsheathed 	    -> Roll

Here are the pros of using Bowguns:
-Light Bowguns got Rapid-Fire feature,while Heavy Bowguns got Shield-
-Heavy Bowgun is can speed kills slightly faster than Hammer. believe it
 or not. this because it's the weapon with highest Damage per Second
 see below for more info
-Ranged. well,obviously. some monsters are easier to fight from distance
-Can use various attacks.err..Bullets. such as piercing or spreading
-Easier to break monster's part. just aim and pull the trigger 
-can reach some monster's part that unreachable with melee. (e.g.Lao's back)

Here's some tips to use Bowguns:
-ALWAYS bring ammo!! IMPORTANT! if you didn't bring it,you can't do a single 
 thing. (the game will warn you first if you're going for a quest w/o ammo)
-Use the [L] button to get better view while shooting
-All Bowguns can roll. use that advantage
-Rapid Fire (for Light Bowguns) allows you to shoot triple bullet with one shot
 but it isn't that great because you'll be frozen for extremely long time,
 prone to monster's attack
-Heavy Bowguns can use Shield-attachment. Silencer reduces recoil. if you have
 defense skills already,go for Power Barrel
-Use Boomerangs to cut tails. it's hard,but the only way it is. ;]

Recommended Bowguns For Early Game:
-Kut Ku Cannon [HBG]. great Normal and Flaming S capabilities
-Quickcaster [HBG]. excellent all-element shots support
-Shotgun 'Blood' [LBG]. nice Pellet capabilities
-Azure Sakura [LBG]. good Normal S support

Here are some end-game Bowguns you should go after:

-Prosperity (Light Bowgun)
Attack: 336 (396 mod level 5) 
Rapid Fire: Pellet Lv1, Pierce Lv2
~The best Rath- Bowgun. multiple ammo to rapid fire is'nt bad thing.

-Genie's Lamp (Light Bowgun)
Attack: 336 (396 mod level 5)  
Rapid Fire: -
~One of the best Light Bowgun. the wide ammo selection made it versatile to use

-Ancient Dragonwood Cannon (Heavy Bowgun)
Damage : 444 (504 mod level 5) high Pellet support
~Ultimate Pellet bowgun. easy to get as well

-Ultimate Lao Shan Cannon (Heavy Bowgun)
Damage : 480 (540 mod level 5)
~the best damage output HBG in the game. works for almost everything

Bowguns are existed for both killing or supporting.
if you prefer killing,there're wide selections of Ammo that has different
if you like supporting,you can use Bowgun to heal,buff,paint,or even 
sedate monsters with Tranq S.

Plesioth and Basarios/Gravios maybe easier to pawn with ranged. however,
Gunner still have to be careful because they got projectile attacks either.

Some Useful Skills For Bowguns:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

-Auto Reload
Auto Reload makes reloading (outside of changing ammo) unneccesary.
since Normal S and elemental ammo still have no recoil with this skill
meaning you can spam them for a massive ramps up of Damage per Second

-Elemental Attack Up
Increases the damage of your elemental shots. This can
be a great skill for fighting element weak monsters, but for creatures that
have low elemental weaknesses (like Kirin) it's not that helpful
works extremelly well with Auto Reload

-Normal/Pierce/Pellet S Up
Basically,with these skill, you could increase the damage from their respective

-Normal/Pierce/Pellet S Add
allows you to use the correspondent ammo on any Bowguns
can be useful in some situation

-Guard Increase
[HBG only] this skill affects Heavy Bowgun's shield attachment too
allowing you to guard even more attacks like Gravios Beam

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
when using Heavy Bowguns,your mobility is greatly slowed down. that's where
Evade Distance Up shines

-Bullet Limit
this will allows you to get maximum numbers everytime you combine an ammo
meaning, the number of bullets you can carry is increased

But,almost all monster can be taken down by experienced gunner. they use 
dodge-and-shoot tactic and aim for monster's weak part.

Now start shooting!

For more info,tips and tricks for Bowguns, visit my friend,Mazereon's 
excellent Bowgun Compendium:


{5j} BOW

Now onto the last section of weapons guide,let's cover about the Bow.

Bows are the alternative for Gunner.
even though that they have different controls,some of 'em are same.

Many people doesn't like using Bow because..
-Weaker damage compared to Bowguns
-can only use one elemental type at one time
-have to charge it first before shooting
-Their armors are weak,same as Bowgun's

That's the common reason why many people hesitated to use a Bow.
but if you take a good look and with a little practice,Bow is potentially
to become ultimate ranged weapon above else.

-(^) while sheathed 	   -> Draw Bow (hold to charge)
-(^) while unsheathed	   -> Charge Bow (3 charges,4th by Load Up skill)
-(O) while unsheathed	   -> Melee strike (depends on Bow's element or 
			      Coatings. can also break things)
-Hold [R] while unsheathed -> Aim (Shooting Mechanism will appear,shows arrow's
                              travel distances)
-Hold [L],(^) or (O)	   -> Scroll up or scroll down the ammo selection
-(X) while unsheathed 	   -> Roll or Back step

Here's the pros of using Bows:
-Has unlimited arrows. but not for Coatings
-Has decent Elemental power.Great for elemental damaging
-can shoot different types of shot,depending on the Bow
-has greater mobility than Bowguns,since you can run while Charging arrows

Here's some tips of using Bows:
-Try to collect different bows,since Bow relies on Elemental damage
-Spamming non-charged arrows is pointless. even if the charge time difference
 between LV1 and LV3 is very long
-using Rapid shot is easier to break parts. while Pierce Shot can do lot of 
 damage on large monsters
-Do not hesitate to roll if monsters attacks you when you're charging
-always aim on monster's weakness. I think this is common enough
-you can cut tails or destroy crab shells with it's melee attack

Recommended Bows For Early Game:
-Kut Ku Bow. good early Fire bow
-Sonic Bow. good early Thunder bow
-Daimyo Warbow. nice early Water Bow

here are some Bows that you should go after:

-Akantor Chaos Bow 
312 Raw / 200 Dragon
40% Affinity
Scatter Lv. 4
Pierce Lv. 4
*Rapid Lv. 5
~great Dragon bow I must say. although it's nerfed from the previous game
it still kickass against elder dragons

372 Raw
20% Affinity
+30 Defense
Pierce Lv. 3
Pierce Lv. 4
Pierce Lv. 5
*Rapid Lv. 4
~a badass bow with excellent raw power and piercing shots

-Dragonhead Harp III
240 Raw / 300 Water
30% Affinity
+20 Defense
Scatter Lv. 5
Rapid Lv. 2
Rapid Lv. 1
*Pierce Lv. 5
-one of the best Water bow. great against Gravios

-Swordfish Bow G
324 Raw
0% Affinity
Para Coating Up
Rapid Lv. 3
Scatter Lv. 4
Scatter Lv. 5
*Rapid Lv. 4
~great raw bow with decent power,shots and Para Add. another worthy G weapon

Bow user are granted with increased mobility and that's the primary
advantages of using Bows.
One important point of Bows are the Bow user must be adapted to evading
monster's attacks.
if you can keep distance from 'em. you'll have no trouble of Bowing your 
target to death. >:D

Some Useful Skills for Bows:

-Reckless Abandon+#
Increases Affinity. to put it short,this skill would increase your Damage 
Over Time

-Elemental Attack Up
Increases the damage of your elemental shots. This can
be a great skill for fighting element weak monsters, but for creatures that
have low elemental weaknesses (like Kirin) it's not that helpful
works extremelly well with Auto Reload

-Rapid/Pierce/Scatter Up
Basically,with these skill, you could increase the damage from their respective

Decrease the stamina usage. meaning you could save more stamina while holding
your string

Increase your bow charge speed. meaning you could shoot charged shots faster

-Evade+# and Evade Distance Up
eventhough bow is fast enough to evade attacks, these skills still could help

-Capacity Up
with this, you will unlock Bow's next charge level

Pull some string and aim to their face!

For more info,tips and tricks for Bows,visit Polantaris's Bow FAQ:



You can try this weapon if you:

Sword : likes agile character and prefer balanced battle
Dual Sword : likes both agile and fast-killing. and dodging
Great Sword : loves strong-one-hit and want both offense & defense
Long Sword : likes the 'agile' version of GS. and prefer evasive battles
Hammer : looking for the best Damage Dealer weapon. and quick-kill
Hunting Horn : likes to buff yourself and your party
Lance : likes challenges and want both offensive & defensive battle
Gunlance : prefer to more variation of Lance. which has more attack pattern
Bowguns : likes to battle from afar and support teams
Bow : needs more mobility while fighting from distance

Well,that pretty much of explaining I have.
Note that THERE IS NO PERFECT WEAPON,from everything I've wrote there 
every weapon class DOES HAVE PROS AND CONS.
all you need is to find your suitable weapon for specific quest.
and Practice Makes Perfect.No matter how god-like you play,
you can't master it all perfectly as we make mistakes sometimes

But,who cares? as long as you are quite good with everything there
you can clear any quest. that's an important rule.


[5] FAQs


Q : Are you Heavenly_Chain? coz your email address are similar
A : That's right. I made a new account because I can't change my stupid name..

Q : What's the purpose of this FAQ?
A : To help beginners to learn some weapons in MHFU. Didn't you read the 

Q : Why it came out just now? This game is almost dead!
A : I know that I'm little too late to release beginner FAQ,but lots of
    beginners are born everyday.

Q : Some of writings there are belonged to someone!
A : I've taken some materials from other's FAQs to save time.
    but I've put their names on it so all credits are belonged to them.
    if I forgot someone,my bad

Q : Have you mastered all weapons?
A : No,as I've said,no one can master all weapons. but I'm quite good 
    with Heavy Bowguns. :)

Q : Will you write for the next series?
A : maybe

Q : Which affliations do you with?
A : .the best MH community ever.

Q : What's your name there?
A : HayzenTZ. look for me there. ^^

Q : Can I PM you to find you there?
A : Sure.

Q : Where are you usually active on Minegarde?
A : MHFU section,Creativity,Random Musings.
    I just lurks everywhere. - -a

Q : Is it good site?
A : Yeah,it's absolutely great. now stop asking things outside this FAQ.

Q : Ingame question?
A : Spit it out.

[IN-GAME Frequently Asked Questions]

Q : Is the Sharpness things are really needed to be as high as possible?
A : To be honest,yes. Sharpness affects your damage outcame,drastically.

Q : Are there any skills to prevent Sharpness from dropping?
A : To prevent,NO. to halve,yes there is.

Q : What should I do if I ran out of Whetstones?
A : go fish Mackarels. or if your target is almost dead, just keep 
    attacking. if not,just abandon and bring 20 next time.

Q : What monsters that still can bounce your weapon even with Purple sharp?
A : Dunno for sure. but I think there's none

Q : How can I prevent bouncing?
A : Get ESP armor skill. from Death Stench or Silver Sol,wear SSP, or use 
    a weapon with Purple Sharpness

Q : SSP?
A : Sword Saint Piercing. clear all Training school quests to get it.

Q : Can I create SSP?
A : Two letters,NO.

Q : Are there anymore Sharpness-based skills?
A : No,for now.

Q : So how's exactly the Affinity system works?
A : Simple. more than 0% means that you can do Criticals.0% means nothing
    will occur and less than 0% means you can do reverse-criticals.

Q : Are there any limitations for Criticals?
A : Your weapon's Sharpness must be at least GREEN. if it fells into YELLOW
    or less,the Critical will be disabled.

Q : Same applies as reverse-criticals?
A : It seems so.

Q : Can I Increase Affinity?
A : Through 'Expert' armor skill (Reckless Abandon). 
    from Dark Akantor or Rathalos Soul

Q : My weapon got higher Affinity than the other even with the same 0% come?
A : Reckless Abandon effects are applied depends on your weapon's 
    Sharpness. To put it simply,the sharper the weapon,the better 
    Reckless Abandon work.

Q : The exact increase?
A : I'm looking for that right now..

Q : Is the Defense Bonus really worth of it?
A : In my opinion,it's benefitting for beginners,useless on Professionals.

Q : Why?
A : Most professionals can dodge/block attacks easily. so Defense aren't 
    really that important. remember,MH isn't a game where you trade blows,
    you kick their ass,don't let them kick yours. but it still useful
    nevertheless,but not really much

Q : Are the 3-slots weapons really worth of it?  
A : If you're looking for great skill combo set,it's very helpful.

[GENERAL QUESTIONs(continued)]

Q : Can I help by giving tips,corrections or videos?
A : Sure,I'll really appreciate it. my e-mail is up there.

Q : It's still incomplete?
A : Yes,I still lack some informations.and I'm waiting for corrections.

Q : Can I use this FAQ on my site?
A : Maybe,but e-mail me first.

Q : Do you accept non-important e-mails such as want to make friend with you?

Q : I want to learn more about this game! where's a good site to use?
A : [] the best one. also RoTR for your calculating
    needs []



Thanks for fellows at Minegarde that always helped me
Thanks for Joker from Minegarde that helped me to fix the Grammar thing
Thanks for Saiful Bahri Sahri that pointed about more weapon's controls
Thanks for some YouTube guys that made their awesome vids
Thanks for mazereon & Polantaris of Minegarde and DS31 of GameFAQs for 
borrowing some parts of their FAQs.
Thanks for GameFAQs for hosting my FAQ
Thanks for my parent for buying me the PSP
Thanks for God that've let me live 'till now.


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