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Metal Gear Acid 2 Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Metal Gear Acid 2

SuperCheats Guide
Metal Gear Acid 2 Guide
Many peoples game of the 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game that can be replayed again and again, with different approaches making it a fun experien..

We have 6 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Metal Gear Acid 2 please send them in here.

You can also ask your question on our Metal Gear Acid 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Control Section Special 01 Rank S

Getting far into the game so snake has a large health bar really helps with this mission. Mostly what you need are movement and grenade cards, so make sure you have plenty of movement cards and at least some grenade cards. You need to get the guards to follow you so if you have a grenade in your hand when you start toss it somewhere near the guard who is where you start the stage in story mode. If not, just run up in front of him until he calls an alert. Make your way toward the bathroom slowly, making sure the guard follows you, but not quite close enough to shoot you. The other guard should see you when you get near the bathroom. Go in the bathroom and move past the sinks, stay in front of the far left urinal. Wait for both guards to enter, then face away from the urinal and just keep discarding until you get a grenade. Toss the grenade into the spot where it's blast radius covers the 3x3 area in front of the door and the guards should move into the right position.

Control Section Trial 03 Rank S

Turn 1 : Equip M1891/30 in LEFT equipment slot. Equip M9 in RIGHT equipment slot.
Turn 2 : Attach Sniper Wolf to M9. Attack quick draw to M9. End turn.
Turn 3 : Move forward three blocks. Equip M9 on same slot as other M9 to load and shoot guard. Mission Complete.

Control Section Trial 02 Rank S

Turn 1 : Move forward three blocks, place C4. End turn.
Turn 2 : Move forward two blocks, place C4. End turn.
Turn 3 : Move forward on block, left two blocks, face the direction
You came from. Fire RPG7 at guard two blocks forward and one left from your position. Mission Complete.

Harbor Area Trial 01 Rank S

Turn 1 : Use elsie and francis card. End turn.
Turn 2 : Use jam card and move two blocks down, face up. End turn.
Turn 3 : End turn. Mission Complete.

Unlockable Codes

The following codes are entered at the Password screen and you receive them when you load your saved game.
Unlock Emma's Parrot Card:

Unlock Get MGS4 Card:

Unlock Gijin-san Card

Unlock Strand Card:
Unlock Banana Peel Card:

Unlock Possessed Arm Card:

Unlock Reiko Hinomoto Card:

Unlocks the Roger McCoy Card:
Unlock Ishii Meguru:

Unlock Kinoshita Ayumi:
Unlock Natsume Sano Card an Solid Eye Video:
Unlock Card No.119 - Reaction Block:

Unlock Card No.161 - Viper:

Unlock Card No.166 - Mika Slayton:
Unlock Card No.170 - Karen Houjou:
Unlock Card No.172 - Jehuty:

Unlock Card No.187 - XM8:

Unlock Card No.188 - Mr. Sigint:
Unlock Card No.203 - Decoy Octopus:
Unlock Card No.291 - Jack:
Unlock Card No.294 - Solid Snake (MGS4):

Unlock Card No.295 - Otacon (MGS4):
Unlock Card No.197 Sea Harrier (US Version):
Unlock Metal Gear MK. II (MGS4) Card:
Unlock Solid Eye card (US Version):
Unlock No Smoking card (US Version):
Unlock Gekko (US Version):

Unlockable Card pack Upgrades:
When you have completed the game once load your finished 'Game Save' and play through the game again. At the points where you received the card packs they'll be upgraded into newer versions.
Unlock Chronicle Unlimited pack:
Upgrade Chronicle Pack

Unlock MGS1 Integral Pack:
Upgrade MGS1 Pack

Unlock MGS2 Substance Pack:
Upgrade MGS2 Pack

Unlock MGS3 Subsistence Pack:
Upgrade MGS3 Pack

Unlock MGS4:
Complete game on Easy setting. Unlock E-Z Gun Card:
Beat 6 levels in Arena mode on Easy setting.

Unlock Stealth Camo Card:
Beat 6 levels in Arena mode on Normal Setting.
Unlock G36C Card:
Beat 6 levels in Arena mode on Extreme Setting.

Unlock Metal Gear Rex:
Complete game on Normal.
Unlock Metal Gear RAY:
Beat Campagin mode twice.
Unlock Card Movies Selection:
When you have beaten the game once the selection 'Card Movies' will appear in the Deck Editor.

card code

At the main menu....proceed to password and enter the following codes to recieve the various cards listed below:
Card Code
NOJIRI to recieve the Strain Card [No. 46]
SHINTA to recieve the Gijin-san card [No. 99]
Reaction block
KONAMI to recieve the Reaction Block Card [No. 119]
VIPER to recieve the Viper card [No. 161]
Mika Slayton
MIKA to recieve the Mika Slayton card [No. 166]
Karen Houjou
Karen for the Karen Houjou Card [No. 170]
JEHUTY to recieve the Jehuty Card [No. 172]
Sea Harrier
XMEIGHT to recieve the XM8 [No. 187]
SIGNT to recieve the Sigint Card [No.188]
SHRRR to recieve the Sea Harriar Card [No. 197
Decoy Octopus
DCY to recieve the Decoy Octopus Card [No. 203]

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