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Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

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We have cheats to increase crop values and restore PP faster.

More Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on PSP.If you have any cheats or tips for Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon Questions & Answers page.

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Increase Crop Values

This is done by putting a set of Orange, Purple, or Green Jewels in a field. Doing this will give you a 20 bonus to the shipping value of the crop grown within their effect. If you use the Mother's Touch to harvest crops you can add an extra 10 to their shipping value.

Restore PP Faster

If you stand in the spa near the cave your PP will restore faster.

Water Spirit

To get the crest of the water spirit you have ta open the red seal then use the door behind the elevator in the easter ruins in the entrance. Then use the back left door and keep exploringin there goin up stairs down halls an everything. Then when you go up a certain set of stairs u'll come to a blue chest with a big ray of light on it the water spirit crest is in that chest.

Easy Tools Level Up, Sleeping and PP restore

-- Hoe, Hammer and Watering Can:
Use the hoe to till the soil in your farm (i recommend this when you have unlocked the seals on a bigger field atleast 45 squares), Water the tilled Soil then Hammer it.
By these way, you can level up all three tools in the same day..
-- Sickle:
The hardest one to level in max since you can only use it on weeds. Do not set your robot on "Prepare Soil" coz it will remove the weeds, or you can look inside the trash bin and see if the weed is still there, take it out on your field then use the sickle on it.
-- there are 4 places you can sleep in.
1. Easter Ruins: Your Room.
2. Volcano Town: The doctor's mansion. 2nd Floor, Door Nearest to the Stairs. (You can talk to Vita when she's th..


Need some fish to cook sushi or sashimi?
Here I give you a hint,
Go to the fisherman then talk to him then say yes and wait 5 seconds
And press X
TADA!!! A fish.

Increase Human Status

Sleep over at Dr. Hope's Mansion and eat breakfast with him at 6AM(do not wake up earlier than usual) and this will increase your Love, Cooking and Humor status. (i did this during winter to max all these three human status)
If you have questions do email me at [email protected] with "il - faq" as your subject. Thanks Smile

Flower harvesting

Flowers are not harvested in the same way as crops. To harvest flowers watch the 'Herbal Garden' show on the tv then make an order to get flowers cut and harvested by them when they'er fully bloom. Hope that helps. Anyone out there.

Help for beginners in first year

If your new to innocent life then heres a little help.
1. You get taught how to farm, simple
2. For the first say 2 weeks you have to do what the game wants, damn
3. After that your free and you have money, yay, and aspargus seeds
4. Go to the shop and buy more
5. After gaining more money buy more tools (you can get a sickle of the old bloke who lives with you)
6. When getting forte do not use him til you have all tools at max except fishing
7. Use your time well in summer as you can get good wild crops like bluberrys which sell for a lot. 8. Hermit lives near a lake in shack surrounded by cats passed the desert.
9. Livestock, to get livestock the world ranch channel says that you need a cluck-o-matic get it from jonathen at his farm in town ..


How do I set down the rail in the winter and how do I use it

Monsoon watering can

You need to go the door behind your elevator (the door must be sealed in red jewel then go to lookfor it

Where do you get the water crest to give to herm..

Where do you get the water crest to give to hermit

If anyone could help I would be most grateful

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