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Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus PSP Cheats and Tips

We have 6 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 2 : Wii : Xbox 360 : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Questions & Answers page.

All Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus Cheats and Tips - Latest First.

Unlock Special Illustrations

Complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding illustration.

Special Illustration #1:

Unlocks Automatically.

Special Illustration #10:

Win ALL of Survival mode (Level 1000).

Special Illustration #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6:

Win Survival mode Level 500.

Special Illustration #7:

Unlock ALL Gold/Black Characters.

Special Illustration #8:

Obtain ALL Arcade mode Gallery Artwork.

Special Illustration #9:

Obtain ALL EX Arcade mode Gallery Artwork.

Fight Gold, EX or Gold EX Characters in Arcade and M.O.M Modes

At the 'Main' menu highlight Arcade or M.O.M mode and hold the L button for Gold characters, R button for Gold EX characters, or both buttons for Gold/EX characters.

Unlock Gold and Black Characters

When you have played the game for more than 48 hours or beat Survival mode at level 1,000 go to the 'Character Selection' screen and change the colour scheme to the one indicated to enable the corresponding effect. This also works for EX characters and ALL GG modes (GG GGX and AC).

Unlock Black Character:

Change the colour scheme to 'Slash' colour and select your character by pressing 'Dust'.

Unlock Gold Character:

Change the colour scheme to 'Reload' colour and select your character by pressing 'Dust'.

Unlock EX Character Versions

When you defeat a character's Black EX form in the indicated Survival level or play through at least one path of their Story mode that characters EX version will become unlocked. Justice and Kliff do not have a EX version.

Unlock EX Anji:

Beat Survival level 20 (Black EX Anji)

Unlock EX Venom:

Beat Survival level 40 (Black EX Venom)

Unlock EX Faust:

Beat Survival level 60 (Black EX Faust)

Unlock EX Baiken:

Beat Survival level 80 (Black EX Baiken)

Unlock EX Bridget:

Beat Survival level 100 (Black EX Bridget)

Unlock EX Potemkin:

Beat Survival level 120 (Black EX Potemkin)

Unlock EX Ky:

Beat Survival level 140 (Black EX Ky)

Unlock EX Testament:

Beat Survival level 160 (Black EX Testament)

Unlock EX Millia:

Beat Survival level 180 (Black EX Millia)

Unlock EX Zappa:

Beat Survival level 200 (Black EX Zappa)

Unlock EX Chipp:

Beat Survival level 220 (Black EX Chipp)

Unlock EX Eddie:

Beat Survival level 240 (Black EX Eddie)

Unlock EX Axl:

Beat Survival level 260 (Black EX Axl)

Unlock EX Slayer:

Beat Survival level 280 (Black EX Slayer)

Unlock EX Jam:

Beat Survival level 300 (Black EX Jam)

Unlock EX May:

Beat Survival level 320 (Black EX May)

Unlock EX Johnny:

Beat Survival level 340 (Black EX Johnny)

Unlock EX Dizzy:

Beat Survival level 360 (Black EX Dizzy)

Unlock EX Robo-Ky:

Beat Survival level 380 (Black EX Robo-Ky)

Unlock EX I-no:

Beat Survival level 400 (Black EX I-no)

Unlock EX Order-Sol.

Beat Survival level 420 (Black EX Order-Sol)

Unlock EX Sol.

Beat Survival level 440 (Black EX Sol)

Unlock EX A.B.A.:

Beat Survival level 460 (Black EX A.B.A.)

Unlock ALL EX Characters, GG Generations Mode, and Special Optio

These features become available for selection when you complete ALL 30 missions in Mission mode.

Unlock Characters

The following bonus characters can be unlocked by completing the indicated task.

Unlock Kliff

Complete over 10 missions in Mission mode or alternately complete Kliff's Story mode.

Unlock Justice:

Complete over 20 missions in Mission mode or alternately complete Justice's Story mode.

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