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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

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Check out our collection of cheats to unlock Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2, unlock Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, unlock sound test and Zodiac stones.

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Unlock Hidden Characters

During Chapter 4 of the game there are 6 hidden characters that can be unlocked (Human and Dragon version of Reis are have been counted as two characters). Before you can begin unlocking any of these characters you must have Mustadio in your party.
Unlock Beowulf:
At Goland Coal City read the rumors and then go to Lesalia. Then return to Goland Coal City with Beowulf and after series of battles Beowulf will join your party.
Unlock Dragon Reis:
In the final battle of the series when you are returning to Goland Coal City with Beowulf Reis is rescued.
Unlock Construct 8:
When you have managed to rescue Reis from Goland go back to Goug Machine City and Construct 8 will join the party.
Unlock Human Reis:
When you have read the Ru..

Unlock Balthier from Final Fantasy XII

Go to 'The Mining Town of Gollund' when you reach Chapter 4 and read the 'Rash of Thefts' rumour at the tavern. Now go to 'The Merchant City of Dorter's' tavern and read the 'A call for Guards' rumour. When you now leave the town you'll find yourself in a battle alongside Balthier the Hume sky pirate. Win the battle and he'll join your party.

Unlock Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2

To get the mischievous brown-haired Hero Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in your party you must go to the Zekalus Desert after the Orbonne Monastary battles in Chapter 3 and watch the FMV sequence. When you have seen the the entire sequence complete the battle and Luso will join your party.

Preview Monster Before Birth

If you place an egg on the bottom row of the 'Editing' screen and position the pointer on top and then press Right or Left repeatedly you will get a brief glimpse of the face of the monster in the egg.

Unlock Sound Test

There is a hidden sound test menu in the game which can be accessed when you start a new game by entering 'PolkaPolka' (without the quotes) as a name.

Unlock Character Jobs

When you reach the indicated job level the next job in that class will become available.
Archer: Reach level 2 Squire.
Arithmetician: Reach level 5 White Mage, level 5 Black Mage, level 4 Mystic and level 4 Time Mage.
Bard: Reach level 5 Summoner and level 5 Orator; only as a male character.
Black Mage: Reach level 2 Chemist.
Dancer: Reach level 5 Dragoon and level 5 Geomancer; only as a female character.
Dark Knight: Completely Master Knight and Black Mage, crystallize 20 units, and reach level 8 with Dragoon, Ninja, Goemancer and Samurai.
Dragoon: Reach level 4 Thief.
Geomancer: Reach level 4 Monk.
Knight: Reach level ..

Character Classes

To unlock the advanced chararacter classes you must first begin at the indicated levels.
Unlock Archer:
Start as a Level 2 Squire.
Unlock Arithmetician:
Begin as a Level 4 Mystic, Level 4 Time Mage, Level 5 Black Mage, Level 5 White Mage.
Unlock Bard:
Begin as a Level 5 Summoner or Level 5 Orator (Male only).
Unlock Black Mage:
Begin as a Level 2 Chemist.
Unlock Dancer:
Begin as a Level 5 Dragoon or Level 5 Geomancer (Female only).
Unlock Dark Knight:
Reached Level 8 with Dragoon, Ninja, Goemancer and Samurai and mastered Knight and Black Mage. Also killed (crystallize) 20 units.
Unlock Dragoon:
Begin as a Level 4 Thief.

Unlock Geomancer:
Begin as a Level 4 Mon..

Lip-Rouge Item

To get the Lip-Rouge item which is good for increasing stats for female characters you need to have Agrias' guards from Chapter 1 (Lavian and Alicia) in your party in Chapter 4. When you then land on a City on Cancer I you will recieve it as a birthday gift from Mustadio.

Zodiac Stones

The Zodiac Stones are used by the Church to strengthen it's military power. Below is a list of where they can be found and got in the game.
Defeat Wiegraf in Riovanes Castle.
Mustadio has it and you receive it after the battle in Goug Machine City (Re-obtained in Riovanes Castle).
When Elmdore has been defeated Elmdore.
Defeat Worker 7 (Optional).
In Vormav's possession (this one is unobtainable).
In Vormav's possession (this one is unobtainable).
T.G. Cid (Orlandeau) has it and you receive it when he joins.
When you have defeated Draclau (Re-obtained in Riovanes Castle).

Easy Levelling Up and JP

This tricky can be done as early as the second battle although it's generally best to do it after that so you can choose what class the JP goes towards.
Make sure all your characters have the Squire's JP Up and the Focus skill. Without these this trick doesn't work as well.
A very simple trick. Get into a battle with some sort of chocobo. Kill off all other enemies and leave the chocobo alive. Get it to low health (when it crouches) and then wait for it to go into a corner and then circle it with your characters and it'll keep using choco cure if it's on low enough health. One character attack with a weak attack to keep it's health low. The others all use focus and then wait. This can go on forever.
This works as I spent an hour doing this trick and shot ..

Rare Items

When you poach the indicated creatures there is a chance of obtaining the corresponding rare item.
Cachusha: Pig
Cherche: Behemoth King
Dragon's Whisker: Red Dragon
Elixir: Red Chocobo
Holy Mace: Sekhret
Omnilex: Great Malboro
Zwill Straightblade: Vampire Cat

Easy Leveling Up

First make sure that you have a black mage that knows toad and make sure that everyone can use focus from the fundaments category. Defeat every enemy except for one and then use toad on it. When it is turned into a toad keep using focus and you should get 4 or more levels after a while. Once your attack is maxed then defeat the monster and do this again.

MidLights Deep and the True Onion knight

To keep the battles going until you can find the door, use balthier and mustadio to keep disabling and immoblizing your opponent, only keep one during the ending until you find the door, then just destroy your opponent. The True onion Knight combined with it's armor is the ultimate melee/distraction unit that you can have. The only way to unlock it is mastering 14 jobs beside mime, chemist, dark knight, and Squire.


If your wondering that you can't use Cloud's limit skills,
It requires Cloud's sword (MATERIA BLADE). It can be located
At MOUNT BERVENIA in the very most high terrain . . .
Assign someone with the command "TREASURE HUNTER" and go to the
Highest terrain, there you can find the sword for Cloud's Limit
Skills . . . HOPE I HELPED


You can get a Excaliber in MidLights Deep at the Oubliette, assign "TREASURE HUNTER" and go to the Highest Terrain, there you will find the sword.

How To Get Chocobos? It's Easy!!!!!!

First You Need To Protect The Chocobo That Are Trapped By Goblins on Your Quest To Save Princess Ovelia At Zeirchele Falls........At Araguay Woods You Must Choose 1 Of 2 Choices The First Choice Is To Trough The Woods And Avoiding The Trapped Chocobo And The Goblins(You Will Still Fight The Goblins)And The Second Choice Is To Save The Chocobo.....Kill The Goblins And Protect The Chocobo And The Chocobo Will Say"Wark? Wark"And It Joined Your Party And The Way To Get The Chocobos is You Must Go To Town To Town(Actually It`s Can If You Go From The Green Dot To Town)(The Blue Doted Map)Until The Chocobo Hatch An Monster Egg An Keep Going To Town To Town Until The Monster Egg Hatches And You Will Get Some Chocobo Or Black Chocobo Or I Think You Will Get Red Chocobo(If Your Chocobo Hatch it)

Ability Gain

When an enemy crystalizes get the crystal. Make sure it has the Aquire abilities, and click it. If there is more than one ability, always click the bottom one, even if you'd want a different one. If you click the bottom on, you get all the abilities on the list.

how to beat Belias the gigas

Get ramza to be a ninja attack belias with all you're unit heal some of allies with x-potion (chemist)thats howi beat him.

Job Chart

I found this out when I was looking up cheats on this web site. I made a chart telling you all the jobs in order and when you can get them.
Onion Knight
6/ 6
Squire Chemist
2/ 2 2 / 2
Knight Archer White Black
3| |3 3| |3
Monk Theif Mystic Time
4| |4 4| |4
Geomancer Dragoon Orator Summoner
5 /5 5 /5
Dancer Bard
And the ones that don't fit.
Samori= Level 4 ..

Riovanes Castle

Field Ramza with Auto-Potion and have him as a dragoon, Wiegraf has Safeguard on him so it's kinda pointless to rend him of anything besides speed. Might also be good if you buy X-potions. If you have more than one dragoon, it's best to take them in with Auto-potion to. The jumping ability hurts him a lot.

Ramza's Ability made it effect Twice

I assigned Ramza with the passive ability "DUAL WIELD" because it's job
Is KNIGHT . . . I equipped Ramza with the Swords Excalibur and Save The Queen
And it blessed Ramza with Haste And Protect . .. When I used ARTS OF WAR ability, It double the effect and double the damage . . .HOPE I HELPED TO STRENGHTEN RAMZA . . . ^^


The counterability SHIRADORI(SANURAI) or something like can evade
Attacks except for long range attacks. The evasion rate of this attack
Depends of your BRAVERY. So it means the percentage of your evasion
Is kinda like this equation: %Bravery = evasion rate . . . .

Chocobo Knight

Select a character and move it in to a allied chocobo . The character will mount into the chocobo. However, the damage inflicted by your opponents attacks will the damage the character not the chocobo . You can dismount anytime you want. It is best to ride on a black chocobo because black chocobos fly not walk.


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