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Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road

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Check out our cheats to discover the strongest Ultimate attack, how to easily get SSJ4 Vegeta, unlock Picolo, and unlock Dubora. We'll also tell you how to start with transformation.

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unlock Super sayain 4 goku

Back in the chapter where you must geet to the time machine let dabura destroy western city and then beat the mission a new route with an exceedinly annooying mission will be unlocked how ever goku S.S.4 will be unlocked as a character. Ith strength and movement speed both- Z!!!!

Defeating Kid Buu

To defeat Kid Buu who is the original and purest form of Majin Buu you must use melee attacks and not allow him to regenerate himself. If you fail doing this you must keep using your ultimate attack until he is dead. He must be defeated 4 times because of the Senzu Beans which when eaten restore the consumer's energy and physical health to their fullest.

Start Battle in Super Saiyan Form

This can be achieved by selecting a character's Super Saiyan form and holding L and pressing X. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation sound.

Transform during Gameplay

To do this you highlight a character that can transform and press Right. Then select your transformation state and fill your Kai meter to just over half. When you now press Down + Circle your character will transform. You will transform back into your normal state if you get hit with no Kai remaining.

Unlock Characters

The following characters are unlocked by doing the correspondidng tasks in Story mode:
Unlock Dubora:
Defeat him in the second level in Chapter 2.
Unlock Picolo (Fuse with Kami):
Defeat him at the alternate path of Chapter 3.
Unlock Bardock:
Defeat him as Goku in Chapter 5.
Unlock Future Gohan:
Complete Chapter 5.
Unlock Super Buu with Gohan Absorbed:
Complete the third level of Chapter 7.
Unlock Super Buu with Gotenks Absorbed:
Complete the second level of Chapter 7.

Unlockable Characters

Unlock Adult Gohan (Mystic Form):
Defeat Vegeta in Chapter 4 - A-B 5
Unlock Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan 2 Form):
Defeat Broly in Chapter 2 - 6
Unlock Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 1 - 8
Unlock Bardock:
Defeat bardock as Goku in Chapter 5
Unlock Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 4 - A-B 6
Unlock Cell (Super Perfect Form):
Defeat Cell in Chapter 2 - 5
Unlock Cooler (Final Form):
Defeat Pikkon in Chapter 4 - B-A 5
Unlock Frieza (100% Full Power Form):
Defeat Frieza in Chapter 3 - 2
Unlock Future Trunks (Super Saiyan Form):
Defeat Gotenks in Chapter 4 - 2
Unlock Goku (Kaioken Form):

Completion Bonus

Using any character in the game complete Arcade mode and the 'Bonus' option under the 'Options' menu will become available and you'll be able to access the Dragon Click mini-game and listen to game music.

ssj4 goku

To get ssj4 goku you must have at least 40 hp for all cities in the last level of the game then you will get him.The best way is to beat it wih a c or d ranking so you can use all the characters in story mode then replay the last level with super vegito,broly legendary super saiyan and gogeta then you will have a better chance of winning with a b,a,s or z rank.Thats how you get ssj4 goku.

Use a save game

You can still complete the game and have all the characters because you can do story mode again and change the nickname so your m8ts will never no y you got ss4 goku easily give it a go but make sure you have the corret save file for you game i.e a eur save file for the european game or usa for the other

Super Saiyan 4 Goku

To get Super Saiyan 4 Goku you need to beat the last level of the game.You have to fight Kid Buu 4 or 5 times.He has alot of health.I beat him with Gogeta with alot of HIGH stat raisers.But the battle with was still pretty hard.So be careful!

Strongest Ultimate Attack

1) Play as Goku (with Kaioken as the transformation). His burst charge increases his attack by like 15% then multiplies that number by two everytime you use his it, in exchange for health. You can use it 5 times
2) Transform and use his Burst Charge. You have to wait maybe two seconds between every use. If done correctly you'll have 315% attack.
3) If I didn't say before you should already have atleast 5 ki gauges so you can use spirit bomb, which you should fire at full power.
4) If it hits it will do MASSIVE damage. I think it's the strongest.
Unfortunately, This is a huge gamble because if you miss, you don't get a second chance, and you lose 50% of your health for nothing.
Perfect to use on the challenge "Do Massive Damage" though.

how to get ssj4 vegeta

To get ssj4 goku you need to beat the last level with a b or a or s or z ranking right.But to get ssj4 vegeta you need to have beaten all mission's in story mode must have 100% city df and 100% complete.Last but not least you need to have all characters in the game except ssj4 vegeta.Then at the mai menu press up,down,left,rrr,l,left,select.Worked for me perfectly.There is also an action replay code for this but I don't know it so I can't tell u.

Wait till others fighters

Ok here is a cool know in some batlles there Are missions in witch they say like defeat picillo With out taking any dammage well there is an easier Way to do that instead of using broly first defeat all The allyes next let your any ally go battle picillo When his life is very low go join the battle and kick His butt!!!!
ps-stay close to your ally when he's fighting.

Pretty Easy Wins

Ok, first you need alot of power cards or money,if it's money then go to the booster shop an buy the card you want.Now thats out of the way, set those.Oh and do not forget to buy an Ultimate Booster(This can really help with 1 stat,and more).Ok now go fight sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt.It just depends on what cards you set,but you really might want alot high stat raisers for the last fight against Kid Buu,Broly,Janemba,and some others,I forgot who all.(I think one other was Dabura).Good Luck!

Start with transformation

To start with transformation press the are button

Unlock ssj 4 goku and characters

To get ssj4 goku you have to have a Z rank in kid buu mission. S rank to unlock all characters that YOU have unlocked to play in story mode like cooler or janemba.

Making a Special Kind of Mission Easier

A lot of people find it hard to beat the mission called "Defeat someone without taking Damage." The secret to the mission is a special character called Broly. His ability is Hyper Armor. Hyper Armor regects all moves except grabbing, and charged smash attacks. Press R then L to activate this ability, but Hyper Armor is a limited time move. So go all out and finish off your opponent quick.

Full power gauge (training mode only)

To get a full power gauge you don't have to press the left bumper for such a long time simply press select.But remember this is only if the opponent is in do nothing.thanks I hope I helped

How to beat Majin Vegeta easily!

The most easiest way to defeat majin vegeta is given below:
When the field play begins against Majin Vegeta, you just stand on the spot you were on when you began the field play and Majin Vegeta will come after you but your ally will come and fight Majin Vegeta. Your ally will lose but he will take a lot of health from vegeta. When your ally loses quickly attack vegeta and starts the battle. His health will be really low and it will be easy for you to beat him!

What you get when you beat Kid buu.

Ending A: Unlocked Majin Vegeta and Super Saiyan 4 Goku.
Ending B: Play as All characters in Another Road Mode.
Tip: Get at least Ending B and use Kid Buu in the Last level, give him alot of health and smash cards, when you fight knock the enemy down then press back and circle and keep doing back and circle and charge your ki when needed. If you do it right you will never lose any battles in the last level and you will get the Ending A.

Saiyan Up

I think this is foolish one but those who don't know how to Ascend thier super Saiyan lvls for them it's a good one.
First you need to hold the dowm button and the circle simple.
Not working then down traingle or down sqaure etc...
I forgot which key to press with the down arrow key
So Maybe I hlped..
Hope I hlped beginniers

Easier battles againt kid buu

I don't know if this will help you, but it worked for me.
When fighting kid buu in the last level try to get as far away as possible. Make sure the person you're using has a lot of health and has strong energy blast attacks. It could also help to have a lot of ki energy cards. Anyway when fighting, keep pressing circle to do the energy blast attacks. If you press R2 and then o, the attack will be stronger and you won't have to charge up the attack first. Make sure you charge up your ki every once in a while and keep doing this. Also if kid buu deflects your attacks or launches any attacks of his own just guard against them. This really helps when your energy is low. This saved me a lot of trouble. Hope I helped.
(ps: I used super saiyan 3 goku, the first time. After getting the..

Making all Z's on Story Mode

After beating the game. Go back to Story Mode and you will be allowed to use any person. My top 3 picks are SS4 Goku, SS1 Vegito, and Gogeta.

Start as a super saiyan at the begininig of the battle

Select the super saiyan and press R + X
(the image selected must be of the super saiyan you want to transform to)

Timed Missions(FAST Wins)

After finishing Story Mode(aka Another Road), For missions where you have to defeat an Enemy in a Short time, Here's how:
Select: "KID BUU" as your playable Character, then when the battle with an enemy starts, Try getting some distance between kid buu, and your opponent(Combo attacking, and Discernment is a good way to do this) then continuously use Kid Buu's "ASSAULT RAIN" (Directional button away from your opponent+Circle) Plus, you don't need lots of Ki energy to use it. Just remember to Recharge your Ki once in a while. It worked for me, and I hope it works for you!

Getting Both A and B Endings Easily

Ending A: Complete all the missions and complete the level with all of the cities having 90%+ HP.
Ending B: Let the enemies destroy all of the cities and fail the missions. Complete the level with all of the cities at 0% HP.
Why do this?
The endings depend on what rank you get on them. If you were to get Rank C. You would unlock Ending B. If you were to get Rank Z. You would unlock Ending A.
Of course, in my opinion, Ending B is easier to unlock.
Now, how can you get Ending A easily?
Of course, the first mission is given to you after you defeat all of the Super Buus, Vegeta, Piccolo, and Kid Gohan on the map.
The first mission is to defeat three characters OTHER than Kid Buu within the time span of 180 second..

Charged Attacks = Higher Damage

Here's a trick I discovered with every Character:
For the Characters' Super Attacks/Special Attacks, if you Press and Hold the correct Button Input(Ex: Up+O, Left+O, Right+O) the Damage caused by those attacks will increase.(NOTE: Not all Characters' attacks are like this, but I know every Character has at least 1 or more Charged Special attacks)

Transformed in to a Super Saiyan and the begining of the battle.

When you choose your character hold the L button and press X. Now at the start of the battle your character will already be transformed into a Super Saiyan or the higher stage's of a character and remember when you choose your character the Image of the character should be on a higher stage of a character.

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