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Burnout Legends Cheats for PSP

Cheats and Tips for Burnout Legends


We have 13 cheats and tips on PSP. If you have any cheats or tips for Burnout Legends please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Nintendo DS

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Unlock Mirror Tracks

When you unlock ALL the Legend Face-Off cars the option for Mirror tracks in Single Event mode will become available.

Unlockable Heavywieght Vehicles

Get the following amount of money in Crash mode to unlock the corresponding Heavyweight vehicle.
Unlock Heavy Pick-Up:
Get $1,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock 4WD Racer:
Get $2,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock SUV Deluxe:
Get $5,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock 4WD Heavy-Duty:
Get $10,000,000 in Crash mode

Unlock B-Team Van:
Get $15,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock Delivery Truck:
Get $20,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock Tractor Cab:
Get $30,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock Longnose Cab:
Get $50,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock City Bus:
Get $70,000,000 in Crash mode
Unlock Trash Truck:
Get $90,000,000 in Crash mode

Quick Start

To start with a boost at the beginning of a race do the following. When it says '3, 2, 1', press Square(2), then X when it says '1'. When it then says 'Go' you will start with a boost.

Burnout Legends cheats

Unlock Compact series (varies from each UMD disk)

Randome Compact Collector:
Awarded for Gold in Silver Lake Eliminator. Compact Cop:
Awarded for Bronze in Silver Lake or Airport T1 & T2 Pursuit.

Dominator Compact:
Awarded at 10,000 Burnout Points.

Tuned Compact:
Awarded for 5 Gold Medals.
Legend Compact:
Awarded for Gold in Interstate Loop Legend face-off.

Gangster Legend:
Awarded for Gold in Palma Bay Legend face-off.

Assassin Compact:
Awarded at 15 Takedowns.

Unlock Muscle series (varies from each UMD disk)

Tuned Muscle:
Awarded for 20 Gold Medals.

Assassin Muscle:
Awarded at 30 Takedowns.

Randome Muscle collector:

Easy Win in Pursuit Mode

Although it may seem strange you can get an easy win in Pursuit mode by getting in front of the car you are chasing and then directing a crash into the front of your rival. Doing this will often result in a takedown even if the cars health bar is full.

Get the fire truck!

To get the fire truck, win a gold medal in all crash events.

Easy Cars

To easily get cars all you have to do is always do crash and get a lot of money and unlock more cars.

tuned coupe

Tuned coupe = 60 gold medals

Gangster Boss

To activate Gangster Boss you need to earn a Gold in all Race events.

Fire Truck

To activate Fire Truck you need to earn a Gold in all Crash events.

Cop Racer

To activate Cop Racer you need to earn a Gold in all Pursuit events.

Fast points

To get fast points get a bronze and then get asilver and then get a gold.


To get the fire truck get gold medals in all crash events.
Hope I helped.

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