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300: March to Glory Cheats

Cheats and Tips for 300: March to Glory

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Find out how to defeat Giant Immortals and unlock infinite Kleos.

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Unlimited Kleos

At the 'Main' menu press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right to get unlimited Kleos.

killing hydarnes

Once you enter the level kill everyone in there. I would kill the immortal first. The executor and bone golem can only be killed with "blood drunk" so aim for them. Once they're dead aim for the captain. The captain can only be killed with a heavy wrath attack (R + square).
Once you've killed them hydarnes will appear. Once this happens equip your spear. Begin stricking him with a heavy attack (note: only hit once then begin blocking his attacks). Now hydarnes is tough and faster than you so it can get annoying and he will summon immortals to aid him but only kill one or he will keep summoning them. Only the spear can break the armor. Once you've broken the armor you then may use any weapon of choice. He will then run to the cages and jump on them. Once this happens hide behind the pillars with bodies on them. He will then throw his fist in to it. Once that occurs run to the next one. When that fist is in the pillar throw your spear at him. Keep doing this untill he dies.

how to kill mardoinins

Use a spear and use ironsplitter (X4) and use the sword,dual sword or spear to kill him enjoy the game

Defeating Giant Immortals

Begin by breaking their amour using a spear and then attack them with whatever weapon you have (the gray bar tells you what armour amount they have left). When you face the second Giant Immortal follow him when he tries to escape to regain health and he will lead you to a statue. Push the statue on top of him to defeat him.


Right the best way to beat the immortals is to use the uppercut. [sward, x square 0] Then ground attack him.
The second thing is to beat HYDENES, do it like the big immortals with you're spear then wait till he is running between cages the attack him with your sward. Done !

Unlock 25,000 Kleos

During gameplay pause the game and press Down, Left, Down, Left, Up, Left. This code can only be used once so use it wisely.

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