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Dead by Daylight Cheats for PS5

Cheats and Tips for Dead by Daylight

Last Updated: by Dennis

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game that is played as a one versus four online multiplayer where one player takes on the role of the savage killer, and the other four players play as survivors, trying to escape the killer and avoid being caught and sacrificed to a malevolent force known as the Entity. Dead by Daylight is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Swithch, PC, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

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Vault to Escape the Killer

When you are being chased by Killers take advantage of the Survivors' ability to vault over windows and pallets very quickly in order to gain distance on Killers who traverse these objects slowly. You will be able to vault at different speeds and this is determined by the angle of approach and your run-up. If you run up to a window head on you will do a fast vault, if you approach if from the side or bump into the window before vaulting you will perfom a medium vault. If however you are injured and the Killer performs a Quick Attack when they are near you they will be able to grab you mid-vault.
Dead by Daylight Trailer

Make Less Noise Opening Chests

Chests in Dead by Daylight spawn randdomly and they are worthwhile finding as they contain helpful items such as Toolboxes, Keys, Med-Kits, or Flashlights. The problem with chests though is they take 10 seconds to pick the lock at the front of the chest and during which time you will be vulnerable to an attack. Opening a chest is a noisy, potentially dangerous action as it will alert a killer if they are within a 20 meters radius of the chest. If you have the teachable perk Pharmacy which until level 35 is unique to Quentin Smith you will reduce the range of those noises by 8 metres while also accelerating the chest Unlock time. Having the Pharmacy perk also guarantees an Emergency Med-Kit on your first completed Chest search.

Use Deja Vu to Find Generators Quickly

On some maps the generators can be diffiult to find and walking around aimlessly trying to spot them can waste a lot of time and is potentially dangerous as it can put you in a lot of trouble. If however you equip the Deja Vu ability the generators will be revealed to you at the start of the game which will speed up your progress considerably as you will always know where to head to next.

Get Claudette's Self Care Perk

In Dead by Daylight it is important that you heal from an injured state as quickly as possible otherwise your next hit could by your last. Unless you happen to have a medkit or another Survivor is nearby to heal you this can become a problem. As healing is so important you should consider getting Cludette's Self Care perk or even play as her because with this perk equipped you do not have to rely on anybody having to help you when you get injured which will speed up your progress.

Choose Dark Clothing

It is recommended that you use a Survivor that wears dark clothes as it will help you to blend in when you need to hide from Killers in dark areas. Rochelle in particular is a good choice because not only does she have dark clothes she also has a short stature making her even more difficult to pick out in the shadows.

Lure Killers Away

In Dead by Daylight the Stain is an eerie red light that is emitted in front of a killer to denote their sight. If a Survivor is in it's red glow they are within reach of the Killer and this more often than not will mean death. However, Survivors can use the Stain to their advantage by luring the killer into a chase for as long as possible in order to give the rest of the team time to locate and trigger the generators. Once the Killer realises generators have been activated and they have been tricked they will stop chasing the bait.

Break Line of Sight

Always try to break line of sight as quickly as you can when you are being chased by a Killer as they recieve Bloodlust, a buff that increases their walking when chasing Survivors. Try to throw Killers off your trail by looking for places to hide that are in darkness so you blend in and confuse them.

Avoid Making Scratch Marks

Always keep in mind that despite a Survivor's 'slow' walking speed they are still slightly faster than most of the Killers. As this is the case you should lessen the amount of scratch marks you make whenever possible by continually adjusting between running, walking, and crouching. Leaving no evidence behind of your presence will make it more difficult for the Killers to track you down.

Use Scratch Marks to Confuse Killers

Whenever a Survivor runs in Dead by Daylight they will leave behind a trail of scratch marks that can only be seen by Killers. Although the scratch marks are temporary and disappear they can easily lead the Killer straight to a running Survivor. However, Survivors can take advantage of scratch marks by using them to confuse the Killer with misdirection. An example of this is to run up a flight of stairs and then switch movement speeds to walk back down, doing this will make the Killers think you climbed the stairs where in fact you doubled back.

Prioritze the Generators

Focus first and foremost on finding the five generators which are scattered around the abandoned world and getting them to work as fast as possible in order to power the two exit gates. You will be able to easily locate generators by the light poles protruding from the top of them. Getting the generators to work can easily turn the tide to the Surviors' favor as it tends to make the killers panic and mess up.

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