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We Happy Few Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for We Happy Few


We have 8 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for We Happy Few please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox One

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Getting Past Bobbies

The police that patrol the civilian areas are called Bobbies and they are so tall you will not be able to bring them down through normal means. To get rid of a Bobby that is in your way you will need to approach with Scotch in your inventory and then attempt to bribe then with it so they become drunk and you can sneak past without the Bobby paying any attention to you. Until you have unlocked the Bobbie Takedown skill from the skill menu this is the only way you will be able to get past them undetected.


Once you arrive in Eel Pie Holm you first priority is to track down all three hatches as these lead to underground command posts you can use. To find these hatches easily look in the distance for cottages with black smoke coming from the chimney as this will mark a hatch location. Hatches are safe spots that always contain a workbench, a chemical station, a bed, a Pneumatic Storage unit, and a fast-travel door.

Pneumatic Storage Chamber

In all of the hatch hideouts on the map there is a Pneumatic Storage chamber which is a shared inventory that allows you to place items inside for safe keeping. Make sure you use a Pneumatic Storage chamber once you have collected plenty of items because it is only necessary to carry a handful of weapons in your inventory, if you carry too much you will be overburdened and your movement speed will be very slow.

Finding Lockpicks

You will need plenty of lockpicks during the course of the game, these can be easily gained by using bobby pins. An easy source of bobby pins is to search trash cans in citizen areas or debris piles in wastrel zones. Note: The bobby pins you find can only be used once as a lockpick.

Easy Food and Water

You need to keep an eye on your food and water intake, and also your sleep as going too long without none will severely cripple your stamina which will affect your running and fighting. Avoid consuming rotten food as this is worse than no food at all. If do find you are short of food go to the wastrel territory and search for blue flowers, you will be able to consume these flat for a quick hunger boost. You will also be able to get fresh water in wastrel zones.


Your best tactic in this game is to use stealth to takedown enemies without attracting attention, you should only fight in the open as a last resort. While you are crouched you will be able to view the footsteps of enemies, even those you can’t see around corners, and there are plenty of places to hide. Note: Don't try to take down tall enemies like Bobbies from behind.

Escaping Angry Mob

If you are in a village and are confronted by an angry mob your best strategy is cowardice. Don't try to fight as this will just bring more anry villagers to the fracas. Run away and look for a dark alley that has a trash can or dumpster you can hide inside until everything calms down.

Follow the Rules

The people hate non-comformists so make sure you follow the rules, failing to do so for longer than 5 continuous seconds will result in a killer mob forming. These rules include not entering people's houses, not stealing their stuff, and not attacking them. You will also need to stay off the streets after the 9pm curfew, wear clean clothes, and refrain from crouching, jumping, or sprinting.

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