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Unto The End Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Unto The End

Last Updated: by Dennis

Unto the End is a challenging combat-adventure where you play the role of a father who must endure a desperate journey to get back to his family. Armed with a sword, a dagger, and his wits, he must outfight and outsmart the creatures he encounters as he treks through unfamiliar lands, where every step brings him closer to home but is fraught with untold dangers. Unto the End is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Mac and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

Unto the End Trailer

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How to get the Bloodlust Achievement/Trophy

To get the Bloodlust achievement/trophy you need to kill 100 enemies. You can use the following trick to boost this. Go to any area where you have to fight two enemies at the same time and just kill one of them and let the other kill you. Keep repeating this when you respawn which will only be about 10 seconds before the fight.
If decide to play the game naturally and do not unlock this achievement/trophy before the end you will be given the opportunity to carry on playing and continue your body count after the credits have rolled by starting the game again from the main menu.

How to get the Helping Hand Achievement/Trophy

To get the Helping Hand achievement/trophy you must help a creature in need. You will be able to do this near the start of the game when you can enter a cave and find a wounded creature there. If you give the creature herbs you will not only unlock the achievement/trophy you will also get a key. Make sure you offer the creature herbs while you have 3+ of them in your inventory.
Note: Don't make the mistake of crafting a tonic at the campfire first as this will leave you with 1 herb left available. Offering only 1 herb will get you the key, but not the achievement.

How to get the Explorer Achievement/Trophy

To get the Explorer achievement/trophy you must gather all the items. In total there are 9 items to gather in Unto the End, some are story related whilst others are not. Take a look at the video below to get help to find the location of each of the items.
How to get the Explorer Achievement/Trophy

08:29​ – Old Key
09:11​ – Meditation Bead
14:00​ – Light Stone
15:43​ – Heavy Key
26:48​ – Iron Helm
35:35​ – Notched Bone
43:40​ – Woad Kipu
48:07​ – Pristine Shard
50:21​ – Wanderer's Totem
Note: To get the Pristine Shard you must have at least 4 bones in your inventory to offer the man otherwise he will attack you after you offer the bones.

How to get the Mastery Achievement/Trophy

To get the Mastery achievement/trophy you must show true mastery of the sword. In order to do this you must beat the final boss using only your sword. The following strategy will enable you to win the fight without the boss being able to touch you.
At the checkpoint before the final boss jump off the rocks and hit the boss with a high attack (Y) while he is busy with the large troll then bash him with RT. When the boss is down roll with B to his right side, turn around and repeat the high attack (Y) followed by bash (RT) combo until he dies. To get the ending afterwards you have to run left through a long tunnel then hit RT a few times when you reach the dead end.

How to get the Well Trained Achievement/Trophy

To get the Well Trained achievement/trophy you must win a sparring match in training. As soon as you reach a bonfire at the start of the game where you can save your progress and heal you will also have the option to select 'Sparring Practice'. After the training tutorial you will spar with the protagonist's wife. The achievement/trophy will unlock once you win the sparring session. The easiest way to do so is to repetitively throw your dagger at her, so it bounces back to your feet. You should be able to defeat the woman in less than 10 throws.

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