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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

We have 20 cheats and tips on PS4. If you have any cheats or tips for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands please send them in here.

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Bonus Points

If you leave markers tagging the supply locations you find so that the rebels can get them later you will earn bonus points.

Supply Missions

You will be able to obtain lots of supplies at once by successfully completing the supply missions that get unlocked after you collect intel from the enemies. These supply locations will be tagged on your TACMAP.


While driving in Bolivia it is advised that you resist the temptation of using shortcuts as it usually leads to overturns and fatal vehicle damage.

Long Distances

If you have not got many fast travel points unlocked and you need to cover a long distance you may want to consider using a helicopter or an airplane. The aircrafts can be located on airfields and large open areas.

Talking in Combat

Don't interrogate enemies or talk to civilians during combat as you can easily be shot and killed as you temporarily lose control of your characters until the dialogue exchange is complete.

New Locations on Map

When you interrogate enemies and find intel caches during missions there is always the possibility that it will reveal locations on your TACMAP.

Fast Travel Points

ALL the provinces of Bolivia have fast travel points, they are called Rally Points and they are indicated on the TACMAP as white houses with flags. You can only fast travel between the points that you have unlocked and you will not be able to use fast travel points during combat or when you are being detected by the enemies.

Side Missions

A good way to get lots of supplies to help unlock characters is to do the side missions where you have to intercept the cartel's trucks. These side missions can yeild up to 2,500 units.

Tagging Supplies

Supplies will be marked by a green icon on your TACMAP, interacting with supplies when you find them will mark them for pickup and give you resources for purchasing new skills within the character skills menu.


It is always worth your while talking to the civilians of Bolivia as they can be very helpful in finding out the locations of points and items of interest as well as where you can find Skill Upgrades and Weapon Items. An icon will appear over a civilian to indicate that you can talk to them.

Unidad Soldiers

Avoid provoking the Unidad soldiers with gun fire whenever possible as doing so will increase the Unidad Patrol rank which will cause more Unidad soldiers to start appearing with more powerful weapons.

Specific Weapons

If you find yourself struggling on a particular mission it may be a case of needing some specific weapons to give yourself that added edge in the task. The more weapons you have to select from the easier you will find the missions.

Weapon Locations

Below is a list of the various types of weapons available in the game and the area where you can find them.
Assault Rifles
AK-47: Found in Media Luna.
His AK-47: Becomes available after defeating Yuri and Polito.
Her AK-47: Becomes available after defeating Yuri and Polito.
SR3M: Found in P.N. De Agua Verde.
556xi: Found in Caimanes.
AK-12: Found in Tabacal.
AUG A3: Found in Barvechos.
805 Bron A2: Found in Villa Verde.
G2: Found in Inca Camina.
L85A2: Found in Espiritu Santo.
R5 RGP: Found in Monte Punchu.
ACR: Found in Media Luna.


Some of the Santa Blanca facilities will be located on water and you will need a boat to reach them. There will always be a boat waiting for you somewhere on the shore, you just have to find it.

Unlock Characters

To umlock character skills you will need supplies, there are four types of supplies (Food, Medicie, Fuel, and Comms) and they can be found scattered around the enemy territories insice crates, barrels, and various caches.

Unlock Characters

To umlock character skills you will need supplies, there are four types of supplies (Food, Medicie, Fuel, and Comms) and they can be found scattered around the enemy territories insice crates, barrels, and various caches.

Enemy Bases and Strongholds

When you approach enemy bases and strongholds that are heavily fortified it is best to avoid directly entering the area as it will alert them of your presence, it is best in these instances to adopt a stealth approach.


Before you decide to take on any type of mission it is important that you look through your weapon loadout and choose the best weapons and equipment for the task ahead.


You can be saved once if you fall in combat by an A.I. Squad member as long as they are in close proximity and can move to your location to revive you. If you are playing online you will need to communicate with your teammates so they can come to your location and save you.

Skill Points

It is important that you spend Skill Points to unlock new abilities and skills otherwise you will experience difficulty trying to complete some of the missions, particularly those where stealth is necessary.

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