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The Bug Butcher Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for The Bug Butcher

Last Updated: by Dennis

The Bug Butcher is a fast-paced action-packed 2D side scrolling shoot'em up game that is inspired by the arcade classic Super Pang. Use a wide selection of weapons and power ups to tear through increasingly challenging levels as you play as Harry, the Bug Butcher, who has been called upon to exterminate all the bugs. The Bug Butcher is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and iOS. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to get the Killa Dash Achievement/Trophy

To get the Killa Dash achievement/trophy you must dash into a frozen face hugger enemy on the ground. In Bug Butcher the face hugger enemy are the pink adversaries that can be found all over Level 3-1.
In order to unlock this achievement/trophy you need to progress through the Level 3-1 until you earn the ice power up which is given randomly by the game, so it may not be the first power up you receive. Keep going until you get the ice power up, you should get one before the round ends.
Once you have the ice power up wait for a face hugger enemy to land on the ground and then quickly use the ice power up to freeze it into the ground. All you then need to do then to unlock the achievement/trophy is dash into him by pressing 'Circle' on your PlayStation controller (B on Xbox controller).

How to get the Weapon Collector Achievement/Trophy

To get the Weapon Collector achievement/trophy you must upgrade all weapons in Arcade mode. The weapons you need to upgrade includes your starting weapon which is the Machine Gun and the weapon pickups that change your gun's shot-type for a set amount of bursts. Once you purchase the second upgrade of the final of five weapons (see below) in Arcade mode you will unlock the Achievement/Trophy.
You can buy new weapons and upgrade them between games with the credits you earn. Each weapon has it's own tab, and you can shift across to the right to reach those available through pickups. In order to upgrade all the weapons in Arcade mode to unlock the achievement/trophy you will need a total of 5000 coins. This breaks down as follows:
1. Machine Gun - 250 first upgrade, 750 second upgrade
2. Laser Beam - 250 first upgrade, 750 second upgrade
3. Rocket Launcher - 250 first upgrade, 750 second upgrade
4. Gatling Gun - 250 first upgrade, 750 second upgrade
5. Lightning Gun - 250 first upgrade, 750 second upgrade
It is recommended that you upgrade the Machine Gun first as doing so will make the game a lot easier.

How to get the Powerup Keeper Level 18 Achievement/Trophy

To get the Powerup Keeper Level 18 achievement/trophy you must not use any power up in level 18. This basically means you need to avoid pressing the 'Square' button on your PlayStation controller (X button on Xbox) during level 18.
You can however make this a lot easier by picking up the small power ups that the enemies drop, and it is recommended that you do so whenever they become available otherwise you will struggle. All you have to remember is not press any button on your controller aside from the shoot button. Note: Level 18 is the last mission of floor 3.

How to get the Guard Level 10 Achievement/Trophy

To get the Guard Level 10 achievement/trophy you must not let a spider touch the scientist on level 10. This achievement/trophy can be unlocked on the second floor of Level 10 in Arcade mode, and you can make getting it easier by fully upgrading everything.
The blue spiders spawn out of the ceiling and as soon as they open their mouth their tongue will grab the scientist and void the achievement/trophy. To prevent this from happening you need to make the spiders your priority as soon as they appear. Whenever you grab a weapon focus solely on the spiders and save your power ups for when they spawn in the middle of the map over the scientist.

The Bug Butcher Trophies
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