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Tennis World Tour Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Tennis World Tour

Last Updated: by Dennis

Tennis World Tour arrived on the PS4 in 2018 and as the name suggests, is a tennis sim where you play through the tournaments from the world tour. While there are no tap in cheat codes for Tennis World tour we do have a number of useful Trophy Guides , some info on how to unlock skills and tips and tricks to become a better player in Tennis World Tour.

More Tennis World Tour Cheats and Tips

We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Tennis World Tour please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Tennis World Tour Questions & Answers page.

All Cheats and Tips - Latest First

Trophy Guide

Easy Lightning Trophy
To get this trophy you must make 15 volleys in a row. In order to accomplish this feat you will need to use a good serve and volley such as Roger Federer. What you need to do is serve the ball using a slice serve so you can get up to the net quick and then keep doing drop shots and anticipate the direction the opponent will hit back.
How to get the Don't Miss a Single Coach! Trophy
You will obtain this trophy when you have unlocked all of the basic coaches. In Tennis World Tour there are 19 basic coaches in all and as your career progresses these coaches will appear in the game. It is not until the 11th season that the 19th and last coach enters the game.
Tennis World Tour Trophy Guide

Easy Collector Trophy
To get this trophy you must unlock all of the basic Skills at least once. If you highlight the locked skill type it will explain how to unlock it in the bottom right hand side.
Easy Long-Distance Runner Trophy
You get this trophy by winning a match without your stamina level ever going below your opponent's. An easy way to do this is to go to Exhibition and use Federer and play the match as a super tie break win to make it go quicker. Put your created character as the opponent.
How to get the No Point Running Trophy
You will get this trophy by winning a set without sprinting. This can be done by not using RT (sprinting) on your controller or stop balls within the set. If your player is in good condition or your returns are strong, you should be able to do this without any problems. This trophy can be easily gained in an Exhibition match with one set and three points / super tie-break. Select a strong player with great stamina for you and a rather weak player (on lowest difficulty) as the opponent.
Easy You Shall Not Pass! Trophy
To get this trophy you need to return an opponent's smash. The best time to go for this trophy is when your opponent is in the mid-field, don't try it when they are positioned directly at or close to the net. Hit your opponent a ball they are able to reach for a return where they will raise their racket over their head and return a smash from a lobbed ball. You then need to hit the ball back to get the trophy. Make sure that you are positioned close to the middle of the baseline because the smash will likely be going into the mid-field and it will be difficult to predict where exactly your opponent will smash the ball.

How to Unlock Skills

In Tennis World Tour you choose different coaches from a wide range of options and they will help you to customize your character through the acquisition of Skill Cards. Only by advancing your career, completing Challenges and by hiring coaches will you be able to get Skill Cards, each coach that you unlock will allow you to unlock two skills when you hire them.
How to Unlock Skills in Tennis World Tour

Each coach has their own Skill Cards, and you're free to choose your coach according to the skills that best suit your style. Skill Cards when obtained will add passive skills as well as abilities linked to particular moves. Some of the coaches you can hire will also come by luck while others will appear in your monthly overview (like 'Meet Mike Strong').
Note: Challenges gives you a new Skill Card, Challenges show up only once or twice a year, you just have to keep playing until they appear.

How to get the Number 1 Trophy

To obtain this trophy you need to reach No.1 in Career mode. This is a difficult trophy to acquire as it requires that you beat Top 10 players. The key to getting this trophy is to put all your points into defense regardless of the player archetype you choose to play. Forget about serve and volley and definately not power, if you use the following strategy when you have placed 30 points into defense so your control and spin is better you will win 90% of the time.
How to get the Number 1 Trophy

Serve a normal A serve and then drop shot cross court. When you return hit a crosscourt with a topspin shot followed by a drop shot if they return. If they do manage to return you will be able to win the point with a top spin down the line. This strategy will help with 98% of the opponents you face, when you come across the Legend AI's, they are the players who you meet on the final of every of every 4 and 5 stars tournaments you will need to change your tactics. The tips below will help.
Avoid Long Rallies
Don't make the rallies too long versus them. After you have hit 3-4 shots, then it's time to go for the counter. A drop shot is a good choice as it forces them to come closer to the net.
Legend AI Cross Court Shots
The Legend AI will hit perfect cross court shots no matter where they are on the court. They do this to try and make you come deeper into the box to finish you with a shot down the line. Again, after 3-4 cross court shots max, drop shot them.
Use the Lob
When the AI gets closer to the net and they return a passing shot your next shot should be a lob. After attempting the lob make sure you center yourself again in preparation for a possible return.
When your first serve is unsuccessful, don't charge the next one. Or if you do, just charge it, but don't aim.
Returning Wide AI Legend Serves
You will find that when a Legend AI is about to lose a set they tend to serve wide. Prepare for this by placing yourself a bit further back and to the left or to the right depending on which side you're getting served at. When you return the serve, return it with a cross court shot as hitting it down the line will get you almost instantly punished.

Tips and Tricks to become a Better Player

There are no button code cheats in Tennis World Tour so the only way you will be able to improve your ability is through continual gameplay. Listed below are some tricks and tips that will help you become a better player.
Choose a Defensive Character
If you are new to Tennis World Tour choose a defensive character to start. Goffin is a good choice as he handles like you would think a player should and is faster with more stamina. When building a career character, throw points into defense. Most of the current problems have to do with clunkiness, auto volleys, and stamina maintenance.
Play Behind the Baseline on Serves
Back up and play from behind the baseline. When waiting to receive take two steps back and maybe one to the side, much easier to get a rally going from there and the tracking on topspin and flat shots works way better from behind the baseline.
Serving to your Opponent
When you are serving to your opponent try moving out to the side and hitting an angled slice (Square) serve. Consistantly serving well in Tennis World Tour is not easy.
Move Toward the Ball
Make sure you are always moving towards the ball before you press your shot type. Move then hold x (or others) then hit direction for your shot.
When to use Sprint
Use sprint frequently but in short bursts. When receiving use sprint only for a step to three steps, overrunning the ball with sprint can be a problem.
Turn off Auto-Volley
If you turn off Auto-Volley in Preferences and turn on Auto Inside-Out it will help with some of the automatic slice/chip shots and prevent some automatically coming in to the net.
Change your Setup
At the end of the season you can redistribute your points. So if you notice your current setup doesn't work go and change things around.
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