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Risk of Rain Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Risk of Rain

Last Updated: by Team SuperCheats

Risk of Rain was released on the PS4 in 2016. This platformer first appeared on the PC before making it's way gradually onto other systems. There are no cheat codes for Risk of Rain, but we do have some tips on how to get the Captains Brooch, how to get artifacts and how to unlock characters in Risk of Rain .

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We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Risk of Rain please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC

You can also ask your question on our Risk of Rain Questions & Answers page.

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Trophy Guide

Easy Sole Survivor Trophy
To get this trophy you need to die 50 times. It can be easily obtained by loading up a game on Monsoon difficulty and putting down the controller so you quickly die. Just repeat this 50 times.
Easy Lizard Bait Trophy
You will get this playthrough when you have defeated 20 Lemurians in one playthrough. Lemurians are the lizardmen you will encounter on the first stage and will probably be the first enemies you will come across. You should have no issues defeating twenty of them.
Easy Night Night Trophy
To obtain this trophy you must Kill a boss with Bandit's 'Lights Out' ability which is a single, very powerful shot, doing roughly 100-150 HP damage. This trophy can be attempted on the easiest difficulty, so take your time to chip away at the boss until their health is low (around 200 HP), then only use 'Lights Out' until the boss is dead.
Easy Master Hunter Trophy
You will get the Master Hunter Trophy when you kill the Magma Worm, Wandering Vagrant, and Colossus. You do not need to defeat all three during the same playthrough. The easiest way to get this trophy is to play with the character you feel most comfortable with. The Magma Worm is big worm, the Wandering Vagrant is a huge flying Jellyfish, and the Colossus is a giant stone golem.
Risk of Rain Trophy Guide

How to get the Better Luck Next Time Trophy
This trophy is awarded when you fail a shrine 3 times in a row. It can be different shrines, not just at the same one. The best way to do this trophy is to find a shrine on a level where you will be asked for either gold, or sometimes health, for a chance of receiving an item. Remember though that regardless of whether you successfully gain an item or not, the next attempt will cost more (gold or health).
How to get the Lucky Devil Trophy
When you pass the same shrine 4 times in a row you will get this trophy. Passing one shrine three times, and then passing a different shrine will not unlock the Trophy. You can though unlock the trophy using multiple shrines if you use the shrine until it's destroyed.
Easy Finders Keepers Trophy
You get this trophy by finding the bloated survivor. You can easily get this trophy by interacting with the body found at the bottom right of the hive cluster stage. The body won't spawn if you spawn in that part of the level, if that happens you will have to go to the stage again.
Risk of Rain Trophy Guide

How to get the Endless Voyager Trophy
Collect 4 Keycards to be awarded this trophy. Keycards are found on the final level, 'Risk of Rain'. All 4 keycards must be obtained in one run, so you can't collect these over multiple attempts. Keycards are dropped randomly from enemies or found in golden containers that look like the caches of XP and gold you open in other levels. You can increase the item drops from Elite mobs by stocking up on 56 Leaf Clovers.
Easy Macho Trophy
To get this..

How to get the Captain's Brooch

In Risk of Rain the Captains Brooch is an item that can be used to give you the ability to summon down a Gold Chest nearby enabling you to get hold of more items. This is a useful item because the chests you call down are more expensive than the chests you will find lying around on the same level. The Captain's brooch can be found when you open up a Golden Chest.
Golden Chests spawn in the last two level the game and are identified by their high price, and golden colour. When you open up a Golden Box you are guaranteed a rare item. You will be able to find a Golden Chest consistantly in the Risk of Rain (Level), under the second and third cargo bays. Golden Chests can be opened up using the Skeleton Key.
Captain's Brooch

How to get Artifacts

In Risk of Rain artifacts are items that are found in hidden areas of certain levels and can drastically change gameplay, either by making it more interesting and/or challenging. You can toggle artifacts on or off at the 'Player' selection screen. Any combination of all 10 artifacts can be toggled on simultaneously. In co-op you can pick up an artifact, even if you already own it, doing so will unlock it for all the other players in the match. Artifacts do not spawn every time a level is loaded. Sometimes, continuous play is required to try get an artifact to spawn.
Listed below are the 10 artifacts, where you will find them, and the requirement to unlock them. Once you have the artifact it can be enabled at the 'Character' selection screen for your next playthrough.
Artifact of Sacrifice:
Hit the three switches in 'Magma Barracks', then proceed to the artifact gate.
Artifact of Enigma:
There is a passage at the bottom right of 'Sunken Tomb' that is reached by falling into the hole above it and pushing to the right to land on an invisible jump pad.
Artifact of Command:
It may appear in 'Hive Cluster', at the top right corner of the map. You must climb across the ropes to reach it.
Artifact of Distortion:
There is a small box towards the top right section of 'Damp Caverns'. Break it to spawn the artifact at the gate.
Artifact of Glass:
There is an invisible passage up the left wall in 'Ancient Valley'. Reach it, then hit several timed switches before falling to reach the gate.
Artifact of Honor:
There is a path in the middle left portion of 'Desolate Forest'. Jetpacks or the Miner/Mercenary are required to make the jumps.
Artifact of Kin:
Break the wall in the right end of 'Dried Lake', then hit the switches in there.
Artifact of Spirit:
There are platforms sometimes at the bottom right of 'Temple Of The Elders' after you jump off the cliff. Follow them to reach the artifact.
Artifact of Origin:
Kill the final Boss in 'UES Contact Light' with all other artifacts active.
Artifact of Spite:
In the middle left area of 'Sky Meadow' is a small part of ground that is cracked. Use an explosive to break it, then enter the hole.
Take a look at the video below if you are struggling to get any of the artifacts.
How to get Artifacts in Risk of Rain

Desolated Forest - 0:10
Dried Lake - 0:21
Damp Cavern - 0:41
Sky Meadow - 0:56
Ancient Valley - 1:23
Sunken Tomb - 1:53
Magma Barracks - 2:07
Hive Cluster - 2:34
Temple of the Elder - 2:49
Final Artifact - 3:10

Unlock Characters

There are 11 unlockable characters in Risk of Rain, 9 of these characters were available when the game was released and with the other two were added with the 1.2 patch. The two new characters are the Chef and Loader. Every character has four unique skills as well as stat growths. When you begin Risk of Rain only the Commando character is available to you, the other characters become unlocked as you progress through the game completing certain objectives which are listed below.
Defeat Acrid in Sunken Tomb.
Successfully complete Stage 3 (Sunken Tomb or Frozen Fundra)
Defeat the Magma Morm, Collosus, and Wandering Vagrant.
Purchase 40 Drones.
Open HAN-D's container on the USS Contact Light level.
Collect 15 Monster logs.
Successfully complete the game five times.
Defeat the Direseeker in the Magma Barracks level.
Successfully complete the game.

Unlock 1.2 Patch Characters
Find Sprouting Egg, Foreign Fruit, Bustling Fungus, and Bitter Root in one playthrough.
Get 30 different items in one playthrough.

Risk of Rain Trophies
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