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Onigiri Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Onigiri

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Onigiri is a colorful anime style MMORPG set in a fantasy land reminiscent of ancient Japan that is filled with creatures of myth. Ages ago, the terrible Kamikui made a trail of death and destruction across the land before being stopped by the goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu Oomikami. The goddess placed three great Seals that forced Kamikui to retreat. Now, one of the Seals has shattered. You play the role of an Oni whose peaceful life in the Western island of Onigashima is disturbed by the revival of the Kamikui. Onigiri is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Vita, Switch, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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How to get the Trained Blacksmith Achievement/Trophy

To unlock the Trained Blacksmith achievement/trophy you must successfully craft 10 weapons to unlock. The quickest way to do this due to the materials being fairly easy to farm is to craft the Oninodachi 10 times. The two materials hardest to come by are Daruma's pipe and sinister bones but if you play the game on the Hell difficulty setting they are 100% guaranteed drops. Daruma's pipe drops from Daruma in the Kishinden training dungeon while the sinister bones drop from the giant skeleton boss in the training grounds.

How to get the Legendary Oni Achievement/Trophy

To unlock the Legendary Oni achievement/trophy you must clear a total of 200 Main Scenario quests and Subquests. To complete a quest you must talk to NPC characters that have a (!) or (?) above their head. Once you have spoken to them a blue arrow (side quest) or yellow arrow (main story quest) will guide you to the quest location. Most quests are generally straight forward and will involve clearing a certain dungeon or finding a specific item which you need to bring back to the NPC. Completing the quest will result in the NPC now having a musical note above their head and you will receive your reward when you talk to them.

How to get the Maze Challenger Achievement/Trophy

To unlock the Maze Challenger achievement/trophy you need to clear 1000 dungeons. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to play Ooyama Residence dungeon which has very quick loading times and is inhabited by a very low level enemy to kill. This dungeon should take you about 60-80 seconds each run with loading times.

Play in a Large Party for More Rewards

It is important to remember that the more people you have in your party the harder the dungeon gets and the more enemies spawn. The benefit though of playing in a large party is that you will get a lot more items and experience than if you were playing solo.

How to Fast Travel without Crystals

You can Fast Travel in Onigiri without using crystals by simply bringing up your menu and going to the blue circle on the top right corner of the screen and hittiing the 'Move to Resurrection Point' option. This will quickly move you to the area where you would be ressurected upon death. Generally you are only supposed to use this opthon when you are stuck but this can be useful when you want to move from one place to another. The resurrection spot is different for each map. Take advantage of this to get back to Onigashima or to save time when you need to reach somewhere pretty far.

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