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NBA 2K17 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for NBA 2K17

Last Updated: by Dennis

NBA 2K17 is another release from the NBA 2K franchise and was released on multiple platforms in 2016. Read on for some great NBA 2K tips, some My Player Tips, info on how to use triple threat moves and how to master the elbow spin.

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We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for NBA 2K17 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation 3 : Xbox 360

You can also ask your question on our NBA 2K17 Questions & Answers page.

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NBA 2K17 Tips

Don't be Predictable
You need to be patient when you are on offense and trying to break down the oppositon. Keep the defence constantly off-balance by dribbling and quick passes while you wait for an opening to develop. As you are doing this you need to ensure you are switching up your offensive strategy and not solely relying on three pointers, dribble drives, post-moves, or long hurls up the court. If keep performing the same moves you will be quickly found out and your opponent will be able to counter easily.
The key to stopping the other team from scoring in NBA 2K17 is to not be too over-eager when attempting to steal the ball, learn to box out to maximise defensive rebounds, and keep a nice balance between standing off your opponent and getting tight.
Learn to Double Move
You will have a higher percentage in terms of a successful shot if you have enough room to get the ball into the basket without being contested. This is why it is important that you learn to double move which is basically where you confuse the defender by doing some dribbling tactics or ankle breaker moves to create the space you need. The moment you manage to do this successfully you will get to see the line 'Double Move Leading To Score'.
Earn Badges
In NBA 2K17 each player type has a handful of specific badges they can earn and then upgrade from Bronze to Silver, Gold, Hall of Fame, and Grand. Although badges take time to earn they are worthwhile getting because they impart a skill bonus whenever you attempt a relevant action that is connected to the badge. Badges can be earned on any difficulty, you cannot earn them if you simulate your games.
NBA 2K17 Tips and Tricks

Show Off
Showboating is a part of basketball and NBA 2K17 has several show off moves you can pull off.
- Flashy Pass
Double tap Circle
- Alley Oop Pass
Double tap Triangle
- Slam Dunk
Press R2 while holding the right stick away from the hoop to launch your player into a slam dunk.

Use Triple Threat Moves

Resist the temptation of just flicking the right analogue stick with reckless abandon in the hope of finding a lane to the basket but instead take advantage of the special triple threat dribble moves, a new feature that has been added to NBA 2K17. If you use these special triple threat dribble moves you are more likely to draw your defender of balance leaving the court wide open for a drive, pass, or uncontested jumper. Listed below are the triple threat moves along with how to perform them.
Use Triple Threat Moves

Triple Threat Jab
Move Right Stick left or right then quickly release for a quick jab (hold R2 for a hard jab).
Triple Threat Jab Then Pump Fake
Move Right Stick toward the hoop then quickly release.
Triple Threat Pump Fake Then Jab
Move Right Stick away from the hoop then quickly release.
Triple Threat Stepback
R2 + Move Right Stick away from hoop, then quickly release.
Triple Threat Spinout
Rotate Right Stick then quickly return to neutral.

Master the Post-Spin (Elbow Spin)

An effective move to elude your defender in one-on-one situations is the post-spin which is often dubbed the 'elbow spin'. This move has a 60 percent success rate given you have the right player in the right position so it is well worth mastering. Make sure you do not use the move too frequently otherwise your opponent will quickly figure it out and bring a double team.
Master the Post-Spin

How to Perform the NBA 2K17 Post Spin (Elbow Spin)
1) Tap L1 to bring up the Playcalling.
2) Tap L2 to play through the player.
3) Select the right stick to bring the player to the post up.
4) Once the player is in there, bring it down in this position below.
5) Hold L2 while spinning the right stick from 3 o'clock to 9.
6) As soon as the player is done with the spin, release L2 and point the left stick to the rim, hold R2 and finish it up with the right stick.

How to Perform the NBA 2K17 Fake Spin, Shoulder Shimmy
You can make the post-spin more difficult for your opponent to defend by using fakes and a shimmy to disguise it.
1) Hold L2 to post up and let go to do face up.
2) Repeat the previous process now from No. 5 to 6.
3) Tap right stick to right shoulder to do shimmy fake.
4) Tap right stick to left should to step back.
Note: These moves also work to the opposite side.

NBA 2K17 MyPLayer Tips

NBA 2K17's My Career has you creating your own basketball player (dubbed 'MyPlayer') from scratch, before slowly working them up, building up their stats and guiding them to NBA stardom. The most important thing you need to remember when you create a player is to ensure it encapsulates how you play the game. Have a look at our NBA 2K17 MyPlayer Tips to get help in doing this.
NBA 2K17 MyPlayer Tips

Attribute Cap
One thing you need to be wary of when you choose your player is that each position has an attribute cap for certain attributes. Basically this means you can work on the attributes but you will never be able to get them as good as those players that are designated for that position. For example, a player whose position is point guard (PG) and whose role is to facilitate scoring opportunities for their team, or sometimes for themselves will never be a power forward (PF) slasher with a perfect dunk rating.
Body Size and Shape
You need to take into consideration your player's body size and shape. If your player for example is going to be a point guard (PG) with a small slender build they are going to be fast. The downside though is they are going to lack the strength and agility needed to defend against bigger, stronger PGs. Another example is having a center (C) who has short arms, this means they will have a small wingspan and will not be as efficient a rebounder as a C that has long arms. Do not worry too much about these factors when creating your player as the game will bring them to your attention and you can make the needed adjustment.
Choosing a Position
If you are the type of player who like to handle the ball a lot then you need to consider playing point guard (PG), shooting guard (SG) or even a small forward (SF). If you choose to be a center (C) or power forward (PF) you will spend most of the game having to rely on getting passes from your teammates. If you are an outside shooter select the point guard (PG) position and if you like to get amongst it and 'bang the boards' go for any of the forward or center positions.
Balanced Player
Try to create as well-rounded a player as possible while focusing on the attributes that are associated with the position of the player you have chosen. Don't focus too much on jump shooting for guards, and rebounding for forwards. You can expand the skillset into other areas for a more balanced and reliable player.
College Draft Order
Remember that how you perform while at college will determine how you to move up or down the draft order. To avoid slipping down the draft you should not force your shot, make bad passes, or spam the pass button off the ball.
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