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LEFT ALIVE Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for LEFT ALIVE

Left Alive walkthrough and guide
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Left Alive is primarily a third person stealth-based game wth elements of shooter and survival games. It is set in the Front Mission universe, the story follows several individuals trying to survive amidst a surprise invasion of one country into another, along the way helping civilians to safety and to stop destruction and damage by mechanized war machines. Take a look at our Left Alive tips to get help surviving.

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How to Play Survivor Missions

The Survivor Missions are a feature in Left Alive where you have to resucue surviors. They are optional side-missions that run alongside the main chapters of the game and with only limited resources at your disposal when you begin they can be tough to complete. It is therefore recommended that during your first playthrough you only complete 1 or 2 of them to get a feel for them otherwise you run the risk of using up your limited resources when you are at your weakest.
Once you have completed the game for the first time and unlocked New Game+ mode you will be a lot stronger and with subsequent playthoughs in New Game+ allowing you to unlock additional perks you will be able easily rescue more survivors and unlock additional endings. Remember that there is more than one way that you can complete the Survivor Missions.

Unlocking Perks in New Game+

In Left Alive, there is a New Game+ mode in which you can restart the game from Chapter 1 with various strengthened abilities. You will receive approximately 10 points for each chapter you have completed before starting New Game+. The first time you play New Game+ you will have around 10 perks unlocked up front that you can choose from. Each time you complete the story, you will be able to unlock additional skills and purchase them in the New Game+ Shop using the points accumulated from playing the game. The following list are some of the perks that your can unlocked early playthoughs of New Game+:
Handgun Mastery
Increases Handgun Strength.
Reduces the amount of damage taken.
Harder for unengaged enemies to notice you.
Decrease chance of bleeding and reduce time to recover from immobility.
Additional Armour
Increased defense when piloting a Wanzer.
Vodka Bender
Drinking vodka will increase your damage output for a time.
The more times you complete the game, the more points you will have to spend when you start over and more perks will be made available.

How to Defeat Enemies

In Left Alive you will encounter several types of enemies, each of which will be weak to a certain type of attack. Knowing beforehand what type of weapons an enemy is vulnerable to will help you complete missions more effeciently.
The most common type of enemy you will encounter in Left Alive is the infantry which is basically soldiers fighting on foot. The body suit they are equipped with makes them more durable than an average human and if you are discovered by them they will call for reinforcements, something you need to avoid. The most effective weapon to use against them is the Electric Shock Wire as it can restrict an enemy’s movement for a time while damaging it's body suit. Once the enemy is paralyzed by the wire, you can either sneak past them or kill them with other weapons.
Battle Drones
Battle Drones fly around the battlefield in search of enemies and like the infantry they can be toublesome if they sppt you, especially if you have been unlucky enough to be discovered by a group of them that were together. If you are being tracked by a group of Battle Drones the best way to eliminate them is to use an auto turret to attack them. As long as they are within it's attack range, the turret will keep firing on drones until they are no longer functioning.
How to Defeat Enemies in Left Alive

If you can it is better to avoid tanks altogether as their thick armour and big guns make them difficult enemies to deal with head-on. If you do need to defeat a tank to advance to the next area you need to take advantage of their weaksppot which is ther oil tank and the way to do this is to set up a remote-controlled bomb on the ground where it will pass, and then detonate it when the tank passes over it.
A Wanzer is an abbreviation for 'wanderpanzer', a generic term for human-controlled mechs. There are three types of Wanzer in Left Alive: Volk, Zenith, and Zilani and you will find them harder to deal with than tanks, especially if you only have your main weapons. The Wanzer’s weak points are it's head, elbows, and knees and in order to stop these weak spots from functioning you can deal them massive damage by targeting them with throwing explosive weapons.

Left Alive Tips

Your First Playthrough
It is recommended that on your first playthrough of Left Alive you play in 'Light'. Doing so will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the mechanics of the game. If you feel the difficulty setting is too easy you will be able to adjust it at any time.
Play the Objective
In the early stage of the game most of the objectives will be to reach a designated destination. As you will not have much in the way of guns and ammo it is advised that you avoid encounters with the enemy whenever possible and just play the objective. If you find yourself in a position where you feel it will be impossible to proceed without being discovered you need to make sure you have the necessary resources at your disposal beforehand before you engage. Use melee when possible, that is, when you only have one enemy in your way.
Left Alive Gameplay

Perform Melee Attacks
With a lack of weapons early on in Left Alive your melee fighting skills become very important for taking down the enemy. To perform a melee attack you lock on the enemy and you hit them with a 3 hit combo. This combo needs specific timing when pressing to attack. If you do this successfully you will get the chance to finish them on the ground. Don't press attack repeatedly as this will likely result you failing the combo. After the 3rd hit wait a second and you'll see the finishing trigger on the enemy.
Take Advantage of the Environment
You will sometimes find that certain situations can be overcome using methods that don't involve fighting with the enemy but by using your surroundings and environment to your advantage instead to get past them undetected and continue your journey
War Dead Bodies
You will come across several 'war dead bodies' in random areas. These bodies indicate that the area is a 'danger zone' and looting their corpses for useful items is a high-risk, high-reward situation. If you do decide to search them make sure you are prepared to encounter powerful enemies before venturing forth.
Where to get the WSG-28 SC Shotgun
In Chapter 2: The Restless you will find the shotgun. This will happen once you have found the survivors in the farmhouse, at this point you will be directed to the abandoned hospital. Before going there head for the ruins in the north while guiding the survivors to the shelter and you will be able to pick up the shotgun there.
Left Alive Story Trailer

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