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Follow the dark path or use the light

Just Cause 4 Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Just Cause 4


We have 9 cheats and tips on PS4. You can also ask your question on our Just Cause 4 Questions & Answers page.

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Easy Cow-Moo-Flage Trophy
To get this trophy you need to turn 10 Black Hand mercenaries into Cows using the Cow Gun in a single session. To do this you will first need to get the Cow gun which can be found at a farm in the Vaivenes region, south-west corner of the map (location is shown in video below). Once you have it you must shoot 10 enemies with it. Note: Shooting friendly NPCs does not count.

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Unlock PBX Auto-Slug 4 Shotgun
This weapon becomes unlocked when you secure the 'Riscos Altos' region (left side of the map). You can then request it by airdrop at any time. You can also find this weapon in some military bases from weapon boxes. The PBX Auto-Slug 4 Shotgun is needed to get the Pinball Dreams Trophy which requires you to destroy a vehicle with it's 'Ricochet' secondary fire.

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'Getting Over It' Mini-game
Go to the northwest corner of the Picos Helados region and look for a white rock on the edge of a high mountain that has a black cauldron with a pickaxe inside of it. If you stand in the black cauldron you will start the mini-game which is based on the indie game 'Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy'. The objective of this mini-game is to navigate the small mountain range using the pickaxe to climb it. During the climb, Bennet Foddy will share his self-help wisdom with you.

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Unlock Fast Travel
To be able to use Fast Travel you must first unlock the Illapa Project mission in Wachikuni. To do this you must complete the Wanay Extraction mission which involves freeing and escorting civilians to join your rebel cause. Upon completing the Illapa Project mission you will have access to your first pilot which now allow you to click any point of interest or location on the map and request transport. You will not be able to Fast Travel at will as the pilot will need to refuel after each action which means they will be unavailable for a short period.

Turning Off Motion Blur
Usually in games of this nature there is an option to turn off motion blur altogether or turn turn the visual effects down. Unfortunately this is not the case in the console versions of Just Cause 4.

Easy Chaos Points
Get the Spectre Attack Helicopter that can be found in Prospero Astillero in Delta Rio Wanay and travel to any Black Hand base regardless if the rebels own it or not. Now seek out the red structures, which will include radar dishes, pylons, and power boxes and use the 100 Rockets the helicopter carries to destroy them and easily complete your Chaos bar in a single trip.

Unlock More Squads
The number of squads at your disposal is directly related to your Chaos Points level, this is indicated by a small bar in the upper right corner of the screen during gameplay. You will earn Chaos Points by killing enemy soliders and destroying their vehicles and once the bar has reached it's maximum it will reset and you will be rewarded with an additional squad. The benefit of having more squads is that you will be able to take over more territories and unlock better weapons and vehicles.

Access Pilots Faster
If you secure the factories that are scattered throughout the game world you will be able to increase Production Speed, which reduces the time it takes for your pilots to refuel – making them accessible quicker.

Unlock More Pilots
To unlock more Pilots after the Illapa Project mission you must reach a specific Army of Chaos Level in the game. This means progressing progressing through the game, liberating different regions, and destroying enemy equipment.

Reach Army of Chaos Level 4

Reach Army of Chaos Level 6

Reach Army of Chaos Level 9

Reach Army of Chaos Level 11

Reach Army of Chaos Level 14

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