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Grand Kingdom Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for Grand Kingdom

Last Updated: by Dennis

This tactical RPG was released in 2015 on the PS4 and Vita. In Grand Kingdom you take turns to command your squads in battle to try to defeat your opponents, you'll find some great tips on how to heal in the game which is important to know because you will likely need to do it a lot!

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We have 4 cheats and tips on PS4.If you have any cheats or tips for Grand Kingdom please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Grand Kingdom Questions & Answers page.

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How to get Blueprints for Weapons

In Grand Kingdom the Travel Quests have merchants wandering around which you can approach to buy blueprints for the blacksmith. Once you reach XP Level 18 or so there will be no more weapons added to the shop and you will have no choice but to seek out these merchants to buy a blueprint so you can then take it to a blacksmith along with the required materials to craft it. The blueprints obtained from the highest-level areas' peddlers will let you forge up to Level 48 weapons.

Where to get Pyroxene

In Grand Kingdom Pyroxene either enhances stats or specific attack types. It is RNG-based (Randomely generated) so there is no guaranteed place where you can farm it. The best sources tend to be TP chests in Travel Quests but if you are after the higher end Pyroxenes you will have no choice but to rely on them appearing as war rewards, national shop, royal castle visits, or randomly from hidden items or TP chests.
Rembemer that when the Pyroxene is attack-type-specific you need to ensure that it matches that character's abilities. Red is melee, green is ranged, purple is magic. The shapes indicate a type of attack: circle attacks are ones that require charging; all other attacks are diamond and hexagon.

Trophy Guide

How to get the Novice Blacksmith Trophy
To get this trophy you must forge something at the blacksmith. You will be able to find blacksmiths in the capitals of the four nations. The two most common ways to obtain the schematics needed to forge items at the blacksmith are either from wandering merchants in Travel Quests or as rewards for slaying Bounties. To forge a new item at a blacksmith will cost a little bit of gold and require specific materials. Any item from the available will earn you the trophy.
How to get the A Sharper Sword Trophy
Upgrading equipment at a blacksmith will earn you this trophy. Blacksmiths can be found in the capitals of the four nations and upgrading a piece of equipment will increase the number of slots available to house Pyroxene. This procedure will also grant a slight increase to that equipment's power. To upgrade equipment at a blacksmith will cost a little bit of gold and requires specific materials.
How to get the Obstacle Crusher Trophy
To earn this trophy you must remove every type of obstacle on the field either by a Disaster Talisman or through the use of a particular Field Skill(s). Listed below are the obstacles you need to remove, choosing to wait a few turns to safely navigate through obstacles will not count as removing them. The first five obstacles can be easily found in Travel Quests while the second five are more likely to be found through standard Quests and can be bypassed through a health scarifice.
1) Lava
2) Gorge
3) Tornado
4) Boulder
5) Fallen Tree
6) Downpour
7) Quicksand
8) Trap
9) Tempest
10) Thorny Road
Grand Kingdom Trophy Guide

How to get the Golden Baku Trophy
When you obtain a Golden Baku you will get this trophy. In Grand Kingdom a Golden Baku is a rare find from Treasure Chests or hidden treasures. There is no easy way to predict when one will appear as they are randomely generated, the only thing you can do is repeatedly run through Quests and continually open normal chests and hope you are lucky. Lots of players though have reported finding it in Eclise during a Travel Quest.
How to get the True Grit Trophy
To get this trophy you need to use Grit to avoid an enemy attack. In Grand Kingdom Grit allows a unit to survive an otherwise fatal attack and be left with 2 HP. Grit works off the same gauge as Assist but requires two full orbs to activate and is triggered when a friendly unit is struck by a fatal blow. You will have about a second to hit L1 and trigger Grit and it cannot be triggered on 'death' from hazard damage, knockback collision, armament strikes, or assist attacks. Enemy units can also use Grit to survive attacks. The enemy leader will typically not Grit when alone and outnumbered, Dragon Mage leaders sometimes will.

How to Heal

It is inevitable that at some point during Grand Kingdom you are going to take damage so it is vitaly important that you know how to recover. Below is a list of the different ways that you can heal.
How to Heal in Grand Kingdom

The Healing Sisters
The healing sisters are NPCs on the overworld map which disappear after using, but respawn after 5 moves.
Battle Skills
There are certain Battle Skills that enable you to heal during battle. These are gained by purchasing a healing-related Grimoire and then Training it upon your unit. Their uses are limited, but uses refill after returning from a Quest or an Operation.
Field Skills
Below are Field Skills outside of battle that enable you to heal. These cost TP which is the currency used in Grand Kingdom.
- Healing Rain, 8 TP
- Camp Out, 13 TP (100% recovery)
Objects are acquired and then placed in the Formation editor, some of these objects have healing powers.
Supplies aka Field Items
These can be used outside of battle or in between successive battles. If you are playing Quest mode you have to make do with what is in your starting bag, and anything you find in the field. If you are playing War mode you are able to bring healing items that you bought in the Shop.
Medic Class:
You can be healed during battle by the medic class by either potion throw or medic bag drop.
After a Battle
Once a battle has been completed HP is recovered for the party according to your remaining Assist Gauge. Maximum of this kind of recovery is normally 20%. Having the Support Skill 'Rapid Recovery' on a Unit can increase this effect.

Grand Kingdom Trophies
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