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GOD EATER Resurrection Cheats for PS4

Cheats and Tips for GOD EATER Resurrection

Last Updated: by Dennis

God Eater Resurrection is an action role-playing game where you take control of a young New-Type God Eater, special warriors dedicated to defeating monstrous enemies known as the Aragami. Set in the year 2065, humanity is on the brink against the Aragami. Three God Eater recruits are sent to the Eurasian continent's former Russia in order to provide assistance to the Allied Forces in a search and destroy mission. God Eater Resurrection is available on PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC. Take a look at our tips to get help in the game.

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Learn Enemy Tells

It is essential in order to survive fights that you learn enemy tells, these are the mannerisms that let you know the Aragami are about to do something. Most attacks you can simply evade but knowing what's coming and knowing you can't get out of the way in time will prepare you to just guard. Make sure that you are facing the attack to guard it.

Best Weapon for Story Rush

There is no best weapon in God Eater: Resurrection, what you need to do is play with all the weapon types and figure out which one you like most and then stick to it. Upgrade and customize with skills to match your play style. Same goes for guns and shields. A good choice for Story Rush is Fin Edge, which is a Long Blade, and the Gigas Cannon, which is an Assault Gun.

How to Defeat Aragami

There are 35 different types of Aragami in God Eater: Resurrection and it is crucial before you begin a mission you check the mission details to ensure you equip the right type of weapon (pierce, crush, sunder, blaze, spark, divine, or freeze) to defeat them. Each Aragami you encounter will have a number of weak spots or 'breakable parts' and it is there once you locate them where you need to focus your attacks.
Later in the game you will also need to know what element the Aragami are weak against. Listed below are what type of element each Aragami is weak against.
Kongou, Fallen Kongou, Gboro-Gboro, Freeze Fallen Gboro-Gboro, Golden Gboro-Gboro, Chi-You, Fallen Chi-You, Spark Fallen Borg Camlann, Fallen Quadriga, Vajra, Prithvi Mata, Sariel, Fallen Sariel, Arda Nova, Fallen Arda Nova, Caligula, Yaksha, Yaksha Raja, Venus.
Blaze Fallen Gboro-Gboro, Golden Gboro-Gboro, Chi-You, Sekhmet, Borg Camlann, Blaze Fallen Borg Camlann, Quadriga, Vajra,Sariel, Fallen Sariel, Arda Nova, Fallen Arda Nova, Hannibal, Corrosive Hannibal, Blitz Hannibal, Yaksha, Yaksha Raja, Ravana, Arius Nova.
Kongou, Gboro-Gboro, Golden Gboro-Gboro, Borg Camlann, Sariel, Fallen Sariel, Arda Nova, Fallen Arda Nova,Hannibal, Corrosive Hannibal, Blitz Hannibal, Caligula, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, Yaksha, Yaksha Raja, Arius Nova.
Fierce Kongou, Golden Gboro-Gboro, Quadriga, Tecatlipoca, Vajra, Dyaus Pita, Heavenly Father, Aether, Ouroboros, Fallen Ouroboros, Arda Nova, Fallen Arda Nova, Corrosive Hannibal, Blitz Hannibal, Susano'o.

Craft Bullets for More Damage

Assault Guns, Blast Guns, and Sniper Guns are the three types of guns available in God Eater: Resurrection. If you are new to the game it is recommended that you use an Assault gun as it is the most versatile of the guns on offer, and it has no restrictions on what types of bullets they can use. The Sniper gun is all about precision and uses Laser bullets which are effective against armored Aragami while the Blast gun is more for blowing things up and only uses Radial and Bomb bullet-types.
You will eventually reach the point where you will be able to craft your own modified bullets and this is something you should do whenever possible as they will be able to deal a lot more damage than their standard iterations. Regardless of what bullets you use it is important to remember that every consecutive shot fired will have a 10% damage reduction. This basically means that if you fire three shots in a row, only the first shot will hit for 100% of it's damage, the second one will hit for 90% and the third one for 80%.

Choose the Right Weapons

In God Eater: Resurrection there are 10 ranks and in order to progress to the next rank you must first accomplish a certain number of missions, each of which has one or more Aragami you need to kill. In order to give yourself the best chance of successfully completing the missions it is crucial that you carefully read the description of each mission as it will indicate what type of Aragami you will encounter, therefore allowing you to equip the type of weapons you will need to defeat it.

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